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The Pirate Code

After the glorious Clucking Machine, we're now ready to present the next great FML game! The pressure was on to create a worthy successor to our Easter game, so we hope you like it! Our goals were simple:
- Make a game that would occupy you for 2 months, because there's more to life than summer camp, and vacation can be boring af if you're stuck with someone like grandma, who just wants to do knitting circles and bingo tournaments all day.
- Give you fun, fun, and more fun! If there's no fun, it's not FML!
- Allow you earn handsome prizes and shiny new badges.

I have 10 seconds to explain the concept.

"The Treasure Hunt" is a navigation game in which you explore a map with a pirate ship. During your travels you can find treasure chests, which contain relics or collectable gold coins. These coins will allow you buy raffle tickets for your chance to win one of the prizes!
There's also a parrot, pirate battles, and more... but I'd need more time to explain everything. May I continue?

Okay cool. I have 15 more seconds.

Here's where it gets serious. No dilly-dallying... We don't have much time!


While you're navigating, we let you know when other ships are nearby. Here, piracy obliges, you should feel the immediate urge to slap them around enough to add a win to your chart and make you THE pirate of the FMyLife seas. Well you're in luck- you can! (We don't like to create unnecessary frustration for our users, of course.) Click on the "Battle" button and you'll embark on an epic fight that you lead to victory... or defeat. If you win you get gold and a badass experience that will upgrade your ship through 40 levels. And if you lose? Dishonor on you, your family, and your cow! Fortunately, you can play again and trying to forget this swashbuckling FML.

What's the parrot for?

We know that you, like us, love animals, so we'll try to use one in each big game here at FML. After many meetings and strong hesitation between a panda, a snake, and a Packers fan, the parrot won!

From the beginning of the game, a random player (Fleox?) Will inherit this fine feathered friend. The captain who has the bird will get a bonus each time he finds a treasure or wins a battle. That's not all: the player's clan will also benefit from the bird bonus, because this fella's magical! (Shhh, don't tell... Though, I suppose we just did. Dang.).
But that's not all! (Yes, again.) This is less fun though: The player with the parrot is visible on the map for all to see. It'll be pretty difficult to keep it for long!

Where's the fun there?

Avast, matey! Watch your defamatory and accusatory words. We're on FML here! Inevitably, as we've avoiding being serious since birth, nothing's classic here, apart from the basis of the game. As soon you start to play, you'll see that it's going to be out of control. "This is ridiculous!" or, "They need to stop sniffing bike seats at FML!" is what you'll all be saying when you find our relics, or when a random event occurs during your travels. It's all a bunch of nonsense, we swear. Yes, we did it on purpose.

What's in it for us?

In addition to being the star of the game (the Pirate King) and being able to unlock 3 new badges, you can earn:
- Two Iphone 7 - Ten 100 dollar voucher for Amazon to purchase what you want ! - Ten 50 dollar voucher for Amazon to purchase what you want !

I want to know everything!

Calm down, landlubber. The next thing to do to know more is simply to play. We've placed a few additional tutorials in different windows of the game to help you understand the intricacies of it. Now go!
Gather your crew and kick off your kick-ass pirate adventure!