By Tempted to hide a fish under the floor - / Saturday 22 September 2018 05:30 / United States - Fairbanks
By purplepixie23 - / Saturday 22 September 2018 14:00 /

Today, I couldn't get out of bed due to severe morning sickness. I have to lay still and I can only hold in some tiny crackers. It's the second day of our two-week holiday in Turkey. FML

By Snowy - / Saturday 22 September 2018 06:00 / Turkey
Watermania Say more :
Believe it or not, I'm OP and this was posted on my tablet, I'm on my phone now (I'll post a picture of the other account if u don't believe me). Anyways, we were staying with a bitter old woman who believes "everything I do is right" (her words). She started screaming at me for being "disrespectful". This isn't the first occurrence of her messing with me only, and she's even purposely burned my food...
By KindaObvious - / Friday 21 September 2018 16:02 / United States - Henderson
By swag huh? - / Saturday 22 September 2018 04:00 / Philippines - Para?aque

Today, my landlady gave me exactly one day to move out. I'm not even in the country. FML

By Sunflare - / Friday 21 September 2018 17:30 / Netherlands - Holten
weirdfridgelady Say more :
Thanks for support and backup. Because I am aware of the risks of TSS but I just simply didn’t have time to change my tampon, and yes I had a pad also. Also the first time it’s happened to me, so just a bad and very messy day, I’m usually much more hygienic with those sorts of things.
By weirdfridgelady - / Friday 21 September 2018 05:56 /
By labcho - / Thursday 20 September 2018 21:00 / Canada - Ottawa
By Anonymous - / Thursday 20 September 2018 22:30 /
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