By matchristityler - / Tuesday 9 February 2010 08:19 / United States
FML - The follow-up
peak4u Say more :
Hi everyone, some of your comments truly made me laugh. But more importantly I'm concerned for those of you who cannot understand why I'd talk to a seemingly friendly old man when I'm in the company of my boyfriend, it's just common decency my dears. My boyfriend and I have a really strong relationship and we love to annoy each other for fun, he took it jokingly but pretended to be mad at me for a...
By peak4u / Thursday 9 October 2014 21:42 / United Kingdom - Milton Keynes
By thxmom / Sunday 4 January 2015 17:25 / United States - West Jordan
By Anonymous / Monday 3 November 2014 18:03 / Poland - Warsaw
FML - The follow-up
texasrose921 Say more :
Hi, I wrote this FML. Have any of you ever seen an older friend of the family you haven't seen in a while? They've most likely said something like, "Oh, how you've grown!" Or given you a compliment, and then given you a hug or patted you on the head. That's what happened with this guy. He was commenting on a compliment my dad gave me, and decided to pat my face, like a much older uncle would....
By texasrose921 / Monday 26 January 2015 11:29 / United States - Momence
FML - The follow-up
navygirl96 Say more :
Hi guys, I'm the author of this FML. To clarify I am not lazy or too busy for my mom. I work 10 hour night shifts and go to school. My mom is very sweet and was trying to help me out so I wouldn't have to make a special trip during my work week, and because she knew how excited I was for the card. My husband works 60 hour weeks so he probably didn't think about it. Thank you for the all the kind comments,...
By navygirl96 / Wednesday 4 March 2015 03:54 / United States - Arvada
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