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Hey I'm Ashleigh! I play tennis, hang out with friends, run..a lot of things! I don't know..anything and everything. I volunteer in my local humane society's vet clinic every Monday because I hope to be a vet someday. I am kind of a nerd so I love to read :) Im 16, and I will be a junior in high school at the end of august. Im only excited because I get to see all of my friends at one place, at one time. :) Family is important to me, and I consider my friends my family as well. Other important members of my family? My pets. I have 10. :) My favorite being my hedgehog. And no, his name is not Sonic. Sooo cliche. :) well..that's me in a nut shell. Message me if you want, I'm a pretty big talker, and I love meeting new people :) Okay well..bye! :) Words with friends: AshleighB18 Just message me and let me know you're frm FML (:
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