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FML video: Awkward!

This new video was put together by Ben Giroux and Ray Chase, Co-Creators of (check out their website, these guys kick some serious ass).

Ben contacted us a short while ago to offer us to produce some short films based on FMLs. We agreed straight away because he's a very nice guy, borderline crazy and a very talented actor. We absolutely adore him. Watch this ("Unhitched") - this is gold!

Ben and Ray now create and produce their own videos, such as the one we're presenting to you today. We hope that we will be able to go on collaborating with them so that we can offer you even more FML videos. And don't forget to go and have a look at their website,, you'll enjoy it! Yes, we're being a bit pushy about it - no, it's not advertising, it's that we really like it.

Ben Giroux
Creator & Executive Producer
Ben Giroux is a television and film actor best known for the recurring role of Donny Depeetro in Nickelodeon’s upcoming Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. He’s also the front funny-man for Build-a-Bear Workshop’s national commercials.  Other notable credits include Bones, House, The Fresh Beat Band, Psych, Unhitched, Pair of Kings, The Bold… (Let’s stop here, this guy works so hard he probably could've built the Golden Gate Bridge just by sneezing at a bunch of metal girders). Check out for more information.


Ray Chase
Ray Chase is an actor/musician who more than occasionally makes things a bit awkward.  He attended USC, where he wrote plays and sketches while heading the school’s celebrated improv troupe Commedus Interruptus.  Selected plays: Brigadoon, Hamlet, Book Of the Day, A Month In the Country… Check out for more about him.



Feel free to comment on this new video, or about Ben and Ray (but no disparaging remarks about Sirin, otherwise the bitch might be inclined to ban you).


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FML wants to go back

You don't have to know Narnia to enjoy today's illustration, because our artist of the day is a pretty good one, and we sure would like to see more DA accounts as beautiful as this one. Don't waste any more time and go check this amazing portfolio. Okay, have you seen it? Pretty impressive huh? Well, I'm running out of compliments, so let's start the interview.

-Let's get started shall we! What's your name and surname?
-Name is K.E. Ruediger, I don't want to disclose my full name to the interwebs, but here’s a hint to what my first name is: the first 3 letters of my initials are the first 3 letters in name and my sister shares the same initials! Thats not confusing at all.

-... Not at all.... How old are you ? (I can't wait to see if you'll answer with a calculus)
-Haha I'm 21

-And where do you live?
-Dallas, Texas
-Am I allowed to talk about the TV show or would JR be an untouchable myth ?
-Lol I'm such a loser I've never even seen the show.

-So I won't spoil you by telling you that Jack Shepard die on the island. What's your job?
-Right now I'm just a student. I do some freelancing on the side however, but nothing to get excited about.


-How did you become "an artist" ?
-Um, I can't remeber all the details, but I do remember when I was little I loved to just draw random pictures all over any extra sheets of paper. When I would visit my moms work I used to sit on her computer and draw crappy christmas trees in ms paint. I started watching pokemon and sailormoon was when I got a bit older and got into drawing that way, and drew constantly. So I will always thank pokemon for being a part of my inspiration. Which, totally isn't silly at all..nooo..

-Pokemon isn't silly. Wobbuffet is. What are your projects?
-None at the moment, just focused on graduating from school right now.


-We'll pray for you. Why did you choose this story?
-Thanks I will need it. I chose this story because the other ones listed they seemed sad and unfortunate to me. The one I chose was unfortunate, but I laughed, so I thought I'd try that one.

-And you also chose it because you have a crush on Peter right?

-Haha oh gosh I think Peters a bit too pedobait for me

-I think we're good! Okay, I'm in a good mood, you can say what you want! (Yes, it'll be published)



Keri's beautiful DA:



If you want to be the next published artist, send me an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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FML video: Love in the air

FML episode 7, by

Thanks to Anna Akana, Deidre Devlin, Alexis Dickey, Shaun Jones, and all their actor and technician friends.

#974 - Videos - On 06/04/2011 at 8:58am by FML Team - 202 comments

Today's illustration is HERE !


Today, my boyfriend and I were laying naked in my bed making out. All of a sudden, we hear "pop goes the weasel" outside my house. My boyfriend stops and excitedly says, "ICE CREAM MAN", flips me over, grabs his clothes, and runs out of my room. FML



SATURDAY SATURDAY gotta get down on Saturday, everybody’s lookin’ forward to the interview!
Now, the song "Friday" is playing in your head. You're welcome. Today we're going to the big Apple, and no we're not talking about the iphone 5G, we're talking about New York, where Christian our artist of the day lives.
As we've already ruined your morning with the "F song", let's not waste any more time and start the interview. 


-So! What's your name and surname?
-Christian Castro
-Like the great (more like, fabulous) neighborhood in San Francisco?
-Haha Yes exactly but I usually get the Fidel Castro reference

-That's my Armistead Maupin side. Where do you live?
-I live in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised!
-What's so great and lame about this place?
-The Great: It's New York! I'm in one of the most exciting and diverse places in the world. I can never get bored being here. And I enjoy watching all the tourists walk around looking at the tall buildings! As for the lame: There's a lot of annoying tourists looking at all the tall buildings!

-Is it true that you can get vertigo just by looking at all those buildings?
-It's possible. I've lived here all my life so I might have built a tolerance to it by now.

-How old are you ?
-I am 22 years young!
-What's your job ?
-I'm currently trying to pursue freelance illustration full time. (Does it count as a job if you don't make all your money from it?)
-That's exactly what I was about to ask.
-I think of it as owning a business. If you open a store and have no costumers, its still your job, right? So i refer to myself as an illustrator : )

-So how did you become a freelance artist?
-Well I grew up watching cartoons and trying to imitate what I saw on TV onto paper. So I would spend my free time drawing the Simpsons and Pokemon. When I was a teenager I attended LaGuardia Arts High School in New York City where I majored in art. While there I learned about the world of illustration. Then I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology also in New York where I received my degree in illustration.

-What are your projects?
-I'm currently finishing up a series of 2-panel paintings comparing New York City (where I was born) and the city of Cali, Colombia (where both my parents are from) You can see some of it on my website now. It's like a mash-up of culture clash in the form of illustration. Also I am illustrating a children's book I wrote about the new york city subway!

-I'm not sure the illustration you did for FML could be in that book. Moreover, why did you choose this story?
-Haha, that could be in the PG-13 version of the book. I chose this story because ice cream trucks play an important role in my childhood! In New York, when you hear an ice cream truck outside you know winter is finally over. It's like an unofficial Ground Hog's Day! Plus I've always had the special ability to hear ice cream truck music from very very far away, that's why I chose this story, even if Emilie Record did too!

-New York city is such an amazing city. Well thank you so much for your participation Christian!
-No problem! Thank you for having me!

Christian's website:


You don't want to miss next week's comic guys, because we'll go straight to Narnia. Seriously.


If you want to be the next published artist, send me an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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Ménage à trois

Hello naughty readers, you saw today's illustration and you thought "Oh my, let's see the artist's interview, it might be full of surprises". Well, we couldn't agree more, because today's artist Jesse is full of resources. He might be bad, but he's perfectly good at it. We mean drawing, of course. And don't be fooled by where he comes from, it didn't prevent him for doing this illustration. So leave all of your stereotypes and panties at the door, and let's get started!


-(Un)Fasten your seatbelts, here we go! So "Jesse", who are you, what's your name and surname, why did your parents call you that way ?
-My name is Jesse Cline. I am a pretty normal guy I guess. I think my parents named me this because they wanted a daughter named Jessica.

-Wow, that'll give work to your shrink. How old are you? (Now I'm curious, did they force you to wear dresses?)
-I will be 29 for a few more weeks! No, just skirts. (Sometimes a wig).

-Ow, polite way to say you'll be old in a few days. Where do you live? New York, like all the 3 artists I interviewed today? (seriously, what's going on with New York? Reno is such an amazing city when it gets to illustrations opportunities.)
-I live in Bainbridge Island, WA, which is a ferry ride away from Seattle. New York is nice to visit, but I could never live there. People are too crazy. Everyone in Seattle is nice and laid back.


-You anticipated my traditional question "what's great and lame about the city you're living in?" as you already answered half of it, please answer the rest: what's great about this place?
-I love Seattle. It's a beautiful, clean city. The town I live in is on an actual island, so it's very rural and goofy (in a good way). I can be downtown in a big city in 30 minutes so I get the best of both worlds.
-No lame parts?
-Seattle's lameness is famous: it rains all the time! It's cloudy, foggy and raining about 9 months out of the year.

-Now let's get to a more interesting part, what's your job?
-I do finance and accounting stuff.
-Are you the kind of guy who started the great recession?
-No, but I did see it coming. I work on the side of the good guys :)

-That's what Madoff said. Enough with hilarity. What's your story?
-Well, I was about 5 or so when I first started drawing anything beyond stick figure. I drew a picture of Donald Duck out of the TV Guide or something. Both my parents are really talented and wanted to be artists, so they were really supportive.


-What are your projects?
-For a long time I was trying to do newspaper comic strips, but it never went very far. I have been doing a comic once or twice a week since January and posting them online. Once I get 100 or so I would like to put them together in a book or something. I kinda have a vision of making children's books for adults; like it will have cute drawings and life lessons but have dark humor and stuff.
-Fairy tale style?
-Not really. More like Little Golden Books. Have you ever seen those? Like this mixed with Perry Bible Fellowship

-Ooow a puppy sleeping. Okay you got me, it's a great website. Why did you choose this story?
-I thought it would be fun to draw. I wanted to capture everything in one scene and make it fun to look at.
-Is it also because of your parents and their will to name you like a girl?
-Lol. No.



That, was pretty awesome, thank you Jesse!


Jesse's website: 



If you want to be the next published artist, send me an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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