By Anonymous - / Saturday 7 April 2012 19:40 / United States
By strokingitasitype - / Saturday 7 April 2012 19:12 / Canada - Gander
FML - The follow-up

Today, I punched myself in the face while trying to put my bra on. FML

anniemeece Say more :
Wow, I can't believe this actually got published! :O Okay, most of the questions are how: it's a sports bra. I hooked it in the back, and as I was adjusting the front so that it, ahem, fully encompassed everything and that the straps weren't twisted, my hand slipped as I was pulling up the front, and with the power of the elastic, hit myself in the mouth. I know, it was pretty silly.
By anniemeece - / Saturday 7 April 2012 15:15 / United States - Palo Alto
By day001313 - / Saturday 7 April 2012 04:32 / United States - Albany
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