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Kurt's illustrated FML

We've finally found out how those pesky "17 ways to please your cat that looks like Hitler's house" articles get you to click on them. It's pretty straightforward really. Right, now that that's done, let's get on with the rest of it. This week has seen the return of spring, a little bit of warmth and short skirts. Well, I've been wearing a lot of them, so what, don't oppress me dude. You can also pre-order the Apple Watch, so you can pretend to be David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider talking to his car via his wrist. No, I haven't ordered one. This week it's all about the cigarettes, which always lead to a healthy debate. Sorry. Some people want to be able to smoke wherever the hell they want, others want people to conform to their vision of whatever crypto-fascist state is flashing around their narrow-parametered brains. Well, that's what I gather from some debates in the comments sections under tobacco-related articles. We'll be having none of that on FML, OK? We're civilised people, we respect people's rights to choose to do whatever they want to do to their own bodies, good or bad, as long as they don't come round to do it in my living room while I'm trying to teach my cat to moonwalk. Let's get started.


"My phobia is fear of heights but it's most of all the fear of not having any cheese left in the refrigerator..."

Self-portrait Kurt by Thomas C.


This week it's a dude's turn to have a crack at an illustrated FML. The fact that the artist has a penis or not has no relevance whatsoever, but I needed a transition. 

His info:
Age: 31
Location: Roubaix, France
Website: Kurt's blog, and the Gronouille blog.
His illustrated FML: The one with the smell

I found Kurt on the Internet. I saw his blog while riding my virtual moped around the superinformation highway and I reckoned that he'd be a good fit on FML. I wasn't sure he'd be OK with us, because his style of comic is a little more politically charged than our usual fare, but to my delight he accepted. But first, he had to discover FML, because he was part of the planet who still hadn't heard of us. How is this possible? Has our world domination plan not reached his neck of the woods yet? Weird. 

"Press illustrator and artistic contractor." 
That's how Kurt defines what he does. After graduating high-school with a specialisation in plastic arts, he went on to get a diploma as a trainer-educator. After winning a competition involving freedom of speech as a press illustrator in 2014, he started to get paid for his illustrations, and now he also works in schools and social centres ("I've got to make a living!") 

And he likes his job: "I like the freedom that drawing allows. Being able to seize the daily news. I like being able to make people laugh with a drawing, caricatures, I like silly drawing, the absurd. Making fun of politicians and human stupidity. I'm also looking for a publisher! If you're interested…" I'm not a publisher myself, but we can use this space to launch an appeal. So, if there are any editors or publishers out there, don't hesitate to contact Kurt straight away. 

What's your current activity? "I create illustrations for Psikopat, Tendance Ouest, Sans Culotte 85 and la Brique. I draw the comic strip  Gronouille with drEvil who does the stories, and we're looking for a publisher." Yes, I think we've already mentioned that, but let's let it hang in the air one more time. Here's the link to Gronouille, just in case some of you are curious to find out what it is (it's in French, but it's easy enough to grasp, and besides, French is easy to learn, I did). And then send your publishing money Kurt's way please.

The usual question: was there someone or something that made you want to draw? "I've always drawn, ever since I was little. I coloured in the Tintin and Lucky Luke comics that belonged to my parents, and I drew stories that my dad would bind together, and I would tell him what to write as dialogue. I then filled thousands of pages and margins of drawings (the best drawing school there is, BTW). The fact that I could turn "pro" only became apparent recently, thanks to a press-journalism drawing competition that I managed to win. I put "pro" in quotation marks because as I do press drawings, very few newspapers are willing to pay for my work, a lot of what I do is volunteer work, but I see it as a first step into the very closed-off world of the press. The recent events at Charlie Hebdo really moved me and convinced me even more that I should persevere and believe in my dream, and live for my passion." The whole "working for free" thing has been a sticky point for FML sometimes, because we see the illustrated FMLs as a partnership, a showcase for people we think are talented. But have had a few… remarks! 

Watch out, Kurt is METAL! "Besides reading comics and drawing, I love metal music. I often go to concerts… MOTÖRHEAD ROCK!!! I'm a pseudo guitarist in a punk/metal band (Uncle Winster) without any particular ambition, it's all for fun! We play in bars now and again. I love rehearsing with my friends, play board games but also spend some time with my girlfriend, long walks, garage sales, etc." I totally agree about Motörhead (I have the same bass as Lemmy and I often put on Ace of Spades to motivate myself to do the housework). So, respect. 

Seeing as you're a musician, you must have a bunch of personal FMLs relating to technical issues? "I was recently burgled and my computer was taken, the very one I'd stored the illustrated FML on. So I had to do it all over again…" Ah, yes, that sucks. Luckily, the comic strip is here, so all's well that ends well, but still, it's the first time we've had an Inception-style FML occur while creating an illustrated FML. An FML inside an FML-related event. Spooky.

To end the interview, do you have any tips for budding illustrators? "Try to draw as often as possible. Start with simple things, try to enjoy enjoy yourself and above all, persevere." Persevering is the key. It's like playing an instrument, you don't just give up the guitar because you're fingers hurt and it sounds shite. You push through the pain until that barre chord sounds right. I guess.

That's the shop closed for today. Thanks to Kurt for his sense of humour, his drawings and everything. We hope that now you've discovered FML that you'll come back to do us some more illustrated FMLs. Because we see illustrated FMLs as a way to showcase talents. So don't hesitate to send in an application to take part, we'd love to hear from you. Right, weekend time, let's go celebrate things, celebrate the spring, celebrate you, celebrate me, celebrate us. Let's meet up down the beach, be excellent to each other and have fun! 

So, as I said, if you think you've got talent and want to contribute to the illustrated FML, send us an email to but only send us your blog's address and a few samples of your work. No need to create an illustrated FML straight away!

#1512 - Illustrated FML - On 04/09/2015 at 9:36am by Alan - 6 comments

Pauline Roland's illustrated FML

Hello everyone! So, have you gotten over being pranked left, right and centre by all the April Fool's tricks this week? Ready to fill your boots with Easter chocolate? FML is. April Fool's Day was tense for us, but it all went well, and people enjoyed it. I was tempted to carry on the prank with a fake illustrated FML, that I would've created myself. But that would've been a step too far. And a little too obvious, because I still draw like someone whose hands are being attacked by pissed-off wasps. But before we go pig out on Easter chocolate, we're going to welcome someone who draws better than me, and who's looked at the problem of society's impossible beauty standards that the patriarchy, and the way consumerism has taken over our pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, replacing it with the pursuit of superficial perfection, a concept that doesn't really exist, and the whole endeavour is dragging us collectively down into a giant depression, frustrating people who can't even do… Oh sorry, wrong meeting. This week is all about big butts and thighs! Let's get cracking! 


"I used to have POLET' as a nickname for work, but my dad badgered me so much about it that I changed it, because I got the impression he was going to disown me." 

Self-portrait Pauline by Pauline Roland


This week it's Pauline's turn. It's her first time on FML, so be gentle. 

Her info:
Age: 27 
Location: Port-la-Nouvelle, France
Blog: Her blog and her website
Her illustrated FML: The one with the vacuum

Once more, we are in the presence of rare, intriguing talent. Pauline contacted us directly after reading in our FAQ that all she had to do to take part in the illustrated FMLs was to send us an e-mail. OK, her work was pretty impressive, so we said yes. We do sometimes get some pretty bad artwork sent in, but that's very rare and we're always encouraging and kind. Anyway, we checked out Pauline's work and we like it, so here we are, she's done an illustration for us. 

On the other hand, when asked what she gets up to, she honestly replies, "Well, I draw. I've always had the reputation of a "dick illustrator". I don't know why, you tell me. Yes, I'll admit it, most of the time, a lot of my drawings are about sex. But my clients don't always like dicks and jokes, so I have to make serious illustrations on the side." I have the same problem in most areas of my life, in that everything ends up being related to my knob and what I can do with it. I think I'm going to start taking bromide. "I animate too, and not meetings at the local youth club. I direct and illustrate 2D animation films. That's my real job."

She really loves her life, no doubt about it: "I think I'm becoming more and more addicted to making people laugh with my illustrations. Even if I've always done so, without realising it. Today, my little brain is beginning to understand the power that you have over people when you know how to draw and you've got a sense of humour. What I like to do is to work in my pyjamas (I work freelance so I work from home). It sounds like I don't work much, but actually I do! When you're happy, you're more productive, which I am." 

Do you have anything to promote, any projects? "I'm currently making a 2D animated clip for a singer called Lakolyn, which should be released at the start of the summer I hope. I'm also making an animated movie with children which should also be out this summer." As for her projects, she wants to "invest herself totally in drawing to hope to release one, or several comic books. I've had a million ideas in my head for over a year. But unfortunately, I need to find the time. I also need to find the time to stop biting my fingernails and have real girl's hands, like ones belonging to girls who get manicures." Ah yes, time, the thing that everyone seems to be lacking. And a few of us switched to daylight savings time last Sunday, so we "lost" an hour. Which means nothing, stop saying it!

How did you get started? Was there something or someone who inspired you to pick up a pencil? "Well now, there's so many people who inspired me… When I was little, I loved the works of Claude Ponti, Franquin, but also (sorry it's true) Reiser and Wolinski. They were like my own porn mags to tell you the truth, in that I'd hide under my bed, under the covers at night to read them. This is why I feel the need to draw dicks all the time I guess. Afterwards, I was struck by a comic strip called "Strange little zoo" that was printed at the back of a newspaper my grandparents bought during the holidays. If was very funny, without text. I'd cut them out to keep. If I bought the same newspaper tomorrow, I'm sure the comic strip would still be there."

So, do you have a personal FML to add to the newspaper? "Once, I was getting tired of driving round in circles in my neighbourhood for ages looking for a parking space, so I'd started ignoring the "Give way" signs, and sometimes the "Stop" signs, that I'd been by 150 times. Until I made a car brake dangerously. It was close enough for me to read on it in big letters, "POLICE". Or another time, I ate dog biscuits without realising, and I finished the whole box. And I thought they were very nice." 

What do you enjoy in life? "Besides drawing, I like going out fishing for clams, picking thyme and rosemary (yep, it's free near where I live), watching the pink flamingoes, getting my ass suntanned while reading a magazine for pre-menopausal women, eating oysters in the sun on New Year's Eve, falling asleep in front of a documentary about the middle ages, dreaming of living in the USA… The only thing which gets on my nerves is that I have to drive for at least 30 minutes from my house to get to the nearest sushi place." Oh, sounds like a real Fox News No-Go zone where you live. The artists she likes are : "Pacco/Motin, Chimulus, Geluck, Sfar, jean Lecointre, Banksy, Bill Plympton, Large et Ubs." She's also like most of us, she likes movies and music (Interstellar was a big surprise and she likes to dance to old funk records), and she has a valid opinion on TV shows: "I don't really watch many TV shows. Except if David Hasselhoff is in them." I can agree with that. "As for the rest, unfortunately, I've got the I-get-bored-when-I-read syndrome which is really bad (I swear I'd love to be able to carry a book around every day and I love libraries)." Interesting. When I go to someone's home and that they don't have any books (and I mean real books, not 50 shades of shite), I get suspicious. But I'm an elitist snob, so what do I know?

Hey Pauline, got any advice for someone who wants to start out in drawing and stuff? "'So, what's your real job?' Haha, sorry, I'm kidding. First thing to do is find your own style. Then, find out what's good to put across in your world. See what the majority of people around you like, starting with your friends. If friends of friends start to like what you're doing, that's a good sign. Always keep in mind while creating that, "Hey, I haven't seen anyone else do this." Always stay on course to stay different from the rest. But don't be afraid to be inspired by others to help your drawing evolve… Of course, always enjoy yourself, let loose, try new techniques, new colours, new subjects, never stop yourself from drawing a particular topic, even if it seems stupid and useless. Think your drawings are rubbish but never throw them away. NEVER buy super expensive equipment when starting out, like, if you think you have to buy the latest Cintiq because it's cool and that you need it, well, you've missed the point. I'm not sure if I've motivated anyone, but there you go." No, it was a great response. Now I'm taking my Cintiq back to the shop, I only used it to as a tea tray anyway. 

There, that's it for this week. Thanks Pauline for taking part in all this. Now I'm going to lie down in a dark room because April Fool's exhausted my brainbox. I think I'm going to stick a Brian Eno record on and wait for some sort of calm to come back over me. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe… Or I can just go out, have a few pints with friends and talk shite. It's Easter weekend so it's time to eat chocolate left by a giant bunny rabbit to celebrate Jesus coming back to life. Seems legit. In any case, enjoy your weekend, be excellent to each other and see you next week.

As always, if you think you've got talent and want to contribute to the illustrated FML, send us an email to but only send us your blog's address and a few samples of your work. No need to create an illustrated FML straight away!

#1511 - Illustrated FML - On 04/02/2015 at 10:53am by Alan - 5 comments

OK jkjk it was FMLS April Fools


Yah its know over, ive stoppd wrotting… Sorry, I'll try again.

There, it's over, I can stop typing TXT language with my forehead. Yes, you probably cottened on that it was our little April Fool's joke, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. It was quite the Michael Bay production, the artistic direction was perfectly executed, just what was required to pay tribute to our many friends who have quite a freestyle approach to spelling, grammar and words in general. It was an automated system, run on a 1984 Commodore 64, so to answer the question we got many times, no, we don't have to manually correct all the FMLs now. Some amongst us didn't like the idea.
I'm guessing these guys need to find hats to eat, because the joke worked fantastically for most users!

Now, a lot of the time, a few people go nuts when a word appears on FML that they feel doesn't meet their standards (I'm talking of the people like those who still haven't grasped that "realise" and "realize" are both correct spellings of the same word), and some others think that the Illuminati are behind the introduction of new words like "selfie" into the collective subconcious, but language is constantly evolving, there's no stopping it. But boy, were we not expecting you guys to hyperventilate so much over an April Fool's Day joke!

Some responses were downright angry, the joke going right over their heads:

"I am wondering why your site's grammar has suddenly turned to shit. Posts I read just yesterday have now changed my to mah and other such translation errors from foreign posts. One I just read was so ridiculous I could barely understand it. I'm just wondering when this new trend started and why you would make your well established site look like a 4 year old moderates it?"

Or they wrote in, with a chip on their shoulder from being stuck on planet Nofun :

"Might want to check your spelling as it is atrocious. Seeing as how I'm not going to get a straight response from you, i suppose you think this is pretty funny. And as it is April 1st, i say kudos on the joke. Can you change it back or are you waiting to get every FML viewer to be unable to make any sense of it until tomorrow?"

Some were confused, and sent in confusing e-mails:

"I open that app and usually can understand every post and today they don't make sense at all. what happen? They aren't spelled right and they don't make sense. please fix I don't want to delete the app."

"its likebthe words are turned into ganster words."

Others were just sad people who don't enjoy life being fun, like EnglishMajorBuzzkill here:

And of course, we got insults from people working out their anger issues instead of looking at a calendar:

"I'm not sure why you felt the need to change your page, but its awful, and I absolutely hate it. I used to read your page every day, and now I dont think I ever will again. For days I couldn't find the recent stories, and now all the posts look like 5years wrote it. It literally hurt my brain. No love or compliments. The page sucks now, sorry not sorry."

Thankfully, most people enjoyed the joke, when they got it. But it wasn't easy to get the message across, even when we had to spell it out for them. Yes, we actually tried pointing out that they should look at a calendar. And they still didn't cotton on. It was like talking to the fucking Matrix or something. But it was all in good fun, no harm done. Some egos got ruffled along the way, but the general reaction was an all-round gut laugh, with some nice messages like this one:

"That was pretty good. I thought I went brain dead at first. I read the fmls before midnight (31st) then in the morning while getting ready for work I read the new ones and couldn't believe it. I went and looked at the ones I read before bed and thought "holy hell was I that tired I misread everything? I could have sworn it was normal!" Lol

Well played master trolls"

So who knows, maybe FML in 2307 will use a version of the English language that will have permutated to the point that it will ressemble the one we used and parodied for this year's April Fool's. FML has always been at the cutting edge. We are pioneers. Our moms said so.

That's enough TXTing. Or is it?

Some people think that breviety is the soul of wit, meaning that you shouldn't flog a dead horse. Or a joke shouldn't hang around too long, basically. But when one was as good as our April Fool's one, we should be able to keep it for posterity. So, to enjoy it again, or for those of you who missed it the first time around, here's a TXT-generator for FML, just click on this link:

I want to TXT-up FML's homepage!

There we go. We hope you enjoyed this little joke as much as we did, but we're going to go back to a more orthodox spelling/grammar combo, one that doesn't hurt our eyes so much. 2307 can wait, eh.

#1510 - About FMyLife - On 03/30/2015 at 4:54am by Alan - 147 comments

Sophie Marie's illustrated FML

Hi there Friday, great to see you again! What are we going to talk about this week? It's the same question that most people ask themselves while strolling into their usual bar on a Friday night, on their way to a boozy night with their friends. It's also pretty nice to get home on a Friday night after a hard week at the factory, stripping off the blue overalls and forgetting all about making yoghurt pots while watching coloured dots move from one side of the TV screen to another. A lot of things have happened this week. Pollution has pumped shite into our earholes, Y has left the boyband X (I'm using X and Y in case someone is reading this 10 years from now, the names from 2015 will mean nothing to anyone by then), and I found a coin in the street. What a week! So, what do we want right now? A nice hot bath of course.


"I love candy, they're where I get my energy from! As for biscuits, as long as chocolate is involved, I'm fine. Any vices? Candy, of course!"

Self portrait Sophie by Sophie Marie


Sophie Marie isn't a first name or a nickname. It's her name and surname. I was confused at first. More on that later, let's check out her stats. 

Her info:
Age: Quarter to 33.
Location: Chambéry, France
Blog: Her website or check her out on Facebook
Her illustrated FML: The one with the bath

Initially, I thought I'd received a personal e-mail. When I saw that I'd been contacted by "Sophie Marie", I thought that I'd got an e-mail from the wonderful Sophie-Marie Larrouy who I've mentioned recently. I nervously clicked on the link, hoping that it was at least a proposal to go out on a date to eat a some cheeseburgers, or in some sort of utopia, she would be inviting me to meet her parents and go running down a hill, but not at all. But I'm not saying that I was disappointed, far from it. This Sophie Marie is a heck of an artist. I've rarely seen such confidence in the way the drawings are put together, and all done with great taste. Her illustrated FML was practically finished as well when she wrote in, so we just had to iron out a few things and hey presto, here it is. So, who is this person? Let's find out. 

Who are you and why are you in my garden? "Well, I can safely say that I spend most of my time drawing! Either for myself or to order. What's left of my free time, besides the inevitable chores like cooking, housework, washing and all the rest, I go walking, I do DIY, decorating, I take care of my invasive 3 cats, my place and my family. But generally everything relates to my computer, my stylus or the pencil in my hand!" And she enjoys it, of course. If I had her talent, I'd be constantly showing off, but she's not like that : "I just like the fact that my job is 100% compatible with myself, my personality, my days, being my own boss. What do I need? Knowing I'll always have contracts. That's the dark side of being freelance, you never know what the coming months are going to be like, it's quite stressful." The pros and cons of being your own boss sound pretty tough, I don't know if I could do it. I start to panic if there's only two bottle of Pepsi Max left in the fridge, rather than the usual twelve. 

How did you start out? "I've always been very handy, even at a young age, and drawing was one of the activities I liked the most. I was told that my drawing style was unusual (I drew 3/4 profiles when most people drew people from the front, for example). So when people around you and your teachers compliment you on your pencil work, you're encouraged to do better! So, I've always drawn, to the point of doing nothing but drawing. When I was in high school I started to develop my own style, using manga characters from Dragon Ball as examples, then moving on to Michael Turner and his Witchblade comics to continue my apprenticeship. Then I discarded the models, and started to create my own characters, my avatar, etc." 

And now, where are you heading? "I'm going to carry on having fun in the same way I've been having fun for the past 9 years! There isn't a project that attracts me more than another. I'm interested by everything, as long as I have fun." That's a great way to live your life. I apply the same philosophy to beer and psychotropes, but it's better to apply it to work. But Sophie, isn't there something you want to tell us about? "I don't have anything new to announce today! Go to my website, you'll find all my publications to date, and for those to come, I unfortunately can't say because they're a work in process or I don't have a release date." OK, we'll have to check out her website now and again. And she'll come and do another illustrated FML when she's got something to tell us. 

Besides drawing, what do you like? "I'm someone who likes the most simple things in life! If you want to give me a present? Give me some liquorice or a lollipop. I enjoy walking in the mountains, going shopping to empty my mind, eating pancakes in front of a good movie, watching my cats fight over a stupid plastic ball even though there are at least twenty more all over the apartment, eating a good fondue in the middle of summer just because I feel like it." I'm guessing that the fondue is the cheese one, seeing as she's from a mountainous area. I love that stuff. Can I come? And what about blogs, artists and all that jazz? "The first illustrator I liked was Maliki, who tells stories about their cats, so of course I was going to love it. I'm also a big fan of Emilie Decrock, who has a very "simple" drawing style. And it's always a pleasure to discover the new anecdotes by Clémence Perrault and Bérénice."  

So, have you got some advice for someone starting out in illustrating? "Usually, someone who is starting out must have a whole lot of motivation right from the start, otherwise you're fucked! The only thing I can recommend and that will be useful to everyone: draw, draw, draw! Don't hesitate to copy stuff to learn muscles, human anatomy, body movements… You've got to hang in there, try everything, don't limit yourself and always listen to criticism from professionals, publishers or others and always ask the right questions! That's how you progress." Excellent answer, thanks!

Right, I think that'll do for this week. I'd like to thank Sophie from the bottom of my packet of Monster Munch. She'd given way more answers but I couldn't fit everything in. I'll save them for the director's cut! So, while we wait for the weekend to actually begin, remember that an FML can come from anywhere: don't count your eggs before they're in the basket. Be excellent to each other, and see you next week.

As always, if you think you've got talent and want to contribute to the illustrated FML, send us an email to but only send us your blog's address and a few samples of your work. No need to create an illustrated FML straight away

#1509 - Illustrated FML - On 03/27/2015 at 11:23am by Alan - 12 comments

Sidonie's illustrated FML

Hi gang! In this week's edition, some pedalos, some kittens, a bunch of gypsy singers, some ponytails, a crooner, a house that looks like Hitler, a joke about George W. Bush's cocaine habit and a brilliant satire of the pharmaceutical industry! Nah, just kidding. This week we're taking a look at kids. No, not in a creepy way. More in a disapproving way, because kids can be evil little shits, and despite that, a lot of you people still insist on churning them out. And then we have to set our lives around your special snowflakes (don't make noise at night, there's a kid sleeping, don't make noise during the day, there's a kid… taking a nap. Put cotton wool in its ears, FFS). Oh, and there's the fact that kids are lying, manipulative psychopaths. I don't have actual facts to back this up, I'm only basing this on last Christmas when I stayed with my sister and her two demon-children. My niece could actually be the little girl in this week's illustrated FML. Intrigued? You should be. 


"This may seem strange, but I've got a phobia of slugs. Whenever I see one, I start screaming and run away."

Self-portrait Sidonie by Sidonie


Sidonie is a young lady. Yet another one. It's true that we've had quite a few on here, but guys just don't seem to write to me. I don't know why. Come on men, pull your finger out and start illustrating! 

Her info:
Age: 24
Location: "Somewhere between Paris and Nancy, France."
BlogDefinitely Sidonie
Her illustrated FML: The one with the bag

Sidonie is quite young. I remember when I was 24… Well, no, not really. It was so long ago. OK, I'll admit it, I'm going through a really bad nostalgia phase, thinking about time flying by, all because it was my birthday last week, and being 24 seems such a long time ago that I want to rip my eyeballs out and through them at passing traffic. Or not. It's ridiculous. Let's move on. Sidonie is a student: "I'm preparing my master's 1 in web design at an advertisement school, and I'm interning in a digital agency as an assistant artistic director." Does she enjoy doing what she does? Does she need anything? (this is where I expect the usual "I need more time" response): "I like the freedom, drawing allows me to express myself in a different way and be free. It's also a great solution against stress. I do lack some technical qualities (and maybe a certain sense of humour) but that will all fall into place eventually." Ah, the old sense of humour problem. The technical stuff can be learned, but a sense of humour I'm not so sure about. 

What are your projects or current activities? "I'm actively preparing my website so that it's truly in my image, and so that people will want to return to it. Updating and developing my blog is my main project outside of my internship for the moment." What about projects? "Promoting my blog, with the goal if possible to become an illustrator and to make a living out of it. I started out a short while ago so of course there's progress to be made, but that'll be OK, little by little!" According to all the artists that I've come across through this page, you have to create a client base and then let the word spread through word of mouth. So, anything is possible!

How did you start out? "I don't remember if someone or something made me want to draw, for as long as I can remember I've always had a pencil in my hand. Since I was little, I've drawn and drawn, I've even drawn all the characters from my favourite cartoons and movies, or created my own range of clothing (for a long period of my adolescence, I wanted to be a stylist." And what about your school days? "I've travelled a very bumpy road, full of doubts, changes and pitfalls, I've never really known what I wanted to do later (and I'm still wondering) and this has shown up in my trajectory." She went to art school, spent a year in Oxford, then back in France got an advertising diploma, a bachelor's degree in creation, and most amusingly: "a gap year at Glamour magazine as a graphics designer, which was probably my favourite internship, or should I say one of the best months of my life: gossip, a great working atmosphere with wonderful colleagues, bitching now and again, getting free beauty products, it was wonderful!" 

What do you enjoy in life? "At the moment, I don't have a lot of time due to my internship, so in the evenings I'm usually flat out like a pancake in front of the TV, playing Candy Crush (yes, I'm an addict) but I also like drawing in the evening, it allows me to break free from it all before going to sleep. At the weekend, I'm like everybody else, I go out with friends, shopping and I draw a lot too. And when I go back home, I visit my family and my dog, Harry. I recently took up sewing. I sometimes still draw clothes, and even if I'm far from it, I'd really like to make some one day. One of my other guilty pleasure is pastries. It's creative and has the advantage of tasting nice. I'm a cupcake specialist and if one day I want to give everything up, I'll open my own tea room." We'll come and visit with pleasure.

Have you got a personal FML to tell us about? "I'm hesitating because there's so many… Incidentally, that's why I created the blog, while telling my friends my stories, they'd say that my life could be a series and that I should write a book. The name Definitely Sidonie comes from the conversations, my friends often saying, "that sort of thing could only happen to you!" A recent tumble in a staircase like a stuntman, an alcohol-fuelled tumble I must admit… Last December, I lost my house keys and my phone after a party and all my friends had left. Luckily, I still had a credit card and a travel card. After trying my place (without managing to get it), I went to a friend's place (at 6:30 am) but the main door was closed, and as I didn't know the code to get in, I had to scream and shout, try codes, bang on the door in vain for 40 minutes. I managed to get warm and end my suffering when a neighbour (who checked to see if I wasn't a burglar) finally opened the door." Hmmm, are you sure your friends don't try to run away when they see you coming? Oh all right, I'm kidding, chill out. 

Do you have any advice for someone who is starting out in drawing? "Persevere! It's by practising that you become comfortable and that you progress. But the most important thing is to be passionate about what you're doing!" OK, duly noted. Passionate. Right. 

That'll be all for this week. It's time to turn off your computer and go and do something less boring instead. Go kick a kid up the backside, especially if he's whining about something in the middle of a supermarket. I'll be out and around, dancing like a man who has been tasered in the nipples. Join me in the dance of the return of Spring! See you next week, and as always, be excellent to each other. 

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