Today, after thinking it over for 3 months and finally landing on the subject naturally, I was about to come out to my mom as bisexual when she said, "I have nothing against people who are gay, but people who are bisexual make me uncomfortable." FML

By WhoIAm - / Monday 15 January 2018 10:00 / Canada - Salisbury
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By  Christie Clarke  |  2

Almost the exact same thing happened to me. I decided to tell my parents I was bisexual and unfortunately my mother made the same comment and "didn't get it" and would not accept it since I was dating a guy. My dad was supportive, fortunately. That was before Christmas, and now I think I should have kept it to myself but can't take it back now.

  RichardPencil  |  24

It's too confusing. If the OP has a girlfriend, is she also allowed to have a boyfriend at the same time? Or is that cheating? Can she have one of each simultaneously? It's very disconcerting to a heterosexual parent to figure these issues out?

By  bigdaddyeric  |  28

I agree with your Mom and I’m Gay, No one can like a Vagina and than take a dick up their butt, from life experience with people I have known, if you think you are Bi you are most likely Gay but still too afraid to admit it.

  mssileas  |  7

lololololol I assure you bi people (like me) can very well enjoy both of that happening. Also, if one is out as bi, it would be SO MUCH EASIER to be gay, cause everybody gets that. so no, I'm not gay and too afraid to admit that but fine with being out as bi and being told by people like you that I'm wrong about my own sexuality, what kind of bs logic it that. OP, you see, being bi is from now on until the end of your life a struggle against people who can't possibly wrap their heads around us liking it all equally. Get used to it. Tell your mum. And then go out and like whoever you like and do with them whatever you feel comfortable doing. It's going to get better when you gain confidence to just be you, no matter other people's assumptions.

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