Ghost563412 Say more :
OP here. To address some confusion: I don't sleep in the same bed (or room, for that matter) because I apparently snore like a rusty chainsaw. We moved into our new place a year ago with an old beat up bed, she ordered a new bed while I was out of state working 4 months ago now. To further clarify, I've napped in the bed once, and we do use it for purposes other than sleeping. However, she has to...
By MarriedSingleGuy - / Monday 16 October 2017 19:16 /
cravingdeath Say more :
FYI I never found out who said it because it was in a group but the band got lectured the day after about being s team and helping each other even though I didn’t say anything so happy ending I guess???
By cravingdeath - / Friday 13 October 2017 22:53 /
73012211 Say more :
Hey guys! OP here. So, I am still not totally sure about the exact content of the conversation, but basically, my grandmother comes on very strong, and has some very strong opinions. She enjoys telling other people what to do, and can often come across as being rude, even though she means well. Apparently, Grandma was telling my future MIL that she (my MIL) was going about things the wrong way,...
By - / Friday 13 October 2017 16:01 /
Christie Clarke Say more :
OP here. Didn't think this would get published, but here we are. For background context, I work in a public library and it was a term job on top of my permanent position that went from March to November 2017. It has good pay and good hours so I desperately want to keep it, but I have to reapply. Also anyone else can apply for it too, so I have to ace the interview. My permanent position, on the other...
By librarian - / Friday 13 October 2017 11:59 /
secretsant4 Say more :
OP here. Thanks everyone for absolutely 0 zero sympathetic comments. Yes it was a legitimate reaction. The dose I was prescribed was way too high for my weight and I had just come back from a 7 hour time change so I took my pill about 22 hours apart instead of 24 which meant there was extra in my system, giving me the bad side effects like nausea and dry heaving. Not sure how I was supposed to know...
By secretsant4 - / Monday 9 October 2017 11:36 / United States - Philadelphia
westie732 Say more :
Hey, OP here! I've been reading the comments and thought I'd chime in. First off, I want to make it very clear that I am mature enough to realize that these things happen! We all do it, and sometimes it doesn't happen as conveniently as we wish. I work in health care and have been in some, excuse my pun, shitty situations... So, I get it. In no way shape or form did I call him out, make him feel...
By westie732 - / Monday 9 October 2017 06:00 / United States - Pickerington
Undercover_Agent Say more :
Just wanted to clarify a few things. At the place where I work, internals take priority over anything else. When I watch an employee for theft, I am not allowed to lose them for even a second during their shift. We can't fire them right away because we have to build a case and then wait for my supervisor to come down from corporate to interview and fire them. As for the item the shoplifter stole, it...
By Undercover_Agent - / Saturday 7 October 2017 17:38 / United States - Chanhassen
SailorSolaris Say more :
Op here. Still don't know how it happened. Third time, too, though the other times were in my back. Anyone have a clue?
By SailorSolaris - / Wednesday 4 October 2017 12:50 / United States
ocherny Say more :
Op here, first time in memory I've been stung, usually managed to avoid wasps
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 3 October 2017 14:02 / Canada - Jansen
beybmoo Say more :
Wow this is my first FML that got published! Thanks for giving it a chance! I saw a few of you said I might have jumped the gun on this one. I might have but not before considering that there aren't any other position to be promoted to. It's a tiny company of 5. And there weren't anymore room or budget or busy enough for an additional staff. I had 2 managers & I didn't get along with 1 of them,...
By beybmoo - / Wednesday 4 October 2017 02:51 / Singapore - Singapore
Hi guys! OP here, I had an account before but got locked out of it, and now I just created a new one. Basically, it was him and half the class versus the other half, and since his half was full of loud athletic kids, he "won" the argument (meaning my Comp teacher was sick of our shit). He busted out the globe to show us flight paths, which was his main (and the more I think about it... his only) argument...
By Anonymous - / Thursday 28 September 2017 18:27 /
Lucius0121 Say more :
Hi, OP here, with an update. She took the job obviously, she will be gone by the end of octobre. I won't be following, our relationship is much, much too young for that kind of move, even though I do love her... The silver lining is that we decided to enjoy it until then, I try not to think about "then" too much...
By Happy for her... - / Wednesday 27 September 2017 18:07 /
itsawash Say more :
Hey, guys. OP here. The situation is actually a bit more complicated than I made it out to be initially, but the FML is pretty much the gist. I can't go into too many details but here's what basically happened. I had actually asked for resume advice by someone who already worked at the company I was applying to. Let's call this person Mat. This person gave actual solid advice right up until he...
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 27 September 2017 03:09 /
GumStickExtraGmail Say more :
Hey, OP here. No, he wasn't joking with me. I had just gotten a divorce, and he thought it was because im gay. I'm also female, so my father thought females are more likely to be gay??? idk.
By "GumStickExtraGmail" - / Tuesday 26 September 2017 17:33 / United States - Arvada
patate_fml Say more :
For everyone wondering, I work in a tiny ass town in France where we don't have much delivery to make compare to others and I had the smallest car of the fleet that day I had 3 rounds of 25-30 medium packages to deliver all of them with a mandatory signature. Nobody was home even though I was in time for each and everyone of them. Only this first round was Horrible the rest of the day (and the week)...
By patate - / Thursday 21 September 2017 21:02 /
Chelsea Schattner Say more :
My first published fml! Hey everyone a little back story. The copper pipes where in the crawl space under the house. Easily accessible to everyone. The house sat empty for 9 years and was built in the 1940's with very little updates. I am remodeling it and thankfully there is home owners insurance on it. I am still out a chunk of money but not as much. The water was only on for a few minutes....
By NoWater - / Thursday 21 September 2017 13:56 / United States - Milwaukee
indienerdgirl Say more :
Hey all OP here. I'm surprised this got published. But yes I did go to doctors and I got Xrays. Long story short is after the first sprain it became a problem during the winter months. My husband jokes that I like to kiss the sidewalk. I went to 2 doctors who just thought they were sprains and took xrays and saw nothing. One sent me to doctor #3 who thought my tendons were over stretched and sent me...
By "indienerdgirl" - / Wednesday 20 September 2017 09:35 /
sadCowboysfan Say more :
Hi op here, just to let you know how it worked out, it took me about half an hour to open it up after the lock got stuck. For the most part, nobody bothered me except for a few guys who made a point of talking about me being circumcised (unusual in Canada). Eventually, a friend of mine let me borrow some shorts so I could get someone to cut my lock off. I went and bought a key lock right after.
By sadCowboysfan - / Friday 15 September 2017 05:05 / Canada - Ajax
Renna303 Say more :
Hey, op here. So all of you are saying that I should back up my iPads. I do back it up. It automatically backs up every 3 weeks. But when I posted this, school had been in session for 2 weeks. It backed up right before school started. I was able to get most of my other stuff back but just not the project.
By IPad Loser - / Friday 8 September 2017 10:41 /
CreeptacularBait Say more :
OP here. A bit appalled at how many people are berating me about his shots! My dog DOES have his rabies shots. He had to have boosters as per the Animal Control Officer who came out. Second, the 'testing' is actually officers coming out and checking my dogs behavior after a week (I was not informed of that till later and was terrified they might kill my dog). The skunk attacked him, chased him around...
By CreeptacularBait - / Thursday 7 September 2017 16:29 /
skippydoda Say more :
Hey OP here. 1. I have a visible belly. I definitely look pregnant. 2. This wasn't a simple push pass me to get on first. This was a full shove into the side of the train tummy first. I don't care how tired you are, it's never okay to push someone that hard to get a seat first. 3. I'm fine, baby's fine.
By "skippydoda" - / Tuesday 5 September 2017 12:51 /
crawforda350 Say more :
hey, op here, he already agreed to pay for the yard to be fixed, and im not gonna destroy his car, hes a good guy, known him since i moved in(years) but he does stupid stuff at times.
By crawforda350 - / Saturday 2 September 2017 11:51 /
zerotiki Say more :
Wow-my 1st submission got posted! This was my classes senior year trip, and my mother was chaperoning... We didn't know the toe was broken until I got home, but the day was less exciting than I hoped it would be.
By toeman - / Friday 1 September 2017 02:35 / United States - Sonoma
Stevie Laurel Say more :
OP here! Luckily the guy has a great sense of humor and just laughed it off saying "It's really early in the morning, I get it." He didn't seem upset at all.
By HR_Risk - / Friday 1 September 2017 05:07 / United States - Jacksonville
thebobert67 Say more :
OP here. The emails had no unsubscribe button. They wanted me to write to some manager about my experience on the site and it would usually have empty parentheses () where the email address should have been.
By I'm an idiot - / Monday 28 August 2017 06:16 / United States - North Olmsted
holly_fly Say more :
This is pretty good. XD I was actually visiting mom, dad, and bros for the first time after moving away. It was not pleasANT at all, but thankfully I can laugh about it now. ?
By holly_fly - / Monday 28 August 2017 04:45 / United States - Auburn
loserman67 Say more :
OP here - the place is like Fort Knox. Many levels of security but everyone was polite. Tried my best to con our way in but no luck.
By Loserman67 - / Friday 25 August 2017 10:41 /
luvhamilton Say more :
OP here, I did this anon cause they never get posted, anyways, yes it was petsmart and yes I did give it back be cause the person who actually won is an amazing person and I didnt think it was fair as she had known much longer than I had. She works in grooming and them and alot of the floor staff gave the manner shit for over a week and I got pay back. all's good imo I went and got an iPad anyways...
By Anonymous - / Thursday 24 August 2017 10:43 /
alana554 Say more :
turns out he was pranking me. he did /me.
By alana554 - / Friday 18 August 2017 05:52 / United States - Cumberland
supertacowaffle Say more :
Hi, this is my FML. Basically after a 32 hour trip back from Australia (layovers, waiting round etc) the second I got home I put my jacket in the wash and it had the passport in the pocket. Complete my fault, just thought it would make a funny FML.
By supertacowaffle - / Friday 18 August 2017 10:21 / United Kingdom