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Crooked Gremlins enjoy FML too

Today, we’re doubling up the fun. Usually, Saturday's illustration gives you a unique and talented artist. But on this new, shiny, sweaty day, we want to give you just a little bit more. That's why we’ve got not one, not one and a half, but two artists for the price of one. See, we think two is a pretty good number; it seems that everything that comes in pairs is made of win. Think about it: your body has two arms, two legs, two eyes… A couple (beside the Clintons) goes in twos, the Twin Peaks in Frisco are a set of two, U2 rhymes with two. Two seems just perfect as a well-balanced out set of scales. So, we without any further ado, here are today’s artists, please welcome Carter Fort and Paul Lucci the creators of The Crooked Gremlins!


Carter is the younger one. This 26 years old artist lives in Lexington, KY, whereas Paul,  a year older than his friend, lives in Pittsburgh, PA. The two of them were roommates in high school for grades 11 and 12, where they realized they had the same sense of humor and passion for comics, and so they became friends.

CarterPaulWhen Carter  grew up, he attended a middling state school and got a degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Digital Media. That's where he got his first taste of having an audience when he landed a gig writing a bi-weekly opinion column in the school paper. Reading the hate-mail opened his eyes to some of the worst tendencies that human nature has to offer. Some of the critics couldn't even spell "godless" correctly. Amateurs. After school, he started working in advertising, creating some commercials and print ads, but he really didn't like the structures that were in place to express himself. Carter quit and as he progressed into the Java-Wordpress world, he was able to combine his technophilia with his design skills so he started building a blog called The Crooked Gremlins..
As for Paul, he went to some Community College and took art classes. He didn't finish, but now works at a University in hopes of getting some more schooling in. Yep, that's it.


College is now over, so it's time for them to make a living. Carter became a web developer and designer. He’s been running his own business, Out to Lunch Productions since March of 2008, and he hasn't regretted a single day of it. During the 2009 inauguration, he was part of a team that was in DC doing a live 6-hour webcast from one of the Galas, named RealPolitech. He built the website and directed the webcast. Being a part of that team is what currently takes up the most of his time. They come up with web ideas for non-profit organizations and political candidates, and then they find ways to go about making those ideas happen. "It's really exciting!" confesses a smiling Carter.
For Paul, college isn't exactly over. He currently works as an administrator at a University in Pittsburgh, even though he doesn't think he will be working there much longer.


Let's get back to why they're here: The Crooked Gremlins. When the site started, there was no comic. It was a political blog written by the Gremlins, the characters that were there before the comic was. But issues started to turn up. People like reading blogs because they feel connected with the author, and it probably won’t surprise you if we tell you that Gremlins aren’t real. We swear they don't exist. Right, you trust Wikipedia but not the FML Team, which is really mean. Anyway, as TCG was bugged by conceptual problems, Carter called Paul to talk to him about the possibility of creating a comic based on these characters. That was in May of 2008, and after a while, the comic was the only thing on the site that everybody actually enjoyed reading. They got rid of everything else and redesigned the site to put the comic front and center. Now everyone is happy, and they are able, and proud, to talk about this successful project :

Carter :" The thing I enjoy most about making The Crooked Gremlins is knowing that people read it. Not a lot of people, admittedly, but I love knowing that this thing that I do can make someone smile or whatever, or it gives them something to look forward to. I like being entertaining. I really enjoy writing the posts, too. While the comic is very much a collaboration, the posts are a place where I can do my level best to place 400 words in a cunning order without external input. "
Paul:" I love putting the comic together. I wish I could draw a new comic everyday. Unfortunately, life does not let that happen. "


Now here is the last question for this lovely partnership: why did they decide to select this story?
Carter: " Out of the dozens we looked at, this one had the most potential to be flipped around. Most of the entries sort of lent themselves to easy jokes that weren't all that funny, so we kept looking for an idea that we could really twist up."
Paul: " Carter and I went through a lot of them. We were just drawn to this one. I guess we just like to do pee-pee jokes. "


click on this preview !

Remember when safe sex meant not getting caught? Well, times have changed, so don't forget to play it safe. In any case, thank you Carter and Paul for your illustration! Long live the Gremlins !


Carter's links are here:

Paul's link is here:


Hey you! Yes you! You want to be published on FML, have an article written about you, or just draw a pee-pee comic situation? Don't wait any longer and send us an email including your name, your age, a link to your blog/website and a joke at: ! And do it before we go off drinking Piña Coladas on Miami Beach !

#145 - Illustrated FML - On 07/09/2009 at 1:02pm by FML Team - 5 comments

FML loves his Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

There is something we do every morning. Of course there are a lot of things to do but this is a particular one. First, we turn on our computers and go directly to the FMyLife administration system to check your latest FML stories. But before we turn off our computers to be human beings again, there's the traditional "Internet-tour" that everybody does once a day. You know, first you search for "recipes" on Google and end up three hours later reading Jerry Seinfeld’s biography. Here, we have our special tour, called "the artist tour". Cyanide and Happiness, Theater Hopper… all great web comics we can't wait to check out each time we wake up. Those daily masterpieces are a part of our lives and we were deeply proud to have them on FML. Today is no exception, we're happy and proud to present to you one of one of our favorite web comic artists: Zach Weiner!


In 2003, Zach graduated from Pitzer College, Claremont California, with a degree in Literature. He then moved to Los Angeles to work in entertainment, where he had about almost every job you can imagine in the film industry. There, he met his manager Mark Saffian from Content House. Despite the great city that LA is, and despite the fact that The Price is Right is recorded over there, Zach, who is now 27, decided to leave the City of Angels to work in peace and quiet somewhere else with his fiancee Kelly. He's still learning physics and mathematics, but now his only job is drawing comics. And guess what? He loves it.


And you know what? We love it too. Thanks to Zach, the web comic universe moved from "aimless private jokes approximately drawn by approximate teenage-artists" to "powerful jokes covered with acerbic humor served by delicious illustrations" when he created Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal in 2002, the online version of a comic he started in the late 90s. This strange title originated from James Ashby (one of his closest friends, who now works with him on Snowflakes), when they were in an art class in high school. James wanted to make his paintings black and white, but the teacher insisted that he used some colors. Tension mounted over time, finally culminating with James coming in one morning, spray painting an orange-Pegasus on the canvas, naming it "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" and pronouncing it finished. The incident was funny enough to borrow his title for a comic.


So the online version of SMBC was born to please us all. Updated daily, SMBC became for a lot of people a reflex like eating, breathing and drinking beer. Seriously, how can you not be a fan of Zach's web comic? Simple drawings but deep meanings, and we insist on the plural here. As you will see in the illustration that Zach created for FML, this young artist quickly understood that humor isn't as flat as a floor, it's a waterfall which bounces again and again. It bounces so powerfully for Zach that it ended in another website, Captain Excelsior, a web comic about a super-hero and his family. There’s his son Kid Liberty, his ex-wife Mrs. Mind and Tesla Curl, his hot daughter who thinks it's hot to kill people. Oh right, we forgot about Ron, Captain Excelsior and Mrs. Mind's middle child, but he has no superpowers. So nobody cares about him.

Hang on, that’s not all, here it bounces again! Zach and his friend James created a brand new web comic called Snowflakes. It's more kid-friendly than Captain Excelsior, but we know you'll enjoy the humor. And good news is that it's updated three times a week! Here's the plot: "On a mountain top somewhere in the Andes mountains, a small group of very, very, very old nuns maintain a cozy orphanage. The kids have lost their families, and it may never stop snowing, but there's always a fire in the fireplace and a never-ending supply of snowballs just outside the front door." Sounds a little bit like The Little Match Girl doesn't it? Actually it's a lot funnier than Andersen's story. "But that's okay, just because you don't have a family, it doesn't mean you can't have a plan", and it doesn't mean you can't make snowmen. 


It's almost time to say goodbye, but before we do so, here's our last question: why did Zach choose this FML?

"I like jokes in which the punchline is a worse version of the setup. Also, I'm a cruel heartless jerk."

click on this preview !

We agree. About the punch line at least. Thank you Zach for your great illustration!


The authentic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is this way:
The mythical Captain Excelsior is this way:
The cute Snowflakes is this way:

Kelly's blog is this way:


You are the proud owner of a web comic, or just a budding artist on the net, who wants to see his comic published on FML AND an article about you, written by the delicious hands of the FML crew? Don't hesitate any further and send us an email including: name, age, location, address of your website/blog and a picture of your favourite food, to ! And do it before we melt from the summer heat.

#140 - Illustrated FML - On 07/02/2009 at 8:34am by FML Team - 14 comments

FML meets your parents

So, you’ve found the perfect match. She's the most beautiful girl on earth. He's the sweetest guy you've ever met. She loves baseball and beer. He loves kids and your parents. Parents, one of the biggest steps in a relationship. Of course you know their daughter or son, and you are madly in love with her or him, but frankly, besides the pictures hanging on the fridge, you don't know who the in-laws are. And it scares you, because your beloved soul mate’s opinion about you can change in a second if you don't have the parents’ approval. Oh don't worry, we’ve already taught you how to deal with a hangover, moving house and an unwanted pregnancy, we won't let you down. That's why our artist is with us today, to help us prepare for this big encounter! Please welcome Sang Han!


SangSang, or Sammy (anecdote time, his family gave him a more American nickname so he wouldn’t be teased as a kid, however, now his family have got used to calling him Sammy while everyone else now calls him by Sang. Anecdote time is over, gosh that was quick) is 23 years old and lives in the magnificent city of San Francisco. But wearing some flowers in your hair isn’t enough anymore, life has changed since we invented traders, Sang is going to move out of San Francisco as he can't afford to stay in the city, so he will be moving to live with some friends in the east bay.


After he graduated from the Academy of Art University, Sang became a freelance artist, working as an illustration and animation artist. He is currently working for an indie game company in Canada, where he's developing an xna videogame (readers note: an xna videogame is an Xbox live community game) called Kaleidoscope. In his free time, Sang works on a comic book that he created, hoping to be published one day. He seems pretty happy to talk about what he’s up to, and we love people who love their jobs, and that's why we ask him why he's enjoying being an artist so much:

" The thing I enjoy the most from being an artist is that I can create a whole imaginary world of characters with just a pencil and paper. I want to become a storyboard artist in the future. I love that storyboarding is putting two things I love most about being an artist together: storytelling, and drawing. "

As Sang loves drawing, creating a blog became a good way to display his work to the world and to network with other artists, that's why Threepeasoup was born during his college days. Sang confesses that it was at first kind of intimidating, and we understand him. There are a lot of artists posting amazing art work on their blogs and websites, and then you look at your own publications and feel like they shouldn't even be posted. But today's artist realized soon enough that there’s a fan out there for every piece of art, no matter what style or technique you use, so yes, it's always worth posting, and yes, it's always worth giving it a try by sending an email to alice@fmylife to be the next published artist on FML!


Let's get back to the point. Threepeasoup. It’s a strange name isn't it? We tried to understand it by ourselves, but without Sang's help, we never would have guessed. Naturally, a super-creative-cool name was needed. After days of brainstorming, he finally came to a decision with "three piece suit", it sounded so cool and even suave like James Bond. Sadly, the website was already taken, and he realized that it had nothing to do with being an artist. But Sang didn't give up, he kept saying "three piece suit" in his head over and over so much that "three pea soup" came into his mind and he loves it! The name has food in it and is truly unique. James is getting jealous. And we’ve heard Barney is souping up.


So, Sang has two names, he lives in San Francisco, he loves James Bond and food. He even likes food so much he would like to own a pastry shop in a few years. He seems to have a normal life (except he has Justin Timberlake in his iPod) so why did he choose this particular FML?

" I recently had to meet my girlfriends' parents, and I know the feeling of nervousness. Thank goodness her parents were the coolest people ever ! "

And thank goodness they don't own a dog. But wait a minute, we thought the FML Team and Fonzie were the coolest people ever? Anyway, thank you Sang for this illustration!


Threepeasoup (the website) is here:
Threepeasoup (the blog) is here:
is here:

#134 - Illustrated FML - On 06/25/2009 at 6:43am by FML Team - 19 comments

Pull your nuttiest face! New rules!

Let your ugly mug do the talking and you'll be able to take part in FMyLife's first photo competition, and win some really fun prizes.

Due to popular demand from a lot of you wonderful people, the competition is now open to people from all over the world, with easier rules.
All you need to do is get a picture taken of you with the FMyLife book* (you can print a picture of the book cover, no need to buy the book to take part in the contest, but no Photoshop or other magic tricks, you must be holding the book cover). However, the thing you must do is pull the nuttiest face possible, the craziest face you can muster in the situation of your choice. Your photo will be published on the website (, and the other users will vote for it (or not!). Go nuts in the picture, have loads of fun!

We've taken some ourselves, to give some examples, all the while telling you that to win, you'll have to do way better, the crazier the situation, set up and picture quality, the better your chances!

The competition will last for 28 days, from the 21st of June to the 23rd of July. You thus have until the 16th of July to upload your picture, so get cracking straight away.

Your photo will be displayed on the website for 7 days, so that all the uploaded photos get the same chances to be voted for. Once the 7 days are up, the photo will stay displayed on the competition page, but you won't be able to vote on it, to guarantee equal chances to all.

You can win some amazing stuff (thanks to Spreadshirt and Villard):

  • 1st prize, a yellow nano-chromatic iPod with a special engraving just for you: "Today, I won a contest and all I got is this iPod. FML"
  • From the 2nd to the 10th prize: a special edition of the FML book with your photo printed inside (or a picture of your choice)
  • From the 11th to the 20th prize: an FML t-shirt saying "Today, I didn’t win the iPod in the FML competition, just this t-shirt. FML" or another text of your choice.
  • From the 21st to the 30th prize: a packet of M&M's containing only yellow M&M's, with FML written on them (which is pretty classy).

#131 - Competitions - On 06/21/2009 at 3:17pm by FML Team - 68 comments

FML in the box

You’re out of breath, you can't move your hands anymore. It seems like you wanted it SO hard that ended up hurting yourself. Next time, maybe you won’t do it on your own, and you’ll ask one of your friends to help out. Hey, what’s that smile on your face? We’re talking about moving house, what was on YOUR mind? Never mind, we don’t want to know the dirty details. Today, FML is surrounded by boxes, so we called one of our friends to give us a hand, someone who does know how to move their wrist, and that's why she's the star of this article. Please welcome today's artist Ainsley Yeager!

Ainsley, who comes from Bellingham, Washington, has been 21 for a few weeks now, which means she's now able to be drunk as much as she wants, and legally now too. Unfortunately, she’s a very unemployed person, and is desperately seeking a job. But our artist is still in college, so that’s kind of okay for now. No surprises here, Ainsley is studying design production (also known as printing), which is what she loves, learning how to turn his ideas into tangible, beautiful things.

Drawing is her real passion. You need to ask her something at 3 in the morning? Just call her, she can stay up all night long, creating an illustration for her design assignments when her professors just expect her to rip off some photograph or other. After graduating, Ainsley would love to work for a comic publisher, and to get to take part in making a lot of people's dreams come true by helping to get their work published. That reminds us a lot of a certain tradition that runs every Saturday on a specific website… Anyway, who knows, maybe this young artist will not only be working in some print plant, but maybe she will be published as well!

For now, Ainsley is already published on the internet, and nowadays the  internet is the truly the first step in gaining a reputation in the illustration/comics world. That's why she created her first web comic called "Devil Bids Us Skoal". After being around on the blogosphere for five years, she finally decided to create her own blog "Please Insert Coins". But that's a joke, of course you don't have to insert coins to visit her website. We already saw some of the tightfisted people among you running away. As well as some weirdoes inserting coins into their... ouch.


Last question! It's starting to feel weird around here and we don't want Ainsley to feel awkward, especially as she came to give us a hand. And no naughty thoughts here, thanks.

"-Ainsley, why did you choose this FML story ?
-I was in the process of moving to a temporary location when I drew this comic. Knowing how absurd some of the fees are when it comes to moving, I immediately related to this FML and had to draw it."

Thank you so much for your illustration Ainsley, and good luck unpacking in your new home!


Here's the way to Devil Bids Us Skoal:
Here's the way to Please Insert Coins:


So, as no one helped us with all these boxes, we guess you were so busy by writing us an email to be the next published artist! You know how to do it, right? You draft us an email to including your name, age, a link to your blog/website and a joke. It as simple as ABC!


#126 - Illustrated FML - On 06/19/2009 at 2:29pm by FML Team - 9 comments

FML's blog

  • Gragrou's illustrated FML
  • One day, cats will rule the world, but not today, there's a bit of tin foil stuck under the couch. The Internet and cats is quite the love story, everybody knows that. A very serious study that was done…

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