By acapelladisaster / Friday 13 March 2015 00:39 / United States - Indianapolis
By Anonymous - / Saturday 23 May 2015 03:44 / United States - Mountain View
FML - The follow-up
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Hey everyone, OP here. Let me shed a little light here. I was greatful she got me something to begin with! So don't say I wasn't, the sugar cookies were very yummy. It was just very misleading is all. And everyone curious what was in the wrapped present I didn't open it, there was a note flap on it and it didn't have my name on it. I texted her confused and she said it was the cookies. So yes I was...
By 1dvos_grl3 - / Friday 19 December 2014 12:53 / United States - Mandeville
FML - The follow-up

Today, a calf kicked a needle straight into my arm hard enough to make me stab myself. The good news is I'm now fully vaccinated for cow diseases. FML

ihatecoldfeet Say more :
hey op here, wow the things city people don't understand! First off, each and every calf must be vaccinated or they could become Ill.Second I wasn't in front of the calf, the person holding the calf let go of it unexpectedly
By ihatecoldfeet - / Sunday 29 March 2015 08:54 / United States - Lavina
By faaail / Tuesday 24 March 2015 16:51 / Ireland - Cork
By WTF - / Thursday 15 October 2015 04:43 / United States - Bloomington
FML - The follow-up
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OP here, this is a long story but bare with me, lots of shit has gone down in the past week: First off, to those telling me to go to HR, here's the thing: my managers ARE HR. If they won't do anything about it, then we're screwed. Which absolutely sucks ass. Here's the full story: I work in an intricate metals factory, because that's really all my town has to offer, but manual labor a pays really...
By nevergiveinever / Wednesday 1 July 2015 13:44 / United States - Emporium
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