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My cardboard FML

Hello everybody! We hope that you had a great week and that you're all ready for today's new illustration. As some of you may have noticed, yesterday we received Kevin Nealon who helped us select his favorite FML stories of the day. As the illustration section is also a huge fan of his, we didn't content ourselves with having just an artist today, we actually wanted to make distinguished jokes that we could put in our one-crew-show, if we had one. Of course, we weren't able to do it ourselves, that why we're welcoming with a great pleasure or host for today, Philippa Rice!

Philippa is 23, and for the first time, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find an artist living in North London, United Kingdom. It makes us want a cup of Hugh Grant and a tea autograph, or the other way around, either way is fine. She did A-levels in art and design at school, even if she was encouraged to do a degree in fine art, our artist of the day decided to go for Animation instead, because it seemed like more fun. At the moment, Philippa is between jobs. Since graduating in 2007, she has worked in a few different short term and part time jobs. She hasn't tried to get a job in animation because she wanted to carry on with that on her own rather than animating someone else's characters. As she says, it's a difficult time for employment at the moment, so instead of trying too hard to find a full time job, she has been creating work for herself with freelance illustration, and selling her comic books online and at craft fairs. And we can do nothing but encourage her, because her productions are amazing.

My Cardboard Life started almost a year ago now. It's a webcomic updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's made out of actual cardboard and paper which she cuts out with her own cute little hands. You may ask yourself whether it's expensive to make. Actually we did too, but Philippa assures us that it's not. All the cardboard is recycled from old packaging; a lot of the paper is also recycled scrap paper. But she does buy a lot of glue however.

Originally, the idea was to create a children's picture book about recycling. Philippa moved into a new home, and had all this cardboard around from flat-pack furniture. She came up with the character Cardboard Colin and some other characters like Plastic Pete, Tin Tim, Paper Pauline etc... She never finished the picture book and she left the idea alone for several months before she decided to give Cardboard Colin another chance and make him into a webcomic. Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline were the only characters to stay on board; even the recycling theme was dropped. My Cardboard Life is mainly about the friendship between Colin and Pauline now: Colin is naive and a bit childish, and Pauline takes advantage of this and is often cruel to him. But you know it’s like Wilson and House, we can wonder if love is not behind all this…

By visiting her blog, we discovered that MCL was one project amongst many others. Not only Philippa can handle an entirely hand-made webcomic (as does Becky that we met last week) but she also does illustrations, postcards, posters and even plush!
 “I learnt to crochet about six months ago, and my house is riddled with plush toys that I keep making. My Boyfriend complains every time I make a new one, but then he doesn't like it when I sell them either because he gets attached."
Another thing Philippa has been working on is a series of art-zines called Intricate Dwellings, which are made up of detailed drawings of landscapes, where Philippa hides little items for people to find, like the latest level of Waldo, except that Intricate Dwellings is harder and cuter.


“-Why did you choose this FML Philippa?
-I liked the fact that it was a bit mysterious. What was the ex-girlfriend so cross about? Did he deserve it or not, and what was the actual damage caused? Also, it gave me the opportunity to buy a bag of peanuts and eat most of them.
-Did you eat the bat too? Mh never mind, last question, why did you decide to send an illustration for FML?
-The FML stories are so addictive to read. I especially like the embarrassing ones. Cardboard Colin has a lot of FML moments too. I guess I must be a fan of misery and misfortune.”


At least your illustration is not made of misery! Thank you Philippa for your contribution, we'll send you all of our cardboard so you can continue your amazing job for the next few years!

My Cardboard Life webcomic is here:

Philippa’s blog where you’ll find other things that she’s doing (including a shop corner! Go crazy!):


And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings.

#218 - Illustrated FML - On 10/01/2009 at 5:26pm by FML Team - 11 comments

Today, it's Kevin Nealon's day!

Kevin Nealon is a talented actor and stand up comedian, on our TV and cinema screens. He's also a really nice guy. To prove this, he was willing to answer some of FML's dumbest questions. He also helped out by selecting a few of the stories that will be published today. Enjoy!

We love you as Doug Wilson on the show Weeds. Has this popularity helped you to gain easier access to the best restaurants or police stations?  
KN: I wish. Actually, it only gets me easier access to hemp stores.

You were a longtime member of the animal rights movement. Which animal is the best kisser?
KN: Definitely not a cat. Their sandpaper-like tongues will take half of your face off. Not a horse either. That's like getting pounded in the face with a wet log. I'd have to say the best kisser is probably your run of the mill shelter dog. They are very appreciative of your company.

You graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1971. Was there a jazz band playing at the prom?
KN: I don't know. I didn't go to my prom. Like always, I had waited to the last minute to ask someone and by then they were all taken (at least that's what they said).

You were part of Saturday Night Live. You have a great experience of comedy, thus of life. What message would you like to send to your children?
KN: Eat, TiVo, play.

What would you like to say to your other children?
KN: "I'm sorry. It was a one night stand. Your mother never told me about you!"

Your new DVD "Now Hear Me Out" will be released shortly. If we tell you that we love your work, that you're one of the coolest stand-ups in the world, can we have a free DVD for the FML Team? (you don't have to answer the question, it's just plugging your DVD - just send us the DVD anyway)
KN: It's in the mail.

You've been a vegetarian for 18 years. Isn't that a bit of a long time?  
KN: Hopefully, it will be considered a short time in respect to how long I actually live.

You're the son of Kathleen, a homemaker, and Emmett Nealon, an aircraft company executive. Can you still get cheaper plane tickets?
KN: I can only get cheaper tickets to see 'Jefferson Starship' in concert.

You've only been married twice. What flaws must a woman have to attract you?
KN: She must be legally blind, forgetful and have a poor grasp of the English language.

The stupidest word in Love, is it "thanks", "more-more" or "yes-yes"?
KN: None of those. The stupidest word in love is "How much??"

Would you be more ashamed that your best friend saw on your bedside table: a Dan Brown book, or a blow up doll?
KN: I would be most embarrassed if my best friend found a blow up doll of Dan Brown.

It is said 'A good name is better than riches'. Then why did your folks call you Kevin?  
KN: My folks actually call me Rich. I came up with the name Kevin.

Can comedy come from tragedy? Erm, no... forget that question. Have you, like some of your colleagues, thought about stealing standup routine ideas from the stories?
KN: I haven't, but that's not a bad idea.

Which sin tempts you the most?
KN: Killing you.

What's the last question that no one should ever ask you?
KN: "Which sin tempts you the most?"

#212 - Special guests - On 09/28/2009 at 9:43am by The FML team - 35 comments

FML's bringing cuties back

Hey there kitty kitty kitty, how’s our favorite little pets doing today? We hope your master took you out for a walk earlier in the morning, because now it's time to rest your little paws, so you can fully enjoy today's illustration. A lot of our little friends are here to commemorate this weekly celebration. Hello Kitty is right behind us, finishing her milk, and sending her 1'000'000th customized pencil, Beethoven and Lassie are on tenterhooks, waiting for us to present today's artist (and also expecting an addition to their family very soon, so congratulations to them about that) and Eddie McDowd is still searching for 24 good deeds to do before the wizard will let him go flirt with teenage girls again. And you are here, that's the most important thing. Ladies, gentleman, puppies, please welcome our artist of the day:  Becky Dreistadt !

Becky was born 23 years ago in Williamsburg, Virginia. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design's Sequential Art (Comics) department in 2008. She was kind of lost on what she could do with all of her free time. But then, she met Frank, and something amazing happened, not only did she fall in love but she also made a big decision and so she finally majored in comics rather than animation. When she graduated, she moved down to Auckland, New Zealand to work on comics with Frank, but the idea of moving back to Los Angeles in a few years time could be on the cards.

Our comic artist and illustrator’s main project is Tiny Kitten Teeth, a 3 to 5 times a weekly updated web comic, created in early 2009 after brainstorming with her partner Frank. They did a gag comic together, they liked it, but it didn't really give either of them a chance to be as creative as they wanted to be. Willing to give the best of themselves, they had another brainstorming session, and their new web comic was born within the hour. It's even more impressive that TKT is entirely painted in gouache. Making a made-of-gouache webcomic does not only take time and hard to put together, it's also pretty expensive, that's why here at FML, we are pretty impressed (and proud!) to welcome Becky.

Guess what, Becky loves animals! All the kinds of pets that you can imagine: rabbits, cats, dogs, birds and specially chickens. She like them both alive and cooked as teriyaki, or scrambled eggs. "I feel hypocritical!" she confesses. Besides the usual pleasures like live music and having great and weird adventures, Becky can't stop herself from liking more and more animals, that's why going to the zoo is one of her biggest hobbies.

"-Time to say goodbye Becky, but before we let you go to your enchanting little word full of little animals that we would love to live in, we would like to know why you chose to participate in the FML illustrations and why did you choose this particular story?
-FML is a really fun blog, I can relate quite a lot to the sentiment behind it. Also the freedom of being able to twist and change someone's story was really fun."


Your illustration is funny indeed AND it's cute, thank you Becky! Ooooooow kitties...


"Tiny kitten teeth" is this way:
Becky's DA is here:


And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings.

#211 - Illustrated FML - On 09/25/2009 at 5:45am by FML Team - 10 comments

FML tips the scale

Hello everybody! How is your waist measurement today? Belly full of turkey or most alike Nicole Richie? Drop your Reese's right now, we need your full attention for our brand new illustration, because it concerns you. Yes, you, sugar cane. From 7 to 777 lbs, you're all concerned by this all junk-food issue. It starts in the morning with those delicious Cheerios hanging out in your milk, and it lasts until you finished your tub of Chunky Monkey watching Carrie Bradshaw dumping Big again (or until you down a couple of beers watching the Houston Astros dumping victory and pride again). And we should be ashamed of eating this much. Really. It's time to take care about our body, our temple, so come on, everybody get on a diet, now. As we know, it's going to be tough, so we asked someone to help us, and she said yes, so please everybody, welcome Diana Kiester our today's artist, also known as Luna!


Luna is a quiet, young and promising young 19 year old college student, studying Business and Japanese in Oregon, planning to be a liaison for Japanese and American companies. She also works part-time at the same college, doing confidential application work (so, shhh!). Luna has two brothers with different forms of autism, one older and one younger. Both of her parents work full-time. Being the middle child, there's always quite a bit of pressure put on her to be responsible and take care of things. It's a little stressful, so art is her way of dealing with stress. Her Dad collects comic books, so she’s been reading those since she was 5, and trying to draw them as well! She has been drawing specifically in "anime" style since she was in Fourth Grade, when she picked up her first How-To-Draw book. For the past two years, she has been striving for improvement. It's hard to balance work, school, home-life, and art, but somehow she still manages to succeed. This past year was the most stressful to her, because she moved away from home to go to college. 


Luna has owned a DeviantArt account for two years now. She started it with a few goals in mind: she wanted to share her artwork with others (no matter the style or her expertise), she thought it would help her find ways to improve her art, and finally, she wanted to find other artists for inspiration! These three reasons ended up in a big project that has been on a long hiatus. When Luna finds some more time, and when she feels more comfortable with her style, she's going to start working on it again. Believe us, you'll be warned when her web comic will go online. Anyway, she easily confesses that she has too many ideas floating around for comics, animation, and artwork that she often loses track! But she made a resolution: next year, she will find some time to get at least 10% of them down on paper.

Now take your pen girl, and get ready for a pop quiz, what do you like about your life?
"I enjoy drawing (of course!), Reading books and comic books (I am an amazingly fast reader, or so I'm told. I finished the last Harry Potter book in less than 6 hours), hanging out with friends and family (my family is pretty cool), and cooking. I'm vegetarian and lactose intolerant, so it's an adventure figuring out different meals: I love italian, indian, german, and japanese food! And I love finding odd kitchen gadgets!"
And so do we. Are we the only ones that love the cheese graters?


"-Why did you choose this FML and why did you decided to send an illustration to FML?
-When I was reading FMLs a while ago, this one really caught my attention. I'm on a diet right now, so I can sympathize with the author. Plus, I love drawing awkward moments. Eh, I figured it would be fun to do !"

And it was fun to read, 100% win, thank you Luna for your great illustration!


Luna's deviantart account is this way:

We ate the Reese's. (And if you want to be our next published artist, or if you really love a web comic and you think it'll fit FML's humor, send an email to including your name and the link of your website or the link of your favourite web comic. We'll check our emails after dinner.)


#204 - Illustrated FML - On 09/18/2009 at 8:23am by FML Team - 13 comments

FML's standing to attention

Everybody's standing to attention now! Even Uncle Sam has joined us, because he wants YOU for the F.M.L army. Polished shoes, shirt tucked in, chin up, head neatly shaved, you're ready for D-Day, the day for a new I-Illustration. No time for childishness, it's going to be bloody, with a large portion on French fries please. The training will be merciless, our enemy? Serious. Helped by today's artist (and judged by Ellen DeGeneres, how about that), being coached to fight this serious an opponent will never have been this fun. So please guys, welcome Wanchana Intrasombat also known as Vic! And what do you have to say? Sir, yes sir!


Vic is one of those people that we love to present to FML's audience. Once upon a time, the FML crew was hanging out on the net, checking for brand new artists for our traditional Saturday illustration, when, at the corner of a DeviantArt account, some great creations appeared. Speechless, we sent an email to the artist, asking him if he wanted to draw something for FML, and 3 hours later, his amazing illustration arrived in our mailbox. Fast and fabulous, a perfect combo.
  is 23 years old; he lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He went to college there and received his degree from the University of Thailand in Fine Arts, before going to Pune in India, to study English for 6 months. This new ability helped him to find a job 4 months ago, as a graphic-designer in a big International Thai firm, where he's surrounded by all kind of projects. He's working for example on a Thai card game project called "Magic soul island",  but he's also working on the aesthetic aspect of a new game of the German IPod/IPhone game concept, Blacksmithgames.


Even if our artist doesn't have much time to fill his DeviantArt blog with some of his unbelievable drawings, he's very attached to it, as sharing his creations to the rest of the world is very important to him:
"I love to have all kind of projects or concepts, I try to invent new stuff as much as I can! And then, when I have in mind a brand new kind of idea, I take my pen tablet and draw for hours. I don't stop until the illustration is not 100% finished. I can't leave my computer with a half-done work, that's just not my style!"

Vic's style, we can talk about that! Between artistic references such as Caravaggio and a fantasy world, Vic's creations are far removed from what you could have seen before. Funny or scary, his creations won't leave you indifferent; they always refer to legends or famous faces. Plus, we won't deny that his technique is close to perfection so yes, it helps.

"-Time to let you go back to your pen tablet Vic, but first, we would like to know why you chose to participate in the FML illustrations, and why did you choose this particular story?
-Just by reading it, I had the baby-situation in mind. I always thought it was stupid to recruit people, to make them soldiers against their will. Plus, for me, the funny side of the army is that, people don't talk (and don't ask and don't tell...), they're kinda like robots and they've been so formatted that they can't see how incongruous some situations can be. That's what I tried to represent in my illustration, with the soldier that doesn't even realize that he's carting away a baby! At the same time, I wanted to allude to kids that are still be recruited in some countries to become soldiers... I guess it's the kind of illustration that brings humor and still, talks about a serious issue. Concerning why I decided to do an illustration for FML, it's just that I love this website, it makes me laugh for hours!"


It is a great illustration, thank you Vic!


Vic's DA is here:

And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings.

#194 - Illustrated FML - On 09/17/2009 at 12:31pm by FML Team - 8 comments

Mathilde Morieux's illustrated FML

The Artist's interview

All illustrated FMLs

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