FML - The follow-up
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Hello everyone, OP here. I'm surprised this made it in! The main problem with the internet going down when it did was that the library has very limited hours during Easter break and, also due to the holiday, my department and almost all university facilities are closed, which is where I would normally go to get internet if I couldn't have it at home. I also 'could' get free wifi in places like cafes,...
By WiFucked - / Friday 3 April 2015 15:08 / United Kingdom - Durham
By katem - / Thursday 16 April 2009 05:08 / United States
By dickhead - / Friday 10 April 2015 22:17 / United States
FML - The follow-up
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my what? oh I'm sorry, I mean people who abuse money by buying drugs should definitely get a job over me. I mean it's not like I'm trying to save up so I can afford college or anything. Fuck off.
By lexithepirate - / Tuesday 30 December 2015 18:40 / United States - Adrian
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