FML - The follow-up

Today, I was telling my aunt that I had achieved my blue belt in karate. Looking at my short hair, she says, "You're going to end up a lesbian." Thanks Aunt L. Love you too. FML

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No, she doesn't use FML. I just didn't want to out and say her name.
By colorguard13 - / Tuesday 2 April 2013 00:15 / United States - Maryville
By Anonymous - / Saturday 19 May 2012 22:54 / United States
By best_friend / Monday 25 July 2011 06:43 / United States
By Anonymous / Friday 7 October 2011 19:02 / United Kingdom
FML - The follow-up

Today, after handing over the cash to buy my sister's car off her, she refused to sign any of the paperwork, and later put an ad on Craigslist selling the same car. I got scammed by my own sister. FML

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I will give you an update on what has since happened: The car in question was 1500 bucks and I needed a car badly so I bought it off her and she told me she would give me the paperwork the following day for it. Being she is my sister I trusted her to give me the papers the next day. I happened to browse Craigslist only to find an ad resembling the car I just bought off her with her phone number. I...
By Kassutera - / Saturday 6 June 2015 11:15 / Canada - Niagara Falls
By Anonymous / Saturday 31 March 2012 12:35 / United States - Rohnert Park
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