FML - The follow-up
td1078 Say more :
I wrote this FML story and for the record I was in a suit and heals, with my hair and makeup done, as i was on my home from the office. The woman was just a B. More than anything it was funny because she was so hysterical over a seemingly innocent gesture.
By td1078 - / Thursday 24 May 2012 15:50 / United States - Rockville
By driven_crazy - / Friday 12 December 2014 19:52 / United States - Newark
FML - The follow-up
bananamontana85 Say more :
To be fair, my Fiance and friend were just giving me a bit of joky banter. Obviously I wouldn't want to marry the guy if he couldn't stand the sight of me without make-up! As for the guy who wolf-whistled me... good for him, I hope I made his day. Fair enough if people get offended by it, but I don't :)
By bananamontana85 / Sunday 17 February 2013 10:20 / United Kingdom - Wigan
FML - The follow-up

Today, my older brother burst into my bedroom at 4 am to show me photos of sushi. FML

jku Say more :
Yes. Yes he did. Maybe more ninja-samurai-hybrid style.
By jku - / Monday 2 January 2012 13:18 / United States
FML - The follow-up
Pimp53X Say more :
haha, well i was annoyed at first, but he is one of my best mates. And i couldn't say that i had never done something really stupid why'll drunk....not as bad as what he did but still bad =P. We talked about it the next day and at the time he thought it was a good idea to turn of the fridge, but once sober he relised like poster #10 did, that frozen puke would have been easier to clean =P. I'm currently...
By Pimp53X - / Thursday 15 October 2009 01:16 / Australia
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