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FML video: I'm a koala

Here's another FML video from our friends at Enjoy!

Today, my boyfriend and I were cuddling on his couch when suddenly I tried to get up. Before I could stand, he grabs onto me and says, "I'm a koala and you're my eucalyptus tree!" He then continued to latch onto me for a good five minutes pretending to eat my hair. FML is first of all three girls: Anna Akana ("Anna Banana", who barks all the time but doesn’t bite – producer, writer, actress), Deidre Devlin (graduated from USC with a degree in screenwriting - also an actress - her ultimate dream is to nab a tampon commercial), and Alexis Dickey (the third actress - more commonly referred to as "Dickey", you can guess why). There’s also Shaun Jones (DP and occasional guest star for 10ST - since he knows how to shoot guns, and because of his camera skills, the girls have to approve everything he says).


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*Cough* FML *Cough*

No, not at all, I'm not trying to hide the FML word, as if I was embarassed or something, it's just that I almost choked and Drew saved me by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And by mouth-to-mouth I mean interview. And by "interview" I mean what's up next. And by "what's up next" I mean this. And by "this" I mean lol. And by "lol" I mean this must be so annoying to read. And by "this must be so annoying to read" I mean okay let's do this interview :


-Hello savior/artist/pretty eyes, present yourself to our dear readers!
-Hi, I'm Drew Springer.

-How old are you?

-Where do you live?


-What is your incredible journey?
- I don't really have a "story". My life isn't terribly interesting. I've been drawing since I was little and never quite gave it up.

-What is your job?
-I'm self-employed in the oil industry for now. Hoping to eventually make a living in comics.


-Tell us more about your webcomic...
-Small Change is pretty much whatever I want it to be at any given moment. It's usually humorous, but I don't work with a set cast of characters or overarching plot or anything. I like to use it to play around with the concept of humor itself.


-What are your inspirations?
- David Bowie, KC Green, Meredith Gran, Ted McKeever, Jason (the Norwegian cartoonist, not the movie serial killer), Ryan Pequin, Ghost World...the list could probably go on for some time.

-What are your favorite webcomics?
- Gunshow, Achewood, Octopus Pie, Three Word Phrase, Nuclear Delight, Johnny Wander, Scary Go Round, Something Positive, Dr. McNinja, Penny Arcade, PvP, Rob and Elliot...the list could most certainly go on. But all of those are pretty great, I think.


-Can you share your next projects with us?
-I'm working on a graphic novella, but it's coming along pretty slowly. Not sure what I'll do with it when I finally finish it.


-And last but not least, why did you choose this story?
-A lot of the choices didn't lend themselves too well to comic strip format, but of the ones I felt did, this one was probably closest to my sense of humor, I guess.


You guessed it right. And by "guessed it right" I mean you nailed it. And by "nailed it" I mean thank you Drew !




's website :

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML video: If she has cancer, I have cancer.

Here's the latest video from our friends at, enjoy!



Kay Akana, co-founder of, is also a stand-up comedian in LA. Do go and check out her performances, she did manage to make us lot laugh!


#1085 - Videos - On 09/15/2011 at 12:41pm by FML Team - 292 comments

Upside down FML

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


Sharon's website :





-No problem!  Thank you for the opportunity!
-Well, that ended up being pretty funny, thank you Sharon for your participation! 

-*gasp* No, I love hamsters. I picked it so I could draw a hamster.
-Why did you choose this particular FML story? Do you have something against hamsters? 


-I'm a graphic designer for my school's newspaper, so layouts
-What are your next projects? 

-I'm not sure about that yet, but i do love art and will probably keep doing it for the rest of my life even if it's not professionally.
-And are you planing to be an artist after graduating? 

-Okay, that DOES explain it. Are you still in school then?

-I live in California
-Where do you live ? (that could explain why you're insensitive to those) 

-That is pretty young, but I find most of them funny.
-That's young, aren't you too shocked about the stories here on FML?
-How nice. How old are you?

-Well, I've always been a fan of FML and I was surprised when you contacted me about the comic and yes, I do love visualizing people's sadness and painting a picture in my head (lol). 
-Why is that ? Do you enjoy drawing bad, horrible anecdotes? 

-I'm fine. I was so excited to know that you wanted me to illustrate something for the site!
-Sharon, it's great to have you on FML, how are you? 

Yes, this interview is upside down but have you ever in your life tried to interrogate someone in a hamster-ball? Believe me, it's pretty difficult so please don't complain, I'm doing my best here. 

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FML beats ya !

Is there a doctor in this article? Actually yes! Well, actually no. Grey's Anatomy's fans, Michelle is an artist you need to know. And for everybody else, well, you need to know her too. Don't wait a minute anymore and check out her surprising interview:


-Hello hello Michelle, can you present yourself to the FML audience?
-Haha, this is hard..

-Don't be vulgar please, we've barely started.
-I'm 23, I'm new to illustration! But I'm working very hard to get into children's illustration in particular.

-Where do you live?
-I live in New York.

-That seems exciting. What's so great and lame about New York?
-Um, well the obvious things are great about New York, there's lots of stuff going on here, there's a huge illustration community in Brooklyn, I can take classes in anything I want to know more about, like anatomy or the writing side of children's books. And the lame parts... I live on an island that's actually like 80 feet from downtown Manhattan, but it takes me 1 hour to get anywhere, so where I live it's pretty lame in general. Also it can be crowded and noisy, and smelly, but generally it's a great place to live, especially since 90% of publishing happens just across the street.

-Why did you want to become an illustrator?
-Um, well originally I wanted to be a Neuroscientist, that's what I got my degree in but I tried working in it, and a lot of the people I met weren't happy so I started asking myself what made me happy... and I remembered that my favorite part of college had been drawing all the diagrams and I'd done a lot of art in high school. So I started taking some continuing ed classes at SVA and FIT and everything about illustration just felt really right, like "yes! this is what I was meant to be doing all that time!". Plus it's super fun.

-This is pretty uncommon!
-Yeah, my family's pretty confused.

-I can't help asking: how did your parents react?
-Well, they're really supportive actually. When i quit my job at the lab, the economy was really bad, so my dad gave me a temp job to pay the bills so i could draw the rest of the time

-Wow they're cool. OK, you can keep them. Now, you just have to become the greatest illustrator to make them proud. No Pressure.
-Haha, pretty much !



-Tell us about your website
-I used to have only a blog but I wanted something more integrated with my portfolio, blog and anything I'm selling (so right now a link to my Society 6). So my brilliant web-designer husband built it for me. It's still a little under construction and we're doing small tweaks here and there, but it's everything I wanted. As far as the blog goes, right now it's just my ramblings and thoughts and experiences, but one day I hope to have something more geared towards people who want to become illustrators but have little or no background in art, sort of like Zero2Illo but since he started with an arts background more like, negative-a-billion2Illo

-What are your next projects?
-Well I hope to get hired to illustrate something for money, but in the meantime I have a couple of vanity projects I'm working on. Like a comic for 9 year old girls about a girl who finds a miniature circus under a rock. And I've also got a book dummie that keeps me busy and occasionally I get little fun jobs, like tattoo design or commissioned paintings

-Why did you choose this story?
-Haha, it was tough actually. I most do stuff geared towards children and my options were pretty racey! But I really liked the idea of the petulant teenager. I thought that it would be a fun opportunity to get to draw some snotty teenage facial expressions. Plus I loved drawing the little brother

-Because little brothers are evil, we aaall know that ... thank you for your contribution Michelle! And dear readers, next week, we're going down the "Hamster Boulevard". Yeah, spoilers, but can you guess which story is going to be illustrated ?




's websites :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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