By jackmehoffa - / Tuesday 3 April 2012 18:10 / United States

Today, my pet hedgehog thought it would be funny to roll around in the kitty litter. It was like washing a poopy cactus. FML

StinkyCactus Say more
"LOL U CANT HAS PET HEDGIE ITS EVIL/FAKE FAKE FAKE/WHO HAS PET HEDGEDOG NEWAYS?" Eat a dick. "Google." Seriously, do you people really think it's okay to just open your ignorant t... See more
By StinkyCactus - / Friday 8 January 2010 06:23 / United States
By Help / Saturday 26 November 2011 06:03 / United States

Today, I lost all hope on making my project high quality because of my partner's incompetence. My partner, AKA the company president. FML

Tyrez Say more
The project we are working on is a video. So far it looks like something we would have done in high school. He thinks that a screenshot means taking a picture of the screen. I should probably take you... See more
By Tyrez - / Tuesday 11 November 2014 21:57 / United States
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