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Fat FML is fat

We're so cool/cold today because we're going to Norway! It's a young artist who is welcoming us into her abode, while we're welcoming her onto FML, crazy. Put your gloves, hat and scarf on, Norway, here we come! 


-What's your name and surname?
-Ida Eva Margrethe Neverdahl. Neverdahl is my surname.

-Where  does "Neverdahl" come from?
-Neverdahl is... A valley somewhere in Norway I think. "Never" has something to do with trees. And "dal" means valley. So it's a valley of never... whatever that is x3

-And here comes my next question, where do YOU come from?
-Stavanger in Norway ! It's a city on the west coast

-Is Norway as cold as we say?
-And don't know what people say! But its cold, yes. But not so much where I live. Instead of having really cold winters like many other parts if the country, it's just a bit cold all year round :'I



-Do you have to wear gloves to draw? If so, yes, it's cold in Norway.
-Haha, no! But I have to wear triple gloves when I'm outside though :I

-How old are you ?

-Are you still at school?

-With a specialization in art?
-Nope. Science. I'm not sure why I'm there though. I'm just surrounded by wannabe-engineers and doctors. While all I want to do in life is to draw comics.


-That's odd.
-So I feel like a fish out of water sometimes. Well, the reason why I'm there is basically because my twin brother is there. I don't want to let him become smarter than me! That I can't allow.

-Tell us more about him
-We compete in most things. Not in sports anymore though. Because he has certain advantages (being a boy and all)



-Oh, I'm sure there's one domain where you can easily beat him ?
-Yes it is… drawing ! But he's very good at that too.

-You're better. We know this by now. And he's not featured on FML ! So, what are your next projects?
-I'm illustrating a children's book at the moment. Aaand I'm also just working on making a comic blog.


-Why did you choose this story?
-Because it gave me the opportunity to draw a fat baldy man. My favourite thing to draw! 

-Now that you're featured on FML, you can say anything you want to the FML audience !
-Ehm. Hm. Maybe something in Norwegian. Brun ost og torsk er best, Men ikke på en vaffel, og ikke sammen. Norge er et kult land. Det er ikke isbjørner her. Hvis du måtte bruke google oversetter for å skjønne dette, er du ikke en nordmann. Men du er kul likevel.*
*Google translate is your friend ;-) 

-Takk Ida!






Ida's DA:


And be ready dearest readers, because during July we'll be welcoming artists that we've already featured on FML, and not only will they be providing you with brand new illustrations but also illustrated interviews. Yihaa!



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML video: Wet Crotch Clarification

This new video was put together by Ben Giroux and Ray Chase, Co-Creators of (check out their website if you want to see more).

Here you can have a look at Ben and Ray’s acting reels. Check them out, the stuff they get up to in them is pretty hilarious!

Ben Giroux

Ray Chase


Feel free to comment and air your views on this video, or about Ben and Ray in general. They’re currently working on some more FMLs videos.

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FML video: Good Morning

FML episode 8, by

10ST are still putting together videos inspired by FMLs published on the website. It's always a great surprise for us to discover the manner in which they did so, the angle they took to shoot funny and/or embarrassing situations. It's quite difficult to transpose short text-based stories to film, and we reckon they pull it off with a particular freshness and bundles of energy!


It's official, everyone is now allowed to let rip massive farts in bed, as well as give their views in comment form under this video - so don't hold back either means of expression!


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FML Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

ABRACADABRA, I now transform you into an... ostrich! Yeah, I know, it's not very hot but that's all I can do for now, because I don't have the chance to Hogwarts. Okay, I'm going to stop here because I didn't read Harry Potter and I don't know anything else about it. Oh yeah, there's a ginger love story right? Okay, I'll pass.
Today we're welcoming an uncommon artist, and that's not because she's japanese that I say that. But just read the interview, you'll understand!  



-So! Present yourself! Name, surname, why did your parents called you that way.
-My name is Florence Akiko Minowa, but I go by Flo usually. My parents named me after the city in Italy.

-That's a great name and city. Where are you from?
-I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I was born and raised here, but I received an American education at the American School in Japan, so I'm more fluent in English than Japanese.

-Okay that's uncommon. Why did your parents gave you an american education?
-Well, it's more my mother's preference. She's Japanese as well but she was raised in Southern California, and moved to Japan only after graduating from UCLA. So she wanted me to be bilingual as well.
-And thanks to that, you're now featured on FML. How old are you and what's your job?
-Haha thank you. Yes. I'm currently 22 and I'm unemployed since I'm still a full time undergraduate at Soka University of America in California.


-In the art section I guess?
-Actually, not at all! Humanities is my concentration, but it's a liberal arts school. I continue art on my own time basically, more as a passion. But I'm looking into pursuing it for grad school.

-Wow, that's uncommon too! What are your nex projects?
-In art?
-In life!
-Ha! Okay, well I'm kinda at the crux of figuring that out. Career-wise I've yet to figure it out. But my plans for this summer is to take a couple months traveling around Europe. I'll be living in France, actually, through all of July to learn French! haha After that, I'll be backpacking to Switzerland, Austria and Germany using the rail. A little traveling is always helpful for inspiration!


-Why did you choose this FML story?-Haha well, I've been an enormous /enormous/ Harry Potter fan since I can remember and I've been drawing fan arts of J.K.Rowling's characters since high school--still do, today, which I share on my online gallery. But when I stumbled upon this FML about a year ago, I guffawed and shared it with all my friends. Then this opportunity came up and I just thought this was my chance! Honestly, I would loooove for any of my friends to do this to me! *hint hint*
-Let's hope they read this interview. Thank you very much Florence, that was fun! 
Little reminder, Japan still needs a little help, if you want, you can donate anything, even a single dollar, right here. Thank you! 




Florence's website:


If you want to be the next published artist, send me an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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FML video: Awkward!

This new video was put together by Ben Giroux and Ray Chase, Co-Creators of (check out their website, these guys kick some serious ass).

Ben contacted us a short while ago to offer us to produce some short films based on FMLs. We agreed straight away because he's a very nice guy, borderline crazy and a very talented actor. We absolutely adore him. Watch this ("Unhitched") - this is gold!

Ben and Ray now create and produce their own videos, such as the one we're presenting to you today. We hope that we will be able to go on collaborating with them so that we can offer you even more FML videos. And don't forget to go and have a look at their website,, you'll enjoy it! Yes, we're being a bit pushy about it - no, it's not advertising, it's that we really like it.

Ben Giroux
Creator & Executive Producer
Ben Giroux is a television and film actor best known for the recurring role of Donny Depeetro in Nickelodeon’s upcoming Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. He’s also the front funny-man for Build-a-Bear Workshop’s national commercials.  Other notable credits include Bones, House, The Fresh Beat Band, Psych, Unhitched, Pair of Kings, The Bold… (Let’s stop here, this guy works so hard he probably could've built the Golden Gate Bridge just by sneezing at a bunch of metal girders). Check out for more information.


Ray Chase
Ray Chase is an actor/musician who more than occasionally makes things a bit awkward.  He attended USC, where he wrote plays and sketches while heading the school’s celebrated improv troupe Commedus Interruptus.  Selected plays: Brigadoon, Hamlet, Book Of the Day, A Month In the Country… Check out for more about him.



Feel free to comment on this new video, or about Ben and Ray (but no disparaging remarks about Sirin, otherwise the bitch might be inclined to ban you).


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