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Not a whole a lot to know. I go to school and I work a lot. I am really easy to get along with until you start to make me mad. I don't like to make a big deal about anything. I just seem like a waste to me. Majoring in Environmental Sci with a minor in Photography. Send me a message.
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Today, the girl I have had a crush on for the last 4 months asked me on AIM how to block someone. 30 seconds after I finished explaining how to block someone on iChat, she went offline and I haven't seen her on AIM since. FML

By Anonymous - / Sunday 12 April 2009 19:46 / United States

Today, I found my long lost diary and curiously read it. What's worse than finding out that your mother read your diary? Finding out that your mother wrote comments in it. FML

By Emptyspace - / Thursday 25 June 2009 19:15 / United States

Today, while I was working a customer notified me that the men's restroom need some attention. Thinking that there was just a small mess, I walked into the restroom only to discover someone had taken a crap in the sink. Guess who got to clean it. FML

By KP - / Thursday 25 June 2009 16:22 / United States

Today, my girlfriend sent me a naked picture of herself and I wish she hadn't. FML

By MisterSeth - / Wednesday 17 June 2009 01:44 / United States

Today, my left-handed boss needed PC help. I said "right-click for the menu." She said nothing happened. Three times we went through this. Eventually I went over, asking her to show me what she did. She was using her right hand on the left mouse button. She earns £10,000 more than me. FML

By girlfriday - / Thursday 11 June 2009 15:21 / United Kingdom