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Well I live on a little place called Earth.! I am incredibly RanDom anD somEtimeS raNdoM thiNgs hapPen to Me anD sOmeImes thoSe tHinGs aRent goOd thiNgs... SoOo HoPe my poSts entErtaiN yoU to tHe fulLesT eXtenT soO FML!!!!!! and FYL TOO FISH!
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Today, my girlfriend told me that she had an ultrasound tomorrow morning. With a confused look on my face, she said to me "don't worry, it's not yours." FML

By Crazy09 / Wednesday 8 April 2009 17:43 / United States

Today, I was sitting beside a very cute girl on a 3 hour bus trip with my class. She fell asleep, head on my lap. She woke up because my erection was jabbing her in the cheek. FML

By dickface / Monday 28 March 2011 20:13 / Canada

Today, my three housemates got into a huge fight and ended up declaring their undying hatred for each other. They now refuse to talk to each other, and I've become their go-between. Yesterday, we signed the lease for another year in the house together. FML

By screwedhousemate - / Monday 28 March 2011 11:52 / United Kingdom

Today, I joked with my dad, saying I'd gotten my boyfriend pregnant. In response, he slapped me, threw my phone across the room, smashed my laptop, and then took a moment for what I'd said to sink in. FML

By rowie1311 - / Sunday 27 March 2011 18:09 / United Kingdom

Today, I was tinting my own eyelashes when I missed my eyelashes and stabbed myself in the eye with the applicator loaded with dye. Now, I have beautiful lush black eyelashes, to match my half closed swollen red left eye. Sexy. FML

By Bunni - / Thursday 22 October 2009 22:22 / Australia