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Yes, the holidays are over but that's not a reason to cry is it? There there, grab a tissue and take a look at today's illustration, it'll help you feel better. Plus today we're doubling the fun as we're welcoming not one but two artists. Amish people, don't go anywhere, I might talk about you lucky bastards.



-ThypoidMarty (I hope that's not your real name) and Pici welcome ! Who's hiding behind these odd nicknames?
-TyphoidMarty - Marten vanZwietering - originally English, part dutch, all insane. Pici (pronounced Peachy) - Emily Pici - originally from NY state, theater major and lifetime artist.

-How old are you guys?
-I am 36 and Emily is 25.

-Are you in a relationship/brother and sister/both?
-We are married since 11/11/11 at 11:11 at the Buffalo State Planetarium - I like the extra care you took to not offend potential incestuous relationships you displayed there - it is that little extra effort that makes all the difference.

-Congratulation! Now this article will be nothing but sweet love, attentions, and hearts (and not about amish anymore). How did you too meet?
-Online, just another couple of victims of online dating. We were friends on an online chat service first and decided to meet up - it blossomed from there. We only lived about 3 hours away at the time... far enough to be inconvenient but not enough to be a barrier to true love. 

-How is it, working with your lover?
-Actually surprisingly wonderful... every once in a while I get butthurt about some small imagined criticism from Emily but then the result almost always ends up better. I know it can be scary to work with your partner but if you can manage it I highly recommend it. We are always cooking up new crazy schemes together so rather than the comics being something that keeps us apart it actually makes us spend even more time doing something cooperatively. Which is just as well - we put out 11 comics every week. If it was me writing it for someone else I would never see Emily any more!With all the zany scheming I sometimes forget we are doing webcomics and instead imagine us as a new and dynamic super-villain duo.


-Tell us more about the webcomics, why did you make 3 of them?
-We started off with Hell Inc, which updates daily. It scratched the creativity itch pretty well. It being the oldest it has the greatest following for now. About 6 months later I was writing a book which I had been working on for a while and Emily said it would make a great webcomic. We started talking about it and it became My Unlife, which has a very different look and feel. The running joke is I try and persuade Emily that it should go out twice weekly but honestly it takes a lot longer to produce so it is just as well that it is Tuesdays only. Lastly, we are both huge fans of fmylife and failbook and seemed to constantly be coming up with our own stories, so one day Emily said she was going to do something about it - so she started making Failytales out of our combined experiences (plus a few from other friends) which updates 3 times a week. The look comes from Emily being huge into classic fairy tales, which is why it become princes and princesses telling the fails. Failytales is mostly Emily - I just do the website goodness for it.

-Ahah, right. Are you both "artists' who are living thanks to your webcomics or do you have like real/annoying jobs?
-Definitely the latter - as much as I would love to be writing webcomics and books full-time we aren't exactly rolling in the dough from it yet. I am a programmer for Green Mountain Coffee and Emily is a Senior In-Home Care Giver for Armistead. She also sings for a local touring group and has a really beautiful voice. She was singing an Italian Operetta last night and it was just beautiful.  She was also singing Mr Trollolol which I think shows range. I am off work today because it is a travel day to this convention and boy did they give me hell for it. We are an Exhibitor - We have a fun booth planned with Emily doing digital avatars for people and a raffle tomorow. We even *gasp* have limited quantities of merchandise!

-That is quite fantastic, you're starting to get famous (and we're lucky enough to have you on FML!)
-We are lucky to be here! I wouldn't call it famous so much as infamous.



-What are your next projects? A book? A baby? Both?
-I am working on a My Unlife book which is also handy because I can then script it out for the webcomics - which need plenty of pre-scripting because it contains live cast. And to have a beautiful (artist, yeah, I can feel it) baby 

-You're such an amazing couple (and I can feel some of our readers are jealous now, thanks a lot) I bet it was easy for you to choose this story as BOTH of you wanted the same one, right ?
-I think I was the one who originally chose it and came up with a brief idea - Pici expanded on it and then BAM tada! That tends to be our process - I do the basic ideas, we brainstorm and smooth off the rough edges. It's a good process and works well for our mentalities.

-Thank you very much guys, it was fun to do !





Hell Inc.  website :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

#1177 - Illustrated FML - On 01/05/2012 at 11:50am by Alice - 1 comments

Happy FNew Year

Now Santa's back in Lapland, we've all opened our awesome/great/okay/mediocre/awful presents, it's time to say goodbye to our dear family and to welcome our drunk friends. They're surprisingly embarrassing but we still love them, don't we? It's basically the same when it comes to the worst FMLs we received this year. You probably thought they were destroyed inside one giant black hole? Hell no, some of our moderators kept them in a secret place (all we can say is that it's in Arlington, and it's a five-side polygon. Don't ask for any more details please) and they brought them back today, just for you. Lucky readers. 

Leave your brain outside, you don't need it to read what's following:


#1 "Today, I saw some random band had a song called “somebody to love”. I disliked the video and commented “stop copying Justin beiber!” the song was made 40 years ago. FML"

#2 "Today, I found out that my toe is big"

#3 "Today,cousins=DOOM? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????"

#4 "I have no idea what miscellaneous means? So i just picked it….Umm … Yah….. FML"

#5 "A few days ago we where aloud to bring our IPods to music at shcool one girl forgot Hers so I let we listen to Mine it said I’m a new way of gospel so she told the teacher I was listing to “inappropriate” music"

#6 "Today, I heard a Spanish song on a country radio station, what is this world coming to. Fml."

#7 "Today, I went to the dentist. His name is Doctor Omans. The Beta fish in the bowl in his office was dead. FML"

#8 "Today, I like Turtles , they’re so awkward they’re like im green what of it , so what if im slow . FML"

#9 "Today, when someone asked for the real Slim Shady to stand up, 5 other people stood up with me. FML."

#10 "Yesterday i had dream about eating a giant marshmellow and when i woke up my pillow was gone FML."

#11 "Today, I was reading a FML post to my boo an I asked ” That’s crazy right bay” the response was WHAT YOU SAY!!! FML"

#12 "Today, my chicken ran away , i named him maurice ): i then realized , he wasnt a chicken he was a hippo. then i realized he was my dad FML"

#13 "today , i got aids from watching mylie cyruses drug tape"

#14 "Today, I sold a parachute on ebay that had a big hole in it but instead in the description I wrote it was in great condition and not used yet. I got an e-mail from the person who bought it. Turns out he was paralyzed on his skydiving trip with his wife and has a 6 month recovery in the hospital. FML"

#15 "Today, i was eating my daily severed chicken head when all of the sudden its headless body pulls it a spoon and starts beating me with it. Fml"


There. Hopefully 2012 will bring us a lot of new FMLs. May they be good or not. Now it's time for the FML crew to go to the awesome party we organized, and all we have to say to you is : 



Happy FNew Year our dear FML readers



Today, I went out for New Year's. When I got back, I found my house had been broken into. I found a note saying, "Happy New Year, sucker." FML



The illustration was made by Aleksandra D.Chabros, check out her website!

#1173 - Illustrated FML - On 12/30/2011 at 8:43am by Alice - 12 comments

Merry FChristmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas! Yes, it's finally here, it feels like it's been a year, crazy. Today, there are two surprises. The first one is illustrated, the second one is an exclusive interview with Santa. And I'm pretty sure this one is going to blow your mind. First, take a look at this crazy illustration made by 5 of the artists we welcomed this year. So, do you recognize those characters? I know you do! And if you don't, that means you missed some of the wonderful comics we published, and if you have a knowledge-gap, read the text below the interview. Come on, let's do this ! 


-Santa, thank you for being with us today (we know you are super busy) first of all, what gives you this super power that allows you to distribute all those gifts we are waiting for?
-All year round, I'm working on bringing joy to the world. It takes a lot of time, but thankfully I have access to a Nespresso machine, cans of Red Bull, and the cold air keeps me awake. The heating broke down in 1984 and no repairman will come so far north.

-A lot of families are preparing your arrival right now, can you give us a tip: what are your favorite meals after getting down the fireplace 
-Many people leave cookies and milk, but most of the time I'd rather have some rum and a nice big cigar. I feel like the guy in Miami Vice on my sleigh with rum and a cigar.

-There's been rumours saying you became too fat to use the fireplace and that you're using slave-labour elves do to it. Is that correct?
-That's all scandalous lies, I never outsource, I never exploit people, I do all my own work, I have a stretchy body, like that guy, you know, the weird one, what's his name... Mr.Fantastic, that's it.

-What do you have to say to people who noticed that "Santa" is the anagram of "Satan"? No presents for them, uh?
-Polar opposites, I'm good. He's bad, and he smells of burning jockstraps

-What was your favorite illustrated FML this year?
-There's so much, I can't tell, those including animals are the best.

-Let's talk about presents shall we (that's basically the reason why I invited you today). In your opinion, why do the FML readers deserve gifts?
-They've been through a lot this year, they've been embarrassed, fallen into holes, been dumped, had things thrown at them, been hit on the head by flying objects, had bodily fluids all over…  let's just say they need a break, so I'll be taking good care of them. They deserve it.

-Even the guys with the "FIRST" comments?
-Oh no, they deserve to be tasered in the nuts.

-And special love treatments for those who are posting nice comment, right?
-Yes, they're my favourites… I'll name no names, but they'll recognise themselves. I just hope they keep on doing so, it makes the world, and FML, a better place.

-You're so awesome Santa. Hey! What did YOU ask for this Christmas?
-I want to get my FMLs posted, I've been trying all year. They never get through!

-Er, okay. I'll see what I can do. (In return, I'd love The Michael Jackson Experience on PS3. We'll talk about it later). Thank you so much Santa! Now there's just one thing to say :


Merry Christmas our dear FML readers



The illustration was made by :
-Meghan Murphy, check out her website, she's pretty and talented!
-Fernando Sica, check out his webesite, he knows how to speak spanish and he knows how to use photoshop! 
-Saeko Doyle, check out her website, she's french but she's awesome! 
-Ryan Kramer, check out his website, he's from Toonhole, how can you beat that?
-And the lovely Ida Eva Margrethe Neverdhal, check out her website, she created an Edward Unicorn. That just say it all. 

#1169 - Illustrated FML - On 12/23/2011 at 2:09pm by Alice - 13 comments

Ugly FML

Ahoy my sweet readers, how was your week? I truly hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the America's Next Top Model final (wtf happened to Angelea ?). We're so close to Christmas that it's getting difficult to wait to unpack our well-deserved presents. Meanwhile, here's my Christmas gift to you, a brand ne, awful (but funny) illustration, made by our artist of the day :


-Hi everybody, my name is Italo Perochena a.k.a. Italiux
-First of all, why did you choose this nickname?
-Oh well, it goes way back when i was like 6, a cousin of mine kept calling me Italius, and i just replaced the s for a x, big science there.

-How old are you?
-According to a calendar on this website, today I'm 28.61 years old

-Oh, close to the big 3-0. Where do you live?
-Don´t say that! I´m currently living on Buenos Aires - Argentina, but i am from Lima - Peru

-How's life in Peru?
-Pretty much the same as here, but a little bit cheaper. And no, i don´t have a Llama.

-Oh. I don't see the point to continue this interview anymore. What's your job?
-I'm currently working with some business in Peru via internet, designing freelance basically. Sometimes illustrating little pieces. I don´t have much time for a job with regular times, because i´m studying.


-What are you studying? The arts?
-I wish! I'm studying for an MBA with major in Corporate Communications and advertising. With some Marketing classes. To add to my advertising designer degree.

-So, drawing's just for fun?
-Well, I draw since i can think of and everyone that really knows me knows that. That's basically why i went to study design, but now I'm trying to get the big bucks by getting my MBA going on. Lately i went more serious with illustration, and i want to see how far I can go.

-What (or who) inspires you?
-Pretty much anything: playing with my dog, watching a movie, hearing jokes from my friends, spending time with my girlfriend but usually inspiration comes to me when I´m all warm in bed and I´m about to sleep. Scumbag inspiration...


-And what about webcomics? Is there any webcomics that you love?
-Hmmm not many really. I really like the work of Alberto MonttLiniers (an Argentinian artist)... and of course the illustrated FMLs!

-Last question, but not least ! Why did you choose this story?
-I was choosing the stories with my girl, and as soon as we read that story we were like: OMG this one, i intermediately pictured the whole comic in my head, and laughed so hard. Kids and drunks are extremely honest, I love that. I wonder how honest is a drunk kid... I'll have to try that someday.

-YES try that, then don't ever contact us again, so the FBI won't be on our back. Again. Thank you very much that was fun!





's DA :




If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 

#1165 - Illustrated FML - On 12/16/2011 at 8:54am by Alice - 1 comments

FML hero

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES, shocking revelations, AMAZING INTERVIEW THAT LEADS TO SHOCKING REVELATIONS, uh, no, I already said that. Damn, I can't introduce the interview as if it's the next blockbuster that will blow everyone's mind. There, now I'm depressed. What's the point of doing this interview anyway if I can't do it Hollywood style. Oh! Wait guys, Deanna, our lovely artist of the day, will bring the spectacular for me! You wouldn't want to miss that!


-Deanna, welcome, you're our traditional Saturday artist. How are you feeling? Relaxed? Not too stressed out by being interviewed by an ex FBI agent?
-FBI agent or not, I am pretty relaxed! But still kind of nervous! I don't even know anymore.

-Is Deanna Sulli your real name or is that your artist's name?
-It would be cool to have an artist name, but I don't. That's my name.

-Where do you live?


-Don't brag about that. The sun can shine anywhere else if he decides to do so. And one day he will. Trust me. How old are you Pink's hot dog eater?
-Sun every day gets boring after a while, though! I just turned 19 this past weekend.

-(You're going to irritate our readers) Are you a student?
-(I'm sorry!) But yes, I am a student at a university.

-Do you study art?
-Yes, I am minoring in graphic design and take art classes.

-What are the cool and lame sides about being a student?
-I enjoy learning; soaking up information, obtaining all this knowledge and being with people who enjoy it too. Oh, and it's also cool that we have access to free services, like the buses, a health center and a gym. Plus, student discounts on software! The lame side is that there's a lot of work. Tuition, textbooks, and materials are expensive.

-So are you going to be a graphic designer when you'll graduate?
-Well, graphic design is my minor. My major focuses on computer programming. I'm hoping to be a web developer/web designer.

-You're a real creator/baby genius. Tell us more about your DA portfolio, I see you're a deviant member for 3 years now, why don't you have your own personal website?
-I have a website, but I'm taking quite a while revamping it for a portfolio. I've had my own website since I was 9, but I always change the domain name. I started using dA because it's really convenient to upload new art, plus I love the community. It's encouraging and motivating to get comments and critiques. Eventually it got to the point where I was more active updating my dA than my own website.


-What are your next projects then?
-I am the staff artist for an anime convention called Anime Conji, so I've been working on promotional artwork. On top of that, I participate in the artist alleys at these conventions. I also have a webcomic, but I don't plan on starting that for quite a while. As for graphic design, I design posters and concert program covers for my high school's instrumental music program, which is tons of fun. Right now everything is volunteer work, but I'm hoping to get an internship or a job soon!

-That's all we can wish for you! Last question Deanna, (I know, don't cry), why did you choose this story?
-I've had so many good times playing Guitar Hero with friends, and this story was hilarious to me. I'm really not surprised that someone injured themself playing it! He was probably playing "Through The Fire And Flames" by Dragonforce. When my friends played that on expert, the fire alarm came off. Speaking of fire alarms, the one in my building is currently going off. And it is 2AM. So I think I'm going to be evacuated now. Bye! RAS are knocking on the doors

-It's the PERFECT way to end this interview! Thank you Deanna for taking part.





's DA :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 

#1161 - Illustrated FML - On 12/09/2011 at 12:05pm by Alice - 8 comments