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My other account is mfmylifesrsly. I'm engaged to Colin (Blue_Coconuts) he's awesome and a sexy motherfucker, also, he was in the Army and is Irish which makes him more badass. If any girls try to get with him i rip out their ovaries, his dick is mine. :) I have the personality you either love, or get fuckin annoyed by. Most people that are annoyed by it are uptight prude cunts. I'm blunt, am nice most of the time, and I'm open about my sexuality, got a problem with it? Again, like I said, smd! •Pro-Life •Pro-Gay Marriage •Animal Lover •ADD •Thanatophobic •Christian •Drinker What I can't wait for: Colin to reply to my msg my birthday (8 weeks away yay!) visiting my boyfriend ^_^

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