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I like to Dance(: I mostly dance hip hop. Im not into Ballet or anything like that. I like to Read! Call me lame but i love reading books. John Grisham is my favorite author and i have a goal to read all of his books I like to play/watch Basketball! My favorite college team is Texas of course! Woo! GO LONGHORNS(: and for pro's.. either the mavericks or spurs! I like Mac N' Cheese(: lol and Sushi! Yummm. I like to listen to Hip Hop/Rap/pop/rock/(sometimes)country Music! i can pretty much listen to any kind of music.. besides screamo. And My biggest pet peeve: People promising to do something but then making up stupid excuses to get out of it. Oh and people snapping, whistling, clapping(etc.) to get another persons attention.. like they're a dog or something.

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