Today, I realized I'm so lonely that I get comfort from hearing my neighbor snore through my apartment wall. FML

Op here. Just for clarity I am in shape, I do own a cat but he doesn't exactly solve bedtime loneliness, i do have a roomate but shes on winter break. Comes down to shyness and social awkwardness whic... See more
By LilRedRiding_27 / Sunday 13 January 2013 07:24 / United States
By seriously - / Saturday 2 October 2010 20:31 / United States
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 1 December 2010 19:35 / United States
By me / Saturday 18 June 2011 23:54 / United States
By Sexting Parents / Friday 16 November 2012 02:45 / United States

Today, it's been so long since I had sex that even in my sex dreams I'm watching porn alone. FML

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Allow me to clarify. I have a boyfriend, we've been together for 3 years, he's just doesn't want sex anymore See more
By Anathema_360 / Saturday 30 May 2015 15:22 / Canada
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