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male,skinny, yea...blahblahblah ask me if you want to know me add me on myspace.com/seether118 (my FML that don't get posted) -Today, my friend punched me in my bruised rib. It really hurt cause my rib has been bruised for about 4 months. Apparently my friends bet on if it was still bruised & instead of asking me. I cursed of my teacher from being pissed off and in pain. He was talking about "not cursing to your elders"cause another kid cursed.FML Today, my friend chipped my tooth with a soda can. He chipped it upwards but it is chipped in the opposite angle. Now i need to go to the dentist to a mold. I'm 15! FML. Today, me & my guy friends decided to compare heights. i am 5'2" and all of them are about 5'6" and up. i also realized it took me 5 years to grow an inch. i am 15 and one of the oldest of my guy friends. even my friends that are girls are taller (except 2 of them). i knew i was short but FML.
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Today, I was able to check my voicemail and email for the first time in two weeks. The only message I got was from my landlord telling me that the house I'm renting is in foreclosure, and I needed to have all my stuff out in ten days. He left the message nine days ago. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 3 September 2009 09:48 / United States

Today, I fell asleep during naptime. I'm the teacher. FML

By yogabbagabba - / Thursday 3 September 2009 05:05 / United States

Today, I took my 15 year old daughter driving. I yelled at her for not going safely around corners. On the way home, while demonstrating how to drive right, I went around a corner and hit a cement truck. FML

By John - / Saturday 22 August 2009 05:05 / United States

Today, I was outside with a guy I really like. He asked me to lay down on the ground and watch the stars with him. I did. Suddenly, he got up, walked over to another girl and kissed her. They left me there on the soaking wet ground, watching the stars. FML

By Anonymous - / Sunday 23 August 2009 11:00 / Norway

Today, I was instructed to shave my back in preperation for my first tattoo. I'm a girl. FML

By Buggga - / Saturday 22 August 2009 09:07 / Australia