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Korrig'Anne's illustrated FML

So, have you ordered it? Have you got it? No? Yes? Do you have any idea of what I'm talking about? OK, for the normal people, I'm talking about the new iPhone 6. Apparently, it came out today. I'm not advertising it, it's just that grown adults with actual mental faculties are queuing up for hours to get their hands on one of these things, even if they have a phone that works perfectly well. Why? I don't know. I shouldn't be too cynical. I was like that once. I bought a Smurf figurine. Then another. Then another. Then I had twelve of them. Then I wanted the Smurf house in the shape of a mushroom. It just never stops. Well, in my case it does, I was 10. This week's illustration is about the arrival of something you've been waiting for, but in this case it's a baby. The Apple cult members would probably put the iPhone on par with the baby, I'm not too sure. 


"My hero? My uncle's cousin's hairdressers' cousin's little brother is a great guy!" 

Self portrait Korrig'Anne by Anne


Korrig'Anne sounds weird to anyone living outside of France.  It sounds weird to a lot of people who live in France. It's a play on words on a demon type creature from Brittany where Anne is from (the Korrigan) and her name. Still sounds weird. 

Her info:
Age: 28 in a month
Location: Rennes, France
Blog : Korrig'Anne's blog
Her illustrated FML: The one with the dream about the baby

Anne is a mom, so maybe that's one of the reasons she chose this particular FML. Who knows? People who have kids, they've got it bad. It's supposed to be "the hardest job in the world", but thankfully, not everyone defines themselves through their progeny. So what else does Anne do besides raise kids? "After a first professional experience which lasted for 6 years and which wasn't very fulfilling (with a Tour Operator as part of reservations), life brought me towards drawing, and I started out on my own as a freelance artist this year." So, this is a brand-new career we have here. It's a good idea to come and spend some time on FML to show your work, a lot of famous people started out here. I won't name names. Oh, alright then. For example, David Duchovny and 50 Cent both started here. What does she think of her new life? "I love it! As my 4-year old daughter would say, "When I grow up, I want to do the same job as mommy, stay at home to colour". She gets it. My job is to do what I enjoy, what I like, when I like. If I'm not inspired, it's not a problem: I go for a walk, I do some cleaning, I have a nap and my inspiration will turn up later. When I put it like that, it sounds like I lounge around a lot, but I actually spend about 8 hours a day drawing (3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening). I'm probably missing out on the "social" aspect of working in an office, but for now I'm not too bothered by it." I can fully understand this point of view. I spent 7-8 years working in an office, and now I can say that whenever I can work from home, it's the best thing ever!

What's Anne's latest news ? "Well, the second tome of the Anita Casse-Cou (Break-neck Anita) which is being written by Aurélie Desrumaux is going forward smoothly, and I'll be starting the illustrations next month. I'm currently working on a 2015 calendar with 11 other illustrators, but that's a surprise. You'll know more in October!" I wouldn't mind a free calendar actually. Yes, every week I try mentioning something to get free stuff, but it never works, I've never gotten anything from this blog, besides chlamydia. Only joking. And what about projects, what's in the pipeline? "Getting better at drawing, finding my style, knowing my software better so that my work seems more professional. Maybe release my own book one day?" 

What started her off in this line of work? "I took some time off work to have a second baby in 2012, and after that I decided to change direction, career-wise. I couldn't find what I initially enjoyed in the tourism business: art and heritage. Everything had become too much of a business. I started drawing as a form of therapy against a maternal burn-out that was starting to rear its head, I created my blog, I got my first orders and I was off." I know all about burn-outs. I've come close, but I've learnt to recognise the signs and my form of therapy is shouting, crying and rude hand gestures.

How about Anne's tastes? "The thing that I like the most recently is Caroline Simon's work. I love history, especially the renaissance era. I'm always up for Trivial Pursuit even if I lose all the time. I paint when I'm not drawing. I like taking time off in the countryside to listen to the frogs at night and the goats during the day. I'm really into TV shows, I watch a lot of them while drawing. I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Rome, Spartacus, The Tudors, but also Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives (older shows, but love watching them over and over again). I love Veronica Mars, and not just because of Kristen Bell. I swear! 

How about a personal FML to finish up? "Every time someone asks me this sort of question, I always think of the time I was about 15. I wanted to get changed at the beach, and being modest and shy, I try to find a quiet spot, between two big rocks. It's when I heard the laughs and remarks that I realised that I was giving the people on the walkway up above some sort of show. I think I still haven't gotten over it..."  

Right, that's enough for this week. Thank you Anne for your illustration and all the rest. Brittany, or Bretagne to give it its proper name, is cool, I've always thought so. I loved a girl in Brittany once. In fact, I think I loved her twice. Next week we'll be publishing a study about migrating yaks in Mongolia and... well, probably not. It'll be a surprise, like most weeks. Until then, don't forget to go out and buy a new iPhone, you know the illuminati want you to. Have a great week, a great weekend and be excellent to each other.

What about you? Think you've got talent and want to contribute to the illustrated FML? Send us an email to [email protected] but only send us your blog's address and a few samples of your work. No need to create an illustrated FML straight away.

#1472 - Illustrated FML - On 09/19/2014 at 8:52am by Alan - 8 comments

Matteor's illustrated FML #2

So, is everyone back from their vacation? Can we get back to regular programming? No? OK, I get it. You're all still crying about not being at the beach any more, well, I am anyway. And this time of year is pretty sad for most people because of daylight getting shorter and stuff like that. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere. Anyway, you mustn't grumble, it's not all that bad. Some people are professional grumblers. I can be a real miserable twunt sometimes, but this week I've decided not to be, even if the subject matter is sort of along the lines of keeping things bottled in a bit too much. Let's go.


"It's like I'm at the beach, and I've dropped the butter in the water and... Erm, I've digressed a bit."

Self-portrait Matteor by Matthieu


Matteor is Matthieu (Matthew in English) and he's been here before. He already made an illustrated FML for us at the beginning of the year, and he wrote in to offer us another one. So we said yes, because we're nice. To find out who he is, you can check out the article that we posted at the time

His info:
Age: 31
Location: Cergy, France
Blog: The world of Matteor
His illustrated FML: The one about the abs

OK, of course, there's been more since the last article. Not a lot, so I'm going to explain a little bit about Matteor, but without doing a copy-and-paste job. I have to deserve my bread and water that I'm given to eat in the evenings in exchange for doing these articles. Since the last article and doing this one, I've realised that he's not called Matteo as I first thought, but Matthieu. Matteo is his son's name. Yes, he's one of those people who has chosen to reproduce. "I have two children, Matteo who is 2 and a half, and the second one Carlu (which is pronounced Carlou, very important) is almost 1)." So, why the nickname? Did the son come before the nickname, or was it the other way around? ""Matteor is my first nickname that I had on the Internet when I opened my first account on AOL (in round about 1999-2000), it was Matteo09 I think, and it was my dad who came up with it." Yes, but that doesn't explain why. The 09, is that something to do with a ZIP code? I doubt it, because he says he's from Corsica. "I go there every year for the summer holidays. I've returned well tanned." So, that means the son arrived after the nickname. This shows a real lack of imagination when it came to naming the fruit of his loins, calling his first-born after his Internet nickname. Matteo was lucky not to get the 09 stuck to his name, it would've sounded weird. 

He lives in Cergy, which is in the outskirts of Paris. There's not much to say about that. I went there once in 1995. I'm not sure I'll ever go back. What does he get up to there? "I create logos, pictograms, posters, flyers and various other creations." 

What's happened since the last time we spoke? "What could I tell you except that I worked with Piratesourcil for a few months on part of the script of the third tome of the comic book "Joueur du Grenier" (Attic Player) which came out recently." So, it's going well, if it's up to the third tome. I'm still waiting for someone to send me the first tome, I think I've deserved it after all the nice things I've said. Yeah, OK, I know, that's a lie. But sometimes I reckon it would be nice to have some sort of post box system where people could send me gifts, stuff from my many fans who... What do you mean I don't have any? I'll be quiet now, I'll let Matteo do the talking. "Recently I've started drawing portraits in Photoshop, like for example my self-portrait which is at the top of the article. I'm not smiling in it because somebody had just stolen my pellet gun. I've even removed the tears the model had cried. Yes, I was very unhappy..." A pellet gun? Is that an illustration tool, or an actual weapon? I'm not sure artists should be allowed to use weapons of any kind, I know what they're like. Be careful. 

Oh, and important announcement:  "I'm still having trouble finding a publisher for a comic book project that I've been working on for a few months on now". That was Matteor speaking, not me. I've got nothing to publish and I'm crap at drawing. He also adds : "I think I forgot to mention last time that I have a full-time job as a graphics designer in a business school." Oh, so he's a artist who works for a living, not one of these layabout artists who sponge off the state and think that... Nah, just kidding, I'm not a Republican.

And when he's not working in business school, what else does he get up to? What does he like? "Most of my days are spent working on my art, creating comic strips, thinking of scenarios, all while watching YouTube videos or movies from the '90s that I've already seen 900 times. I do watch more recent movies, but not as often. My favourite movie is Blade Runner. The comic books I like are the series of albums by Edika from Fluide Glacial. The humour is very left-field, so you don't have to put much effort into thinking about it, it relaxes your brain and makes you laugh... I also like the Game Over concept by Midam." Anything else to add? "My favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie." OK, I think I've got all I needed. 

Thanks Matteo, you may now go back to your family. Thanks for your contribution to this little page, and for your patience. It's really nice when someone sends in something that is clear and precise, no messing about, no to and fro about bits and bobs. Today is Friday, so we're getting ready for the weekend, I'm already in my jorts for '80s night at the Roller Disco, but maybe you who is reading this right now isn't, maybe where you are now is in the future, and it's 2078 and I've been dead for a long time, and cats have at last taken over, and this bit of text is all that is left of my passage on Earth. Oh well, never mind. I don't much care for sobriety. It's September so we're going to be listening to September Gurls by Big Star a whole bunch of times, because in September, you need Gurls. Or Boys, depending on your preference. See you next week.

What about you? Think you've got talent and want to contribute to the illustrated FML? Send us an email to [email protected] but only send us your blog's address and a few samples of your work. No need to create an illustrated FML straight away.

#1471 - Illustrated FML - On 09/11/2014 at 10:31am by Alan - 7 comments

The Best of the Worst #7

Oh yes, you've read right! It's back! I know, it's been too long now. You wouldn't believe the amount of e-mails, PMs, Tweets, Facebook messages and drunk strangers coming up to me in the street, all wanting to know when the next "Best of the Worst FMLs" was coming out. Well, it's here now, wahey! We've sifted through past submissions to find only the best of the weird stuff, all so you can feel just a little bit better about yourself. How? Well, you can just imagine actually being one of the people writing one of these things. What must it be like inside their heads? I don't really want to think about it. Anyway, here we go.

If you've never seen one of these articles, the idea is that we receive a lot of submissions every day, and in amongst the usual stuff, we can sometimes come across some very strange stuff. Badly written, poorly thought out, low-IQ drivel that beggars belief and makes you fear for the author's sanity. Anyway, I'll stop blathering on now, and let you check them out for yourself. Strap on your crash helmet. 


Sk8 or die

Today I was figure skating with my skating partner and we fell. She skated over my dick and cut it off. FML

Fish friends

Today i was watching my new fish and they started humping each other. Now i have 2 sexualy in love fish.FML

Kelis be true

Today, I had a milkshake. It did not bring all the boys to the yard. FML

Man's best friend

Today i woke to my dog fucking me in the ass and now im sprouting 6 nipples by the hour.FML


OMFG these girls commeted pictures of me on myspace so i did the same then they got mad at me told all there friends now the whole motessori lower grade HATES ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all my so called friends have turned on me and everyone wants to jump me!!!!!!!!! FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smells like...

Today, I sneezed.. It smelt like dog urine… FML

Purple rain

today, I thought that if I dyed my pubic hair purple I could get the clown at the local circus to have sex with me:), well when I suceededly got him in my room so we could have sex, once he saw that my pubic hair was purple he refused and said he only likes girls with orange colored pubic hair, FML

Hit the gym

today, i was pumping iron in the gym and this bro took my protein powder, and put it down my shorts. obviously, i started a fight. but then this hot girl walked by and i got a rock hard boner, and the guy chopped it off. the protein powder went into the wound, and grew a new penis. YAY MY LIFFFFEEEE


Today, my friend whose name coincidentally starts with a C said “fuck” to my friend whose name starts with a K. FML. And i pee’d in the pool. FML. And i sneezed in my dogs ear and gave him herpes. FML. And when i slid down the firepole i got rugburn. Actualy firepole burn. FML

It pours

Today I was having sex with a turkey and I ripped its chode. My parents got a divorce. I have cancer. FML


That's it for this month. We'll be back next month, same time, same place, same oddball people. We hope you'll be back because you enjoyed reading these, we certainly enjoyed looking out for them. FYI: these are all compiled from the website started out, so to all of you who've tried sending in weird FMLs to try and get on this page: Don't. Until next time, be excellent to each other and have a glass of water now and then.



Bonus not-really-hidden, track:


Get down from there

Today I figured out my dead dog is on the refrigerator more than I am. FML

#1470 - About FMyLife - On 09/09/2014 at 10:16am by Alan - 100 comments

FML on vacation #3: Back to boredom

Most pessimists will say that all good things must come to an end. It's the same deal with your vacation in a shitty tent on the beach. Yeah, you were having fun, living it rough without Mom and Dad, no worries, no Internet, no homework. But's that all over now, baby blue. It's time to pack up your crap and hop on that bus, hitchhike, or drive that camper van back to where it all started: the tedium of everyday life. Everything has an end, just like life itself. That's why should enjoy most situations as much as you can; OK, some people believe in life after death, but what if there isn't anything? What if that two-week vacation in Costa Rica was the best thing that will ever happen to you ever? Depressing thought, isn't it? So, now you're on your way back home, because your life is once again going to get back into the mind-numbing groove. Can you feel the warm glow inside that tells you that you're nearly home, or is it more a sort of chilling dread? What is actually left of your vacation, besides a few flimsy souvenirs, some memories, and a bunch of sand in your shoes?

(The world's biggest car park was created on the road back from the beach, yesterday)

If you got lucky, as that damn song goes, you might have brought back an STD as a souvenir, but that means a quick appointment with your local doctor to get it fixed, otherwise your knob or whatever might fall off. You can't be too careful these days. Always wear a condom and a motorcycle helmet. For the rest of us, balance your check books. Have we got any money left over from all those fun fair rides? Do we still have a job waiting for us when we get home? I did act a bit strange on the last day, though. What was it? Oh yeah, I yelled out, "this job is pissing on my chips, I can't wait to get to the beach to drink rosé wine while watching the sun go down." Bosses don't like that sort of language. You'll see when you start your first day of work after your vacation.

Today, my boyfriend and I are on our way back from vacation. It will be an eight hour drive. It just so happens I got food poisoning the night before we left, and there's roadwork everywhere. We're at a dead halt with no signs of moving. FML

There can also be a whole load of reasons why you don't want to come home. Getting back into the swing of things isn't necessarily a barrel of laughs. Day to day life is usually tedious. It means going back to work, or school, or college, and seeing the same old fuckfaces, who are going to tell you all about their wonderful vacation on some white sanded beach in a mystical land where they ran into Beyoncé and that guy who is always featuring on other people's records, and played ping pong with them, rather than finishing them off with a flame-thrower like you or I would've attempted to do before security stepped in. People who absolutely must tell you about their vacation are walking FMLs. And you score double points if they have their smartphones to show you all the pictures. "There's the hotel, it had a gym, see... I didn't go into the sauna because of my cystitis, hahaha. Did I tell you about the ping pong tournament with Beyoncé and the guy who does all the featurings?" Kill me now. I usually pretend to not have been anywhere, and only go when it's not a school holiday to avoid people who can only go with their obnoxious kids. It must be horrible having to plan your life around your child's calendar. Oh go on then, show me that picture of your feet by the pool, the one with your toes spread out wide that everyone else does to post on Facebook to say "I'm on holiday, tosspots, you're not". Wahey, there it is. Well done. 

(Airport security has done a lot for the train and bus industry)

Today, I went back to work after a vacation, only to find out I'll soon be forced to dress up as one of the princesses from Frozen to promote our store. FML

The trip home is obviously less fun that the trip out. Everyone is tired from trying to make the most of it right up until the last moment, but the flame is no longer flickering in their eyes. They are dead inside. They just want to go home and watch Cops. They're in a bad mood, fights break out around the luggage carrousel. Speaking of which: all you people who crowd around the carrousel while you wait for your suitcases, stop doing it. It's really annoying. Stand back so people whose luggage is actually going past can get through and grab it. There. Rant over. Once out of the airport, the train station, the car and into their house, they should be ready for what's next. But nobody is. Coming home is once again a question of geography, it's still you, but in a different place. The slight anticlimax of the vacation means that you lie in bed thinking things like, "A few hours ago, I was on a beach in Antigua, now I'm back here. What was all that about? Why? Where am I going? Why don't I end it all today? Oh no, I want to see the next season of Homeland first."

Today, I came home from vacation, only to find my neighbours relaxing on my patio, and their kids swimming in my pool. FML

Once home, some become depressed, crazy even. If you're on Facebook, maybe you've seen people who seem to feel the need to take pictures of their children all dressed up with satchels or bags on their backs on their way to their first day of school, and then post them on their Facebook timelines. Why do people do this? I think someone should look into the legality of this. Is this weird, or am I overexaggerating to make a comedic point? I can't tell anymore. 

(Photo of two children on their first day of school in France in 2014)

Today, I got back from a two-week vacation. During my vacation, I had a friend from work watch my puppy. My puppy now likes him more than me, and won't stop whining sadly since he left. FML

The long walk home is ongoing: some of you are still on holiday, some are on their way back, and some are taking their vacation now because they don't have kids and are thus smarter than most. I'm not doing anything. My life is pretty A-OK. If you do feel the need to take a break and go a long way away, maybe the life you are living is a bit shit. I know it's an easy thing to spout off like that, but instead of spending most of your time dreaming of vacations to come, why not change your life a bit, in such a way that you don't really feel the need to take breaks. That's what I did. As I said, it's easy to do, but I take life as a huge cosmic joke, nothing is taken seriously, which in turn causes me some problems with the establishment with regards to deadlines and stuff like that, but I wouldn't exchange my life for anything else. As Bill Hicks said, life is just a ride. So good luck getting back to the real world, and have fun more often if you can. Speaking of which, there's been quite a few Ice Bucket Challenges this summer, and I'd like to suggest an updated version for this autumn/fall : the Liquid Nitrogen Challenge. Who could I nominate? Hmmm. I'll let you know. Ann Coulter is an early contender. As always, be excellent to each other, and farewell Joan R.
Next week we'll be back to our usual illustrated FMLs, I hope! 

#1469 - Ramblings - On 09/05/2014 at 9:31am by Alan - 15 comments

FML's Labor Day BBQ

The first Monday of September is a holiday in some countries, and is supposed to celebrate Labor Day. So, this means you do nothing to celebrate doing something. I'm confused. 

For those of us who don't live in those countries, what's it all about?  When I celebrate something, the thing I'm supposed to be celebrating is usually present at the time. When the local wine producers had a gathering of all the local alcoholics to present their latest batch of mind-melting stuff, there was wine on the premises. And me, obviously. When Kool and the Gang sing, "Celebrate good times, come on!", good times are also present. On Secretaries Day, they certainly don't get a day off. Not everything is as fun as Secretaries Day with lots of wine and Kool and the Gang playing all night long, though. So why do we celebrate working, when it's the most annoying thing we have to endure? If we didn't need the money to by light bulbs and hummus, we could do without work, and live in peace and harmony, and sail in metaphorical boats down a quiet river of tranquility. So, why do we still do it? 

(A chilling example of non-work ethics on Labor Day. Simply scandalous behavior.)

Although, I do like to sit around all day doing nothing. I'm very lazy, but working gives all of us a sense of purpose, even if we'd all wish we were in some sort of hammock with a ice-box full of cold drinks at arm's reach. If we could do that all day, we would. But we can't. According to my sources, AKA the Internet, historically, Labor Day is supposed to celebrate the social and economic achievements of the workers. I can respect that. But come on, some of those workers are the guys who designed the Furby and aerosol cheese. Why would we celebrate anything that makes money out of the toil of people whose sole purpose in life is to taint our collective unconscious, and devolve our species until we're back to where we started, a primordial soup, fighting about bone sculptures? Oh, sorry, wrong article. I thought I was writing something for my old philosophy teacher, and got a bit carried away with the teenage hyperbole.

Today, I was bored at work, so I started browsing the Internet. While I was on my Facebook page, my boss tagged me in a status: "I've been standing behind you for ten minutes." FML

Here on FML, work is one of the main subjects of complaints, whether it's from people doing the work, or others having to put up with the effects of someone else's poor job performance. Usually, low-end jobs are the worst. You know the ones: minimum wage, minimum motivation, minimum effort all round. No one cares, no one wants to do them, everyone accuses everyone else of stealing these jobs, usually "illegals", whoever they are, and then everyone complains once they're a customer, because someone once said the stupidest sentence ever known to man, "the customer is always right". No, the customer is self-righteous crapweazle most of the time. If people could just be polite and get along, that would be nice. As Bill and Ted said, be excellent to each other. People also say that working out is good for you. But is working good for you? Probably not. But still, every morning, if we're lucky enough to have a job, we get to still on a 67 bus, listening to Nick Drake, before sitting in a cubicle, or standing in front of a deep fat fryer, or something equally depressing. Wahey, life. 

Today, while at work as a telemarketer, I called a customer on his home phone. Once I was connected, an automated voice said, "To speak with a customer, please press 1." Confused, I pressed one. I then heard loud laughter followed by, "Oh my god! What a dumbass!" before they hung up. FML

Call centers are this generation's cannon fodder. Well, maybe not that bad. There's no trench foot, yet. Working conditions vary all over the globe, so everyone has a different story to tell. And oneupmanship is a common practice amongst the working class, as in, "Who's got it worse?". I spend my days in front of a computer with a couple of cats on my lap, so I've developed a shitty posture, and lifting something heavy at work led to two herniated disks and a dependency on some yummy pain killers. So be careful, work-related accidents can happen easier than you think. What was I lifting at the time? A big blue Ikea bag full of can of Diet Coke. Yes, ridiculous, I know. But if tell that story to someone who works down the docks who blew his liver out though his arsehole trying to pick a whole boat out of the water, I'd sound ridiculous. So I keep it quiet. I just say it's from when I was a soldier in the '80s or something. l

Today, it's the fifth day in a row my work mate has worn the exact same clothing. We share the desk. I'm absolutely positive he hasn't hit the shower since last weekend. FML

That's the thing. The clients can be bad. Co-workers can be just as bad. But at least clients go away. Co-workers are here to stay. It's like a second family, so if your real family is already crap, chances are you won't like the one you'll be getting at work. I have made some fantastic, lifelong friends through work. But I've also met some of the worst people ever. I could give you tips on how to spot them during your first day at work, but that'll be for a different article. This is all about Labor Day, and celebrating the workers, not cutting them a new one.

Today, while cleaning tables at the fast food place where I work, I had to remove two human teeth from a table top. FML

You'll meet normal people, thankfully. If you didn't come across some great people while working, you'd probably become deeply depressed. You'd start out your professional career with a spring in your step and a bright outlook on life, then end up with 40 extra pounds on your twisted frame, a beard, an addiction to nail polish remover and one of those silly electronic cigarettes constantly sticking out of your snout. And that's just at the end of the first year. 

(Yet again another example of someone doing bugger all on a National Holiday)

Certain jobs lead to too much stress, and can find you in a situation where you take on too much because that's what expected these days, you're supposed to be glad to be employed, so take what you're given to do, and shut your pie hole matey, which leads to what some people who wear glasses and suits and who work in the management sector call a burn-out. This term comes from airplanes or cars or something to do with gasoline, or a barbecue, something which means that there's no metaphorical fuel left and your brain and body just shut down, you can't do anything except babble and dribble and become YouTube-commenter level incoherent and irrational. You need to slow down. If you're not trying to cure cancer or save lives or building a rocket that could fly Ann Coulter into the sun, your job isn't worth dying for. Look after yourself, you nitwit.

Today, at work, I had to utter the phrase, "Sir, please stop rubbing yourself with the peas." It's exactly how it sounds. FML

So, Labor Day. What do people do on Labor Day? I haven't a clue. The general idea of why it's a holiday may be lost on some people. I had to look it up, but now I know it's not just about getting a day off work to go and eats ribs round at Big Ed's. It's about people in the past who fought for certain things, and sometimes, with all the jokes and cultural references that go bouncing around, we forget why we do certain things. Signifiers get lost. So let's not forget this one, but still have fun because a day off work is still something to be treasured.

There will still be those of you who will be working today, either in service industries, other jobs or people who live in countries where this day doesn't exist or isn't on this date. Or people who don't care. If you're one of those people, I'm glad you made it to this last sentence, well done for hanging in until the end, and have a nice day anyway!

#1468 - Ramblings - On 09/01/2014 at 4:30am by Alan - 20 comments