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I'd post a ''Today, I was a Marsh Weir, when a tree decided to hit me in the face, washing me into a strainer of which I had to handroll out of'' FML, but nobody would understand it :( This world needs more kayakers :D
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By radiant / Thursday 22 January 2009 15:22 / United States
By Brittanyy_leigh - / Thursday 17 December 2009 07:57 / Australia
By iTerrify - / Thursday 3 September 2009 23:14 / Canada

Today, I found out my boyfriend stacks things on me while I sleep. Apparently his record is 4 pillows, a textbook, and the cat. FML

By Anonymous / Thursday 6 August 2009 11:11 / United States

Today, I brought my lunch to work in the only box I had lying around my apartment - a small one from FedEx. When I went to the bathroom before lunch, I returned to my desk to find that one of my coworkers had mailed my lunch back to my apartment. FML

By fedexed - / Monday 27 July 2009 19:12 / United States