By hannaslifesucks - / Sunday 24 June 2012 18:41 / Norway - Kleppe
FML - The follow-up

Today, I told my father I'm going to a club with a friend and staying the night at my friend's place. He asked for my friend's name, number, and address so he knows where I'll be. I'm 30 years old. FML

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I'm OP. No, I do not live at home. I haven't lived at home in 5 years. I currently live in a different country and I am in my home country for the holidays. I preemptively tell my parents where I go because they tend to ask that question when I leave the house. It might be the fact that I am female, but I don't really know for certain.
By Lokiara / Friday 26 December 2014 06:18 / United States
By thxmom / Sunday 4 January 2015 17:25 / United States - West Jordan
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