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Benjamin's Illustrated FML

Hello people and welcome to this blog article in which I’m going to introduce a new artist to you, but first I must show you this old document that has just seen the light of day that shows prehistoric men getting their priorities straight. In other news, FML is also about education, and today we’re learning how to count with Robert Downey Jr’s help.

Our guest is 22 and knows how to count. He lives in Rennes in France, and is called Benjamin. Yes, just Benjamin. “What do I do? For the moment, not a lot, I’ve finished my studies and I’m still looking for my first job. Being unemployed allows me to develop my own projects and test new things.”

That’s all well and good but we need details! “At the moment, I’m putting together a comic book project so I can present it to a publisher. I’ve written the story, I’ve done some graphic research, and all I need to do now is the hard work of creating the storyboard and a few definitive artwork that a publisher might like.”

And all we need to do is wish him good luck. He deserves it!

So, how did he get here? Well, he got a literary high school diploma in 2008, and then went to art school to make comics. “I thought I’d be able to take it easy. How wrong I was!” Benjamin soon learnt that he had to forget all about 35-hour weeks, which were done “in two days.” In any case, that’s where he found out more about animation and four years later ended up with a diploma in animation drawing. “It’s now been three months since I’ve been looking for a job in an animation studio and I survive by doing a few animations here and there.”

For now, our guest tries to get to know a maximum of things by animating and painting but is still concentrating on his comic book project. Ideally he’d like to find a place in an animation studio to find a foothold in the sector. If you have any peeps in the business, check out his blog, you’ll see that he’s quite good…

As for us, we’ll move on to the next part. Yes, I know, this transition is like a magic trick, really impressive.

Cats or dogs?
Neither. I’m allergic to both.

What are the latest things you liked in movies, music, books and comics?
At the movies I really enjoyed Lawless, the latest James Bond movie was really good, Starbuck was a really nice surprise and The Hunt shook me up. Musically I rediscovered RJD2 and the latest C2C album. Other than that there’s Chinese Man, ASM or Ratatat who are in my playlist at the moment. In comics there’s Butcher Baker who amazed me graphically and the Walking Dead series that is great and that I recommend to everyone!

Who are the main artists you like and whose blogs you visit regularly?
I like going the blogs by Robert Valley, Peter de Sève or Alberto Mielgo, mainly people who work in animation, and as for comics blogs I follow regularly Boulet and I like the interactive comics “Turbomedia” who have developed recently.

Tell us what you enjoy in life, your passions, your pastimes, your vices, and your every day pleasures.
Since I finished my studies I’ve got more time for myself so I’ve been able to do more sports, catch up on TV shows and discover video games. Otherwise, every day I draw and draw.

Do you have a phobia? If so, what is it?

To finish off, ask yourself a question that you would’ve liked to have been asked and choose whether or not to answer it.
If you could become a super hero, what super power would you choose? I would choose teleportation.


And to see Benjamin’s illustrated FML, click here.


We end this article with this week’s videos. Are you allergic to things that are cute? Let me correct that: to things that are very cute. If so, don’t watch this video. You have been warned. In the meantime, people have been making art with scotch tape, while all I can do is rip the hairs from a friend’s arm with it. I know. See you next week!


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

#1336 - Illustrated FML - On 11/30/2012 at 6:57pm by Julien - 1 comments

The FML order

Ah, my dear friends, what a pleasure it is to meet up with you again. This week was nothing more but more of the same good old routine. I had some great times on webcomics, I laughed, though not often, I had the WTF reaction, and pretty often, and I got amazed by some amazing artists. And it's one of them that we're welcoming today. She may have a weird nickname, but her art is heartwarming. Let's start the interview to get the chance to know her.



-What are your name? 
-I'm Yllya, I've used this nickname for so long that everybody thinks that it's my real name.

-What a curious nickname.
-I'm a little ashamed about it, but since it's not a secret, this is the story: I like fairy tales a lot. In French, fairy tales often begin with the words "Il y a". When I had to find a nickname, I just turned those words into "Yllya". 

-How old are you?
-I will be 30 in 2 months, but people think I'm 10 years younger. 

-Where do you live?
-I live in France, near Paris. It's not as romantic as people say.

-What's your job?
-I'm a cartoonist. The 5 volumes of my comics Marie-lune have been published by the french publisher Vents d'ouest.


-What's your journey?
-I always wanted to become a character designer for video games, but after high school, I was too poor to afford art school. I was fond of manga, so I decided to study Japanese in order to became translator. But to be a translator, I needed a degree both in the language AND in translation. Once again, I was too poor to afford 2 schools. I decide to continue studying Japanese, and at the same time I started my comics blog and worked as freelance illustrator. Gradually, it's become a full time job. One day, I was asked to draw a comic, I said yes and now it's been my job for nearly 4 years. Today I hope I can fulfill my dream and work for video games in the future.

-What are your inspirations?
-Oh my god, there are a lot :) Video games mainly but also comics, mangas... 

-Do you read webcomics?
-I used to read a lot of them, but at the moment I read less due to time constraints.



-Tell me more about your website?
-I have two websites, but only one is alive. It's called One Year Challenge and it's in English. I started it in 2011 because my boyfriend promised to buy me a giant jar of Nutella (5kg !!!) if I was able to post one drawing a day for a year. I won the jar on February 14th 2012. But I decided to continue for one more year (for nothing but glory this time!) Please come and support me!

-Why did you choose this FML story?
-Because it was totally disgusting! I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac, and I can't stand somebody touching my food. If i open a bag of crisps and someone put his hand in it, I can't finish it... What the character does in this FML could kill me, no joke T______T

-Thank you for taking part Yllya. (I can't get used to it, what a curious name!)





Yllya's website "a drawing a day":

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


#1335 - Illustrated FML - On 11/22/2012 at 5:07am by Alice - 3 comments

Philippe Scherding's Illustrated FML

Hello my little dumplings! How are you doing? I’m doing fine. No, really, I’m A-OK. Seriously, I’m really good. I’m just happy to be talking to you again (and I’m in Berlin at the moment) and it’s making me feel all funny inside. But nothing sexual.

It’s with great pleasure that I’m about to introduce our new guest. By that I mean I’m introducing him now. He’s 31; he lives in central France and goes by the name Philippe Scherding, AKA Grompf. He even has a second blog.

He occupies his time by doing “some illustrations and some comics” all the while having “other projects filling my mind.” To be more specific: “Drawing is the only thing I can do more or less well, and it allows to imagine funny stories, which turns out cheaper than the movies…”

Philippe is one of our less loquacious guests, but that’s not really a problem, he has a lot of talent, and he goes straight to the point. Maybe he’ll keep this code of conduct for his “Miss Satan” project, that tells the story of an artist who travels from story to story, causing mayhem along the way.

Anyway, on to the next bit! And let’s make it short, dear Philippe!

Cats or Dogs?
I prefer mysterious animals from the abyss, and a cat or a dog at the bottom of the ocean would be useless…

What are the latest things you liked in movies, music, books and comics?
Claire Wendling, her drawings are simply wonderful, no need for stories to enjoy them… Other than that, I like irony and left field stuff. I could mention Tim Burton (his drawings and animated movies), Dave McKean, Glenn Barr, Fred, Larcenet, Shaun Tan, Maruo Suehiro, Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier, etc. In music, I like extreme stuff, like Grindcore (a mixture of Punk and Metal, sped up...) like Napalm Death, Blockheads, Lycanthrophy, F.U.B.A.R., S.O.B., Wormrot, etc. and crazy stuff: Melt Banana, Next Life, The locust...

Who are the main artists you like and whose blogs you regularly check out?
I’m not really up to speed with blogs, but I suggest that everyone should get to know the works of VALP, MARA and many others.

Tell us what you like in life, your passions, pastimes, vices, and everyday pleasures.
Get someone who’s never heard Grindcore to listen to some; the expression of fright in their eyes is priceless…. Then there’s cheese, charcuterie, and driving into subway entrances with your car in Paris (someone from my county did that, apparently).

Do you have a phobia? If so, which one?
Driving into a subway entrance…


And to see this week’s illustrated FML, click here.


And we’ll finish off with this week’s videos. You’ve surely heard of Eduard Khil the “trollolo guy” (may he rest in peace) but you may not know this hilarious dubbed version. Another classic: baby twins talking to each other. See you next week! Ich bin ein Berliner!

#1334 - Illustrated FML - On 11/15/2012 at 12:39pm by Julien - 1 comments

Rub that FML

No, hush, don't cry, the traditional illustrated FML is back. We didn't forget you last week, there's just been a little accident - but don't worry, Alan's foot is almost fixed now. Today, we're traveling again, this time to the great white north. It's Finland actually, but there's snow, it's cold and there's a lot of lakes so it's a bit like Canada. Now, please enjoy Benjamin's interview, this guy is awesome.


-What's your name?
-I'm Benjamin Forsell. A friend of mine coined the nickname 'Pene' that I adopted as a screen name long ago.
I later ditched it for obvious reasons.

-How old are you?
-I'm 19 years old.

-Where do you live?
-In Ostrobothnia, Finland.

-What's your job?
-I currently don't have a steady job, I work as an intern at various places and sometimes do some freelance work.

-What's your journey?
-My story is the cliché of the little boy who always loved to draw, at least since the age of five. That passion gradually grew and by the time I got out of primary school, I felt like I wanted to make it into something more. In June 2012 I graduated from my vocational studies in art with alright grades and a scholarship. I plan to continue my studies in the arts on a higher level next fall, as I have yet a lot to learn.



-What are your inspirations?
-I find inspiration from many things, my surroundings, my experiences, the arts, music, movies, comics, you name it. Anything that makes me feel just something is a good source of inspiration. Now excuse me while I adjust my beret and trim my moustache. 

-Do you read webcomics? 
-Oh yeah, 'Akimbo Comics', 'Cyanide and happiness', 'Plastic Brick Automation', 'The Perry Bible Fellowship', 'Space Avalanche', only to name a few. Aand, people who know me know what's coming next. I could go on and on forever about how much I love the webcomic that is 'Subnormality'. Famous for it's huge walls of text, fresh art style and often deep content, it sets itself apart from any other webcomic I've read. The thing about webcomics is that most of them update once a week, you wait eagerly to read another strip from your favourite webcomic and when it finally happens thenhahaohitsalreadyoverohwelljushavetowaitanotherweek. Subnormality actually updates less frequently, but when it does, it's well worth the wait as you usually get pampered with a good 15 minutes of good reading and eye candy. The average webcomic strip is a quick laugh. Subnormality is an experience.



-What about your art?
-All I have is an online portfolio to showcase my work. Not really much of a website.

 -Which techniques do you use?
-These days I mainly utilize Photoshop and my Trust tablet, I love the convenience and endless possibilities that the digital medium has to offer. Still, I'm only scratching the surface though as I have many things lot to learn and master.

-Why did you choose this FML story?
I just saw great potential for comedy in terms of story, flow and most importantly, quirky expressions. It was a story that I could visualize immediately.





If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


#1333 - Illustrated FML - On 11/08/2012 at 8:31am by Alice - 2 comments

FML's Halloween Delights

 Today, I took a box of Halloween decorations down from the attic. Inside, were a bunch of fake spiders. I emptied the box onto the floor and the "fake" spiders crawled all over the living room in opposite directions. FML
Every year, at regular intervals, some of us like to dress up in insanely scary costumes and then go outside and try to extract candy from the general public by scaring them into submission. But enough about the FML team’s usual Saturday nights, I’m supposed to be talking about Halloween. Halloween, also known as the agoraphobic pedophile’s favourite night of the year, is a whole bunch of fun. Especially if you’re particularly ugly since you’re encouraged to hide your features and to look as scary as possible with masks, make-up and costumes. Well, that’s the traditional sense of it, these days it’s more like an excuse to dress up as your favourite Pokémon or make an oh-so-clever Big Bang Theory reference. And we all know what people who are into that sort of stuff are like. On FML, we have had a few Halloween stories over the years, but we’ve also had a few stories where fear was involved. Fear. FEAR. People being gripped by the knackers and shaken to their very core by an event, either their own dumb fault, or just bad luck.

Halloween, as I’ve already mentioned, involves a lot of dressing up and slapping on a mess of make-up. This is not always a good idea for those involved as things usually tend to go wrong:
Today, I told my dad that for Halloween I'm going to be an '80s workout Barbie. He just looks at me and says, "Yeah as the 'before' picture". FML
Today, I was walking to my friend’s Halloween themed birthday party in my zombie costume. Apparently, my crazy coke addicted neighbor found the costume too realistic. He tackled me. FML
Today, everyone commented on how realistic my "fat suit" was. I didn't dress up for Halloween. FML
Today, my friend and I dressed up as dice for Halloween. The rest of the night consisted of us, harassed by drunks asking, 'Can we roll you around?' and constantly being shaken. FML

As with all gatherings involving dressing-up, you can meet people who aren’t exactly who you thought they were…
Today, I went on a date with a man I met on Halloween. It appears that his mullet wasn't actually part of his costume. FML
… but also, Halloween can cast a spooky curse on your future.
Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend while looking at Halloween costumes online for this year’s Halloween party and said, "Maybe we could go as Bonnie and Clyde this year." He said, "Maybe we should go as a broken up couple," and hung up on me. FML
Halloween is most of all about the garish decorations and the kiddies having fun:
Today, I was so lonely, I tried to hold hands with plastic "horror hand" I bought for Halloween. FML
Today, I carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I thought it would be cool to carve my name, and have it shine through onto the wall behind it. I figured that if I carved my name backwards then it would show up correct on the wall. My name's Lana and now my wall says, “Anal.” FML
Today, a kid came Trick-or-Treating at my house. When I told her it was still one more day until Halloween, and that I didn't have any candy, she wound-up her fist, punched me in the groin, and ran off laughing. FML

And there’s always “that guy”:
Today, a guy rang my doorbell, yelled "Happy Halloween" and then threw a bunch of leaves that he'd lit on fire at me. FML
More generally, lots of people on FML have been scared, usually literally by their own shadow:
Today, I was getting out of the car when I saw a dark figure approaching me from behind a shed. I screamed and threw my bag. It also threw its bag, due to the fact that it was my shadow on the wall. FML
Today, I got scared by my own leg fat. FML
Today, I was attempting to teach a bunch of 2nd and 5th graders on why it's so important to face your fears and try your best. It was going pretty well, until a pair of butterflies attacked me. I am afraid of butterflies - I ran away screaming like a little girl. FML

But in keeping with the Halloween theme, there’s also some genuinely creepy stories on the website:

Today, I was called by a restricted number. The man on the phone then explained to me in detail what I was doing at every second that I was on the phone with him. I'm scared to leave my house. FML
Today, I got a complaint from my neighbor about a little girl staring at her through my guest bedroom window for the past month. I live alone. And now I'm scared to live in my own house. FML
Today, my neighbours kicked my football back over the fence. They'd slashed it and taped a note to the remains that said, "Do it again and it'll be your face." Now I'm scared to play football in my own backyard. FML
Now it’s time to get dressed, slap on that make-up and fake blood, and go out trick-or-treating. Just don’t get into any mischief, no TP-ing of houses, cars or dogs. But dressing up your pets is allowed, even if it’s a bit sad. And funny. Oh and if you don’t feel like going out, check out some classic horror movies like John Carpenter’s brilliant Halloween and Fog, or some of Dario Argento’s stuff. Here at FML we’ll be partying dressed as ourselves, because we’re scary enough as it is.

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