FML - The follow-up

Today, my aunt and uncle came into the restaurant I work at to give me a late Christmas gift. The gift was the $20 tip they left, which got divided amongst all the staff. FML

cannedpeas Say more :
Well this got posted surprisingly fast To clarify: they didn't realize that the tips we receive are for everyone, not just the waitresses. I didn't bother asking then for another $20 because I figured, hey, it's the thought that counts, and I ended up getting a decent tip pay that night anyways. Thanks for the nice comments :)
By cannedpeas / Wednesday 31 December 2015 03:26 / Canada - Calgary
By Brian / Sunday 18 March 2012 02:32 / United States - East Wenatchee
By b. / Thursday 24 September 2009 10:06 / Australia
FML - The follow-up

Today, my family went on a family trip without me. Their reason for not bringing me? My older sister wanted extra legroom during the drive. FML

satega Say more :
Op here. Figured I'd add this tidbit, the ride originally consisted of me, my mother, my sister and my mothers boyfriend. So it really wasn't s family trip at all in ether end.
By satega / Monday 10 December 2012 19:07 / United States - Smithville
By ryan and Zack / Thursday 25 February 2010 22:30 / United States
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