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Screenplay by FML


screenplay by FML Team


Sleek surface, lit only by the skyline beyond. The FML Team enters, moving quickly to a hidden safe without bothering to turn on the lights. They stop dead when they see it ajar. The FML Team turns and sees Bond sitting in the shadows.

M really doesn't mind us making a little money on the side, guys.
She would just prefer it wasn't by selling secrets.

If by secrets you mean our today's artist, we're sorry we didn't tell you,
it was supposed to be a surprise. Well, now everybody will know
that it's Tom Brazelton from Theatre Hopper




Ever heard of Theater Hopper, the movie-themed web comic that’s been updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday since 2002? Well now you know, and now that's done, you'll become fan of this website, as quickly as we did. Seven years after its creation, Theater Hopper never stopped being undeniably funny and smart, charmingly orchestrated by its creator Tom Brazelton. Originally, he created his own website to teach himself web design. When he was in college, there weren't any web design classes, so he had to find a way to translate his print design education into web design knowledge. At the time, Tom discovered the world of web comics, like Penny Arcade, PvP and many others. He looked at their lives as 20-somethings working day jobs and producing comics on the side and he thought "I could do this!" And so he did, Theater Hopper became a marriage of all the things he was interested in: movies, drawing, writing and communicating.


TomTom is 31, he lives in West Des Moines, Iowa, USA. This only child went to a state university, and moved to his new town which is about 20 minutes away from where he grew up, and married his high school "sweetheart", and it's been almost ten years now. They now have a two year old child. Up until June 3, he was a web Consultant for a worldwide investment corporation. Unfortunately his position was cut back in a massive round of layoffs, so he's now unemployed.

"If anyone knows of a company looking for a web or print designer, I'm available for freelance work! " you heard the man guys, we'll give you his contact at the bottom of the article..

When we asked Tom why he's so into print and web design, he seems suddenly more interested than in the conversation about his previous employer:
"I don't know if I can speak specifically on what I liked about my previous employer. But in more general terms, I enjoy print and web design because I like the challenge of communicating an idea or an experience to someone else. How do I translate the idea in my head into something the user will understand or appreciate. I've always found that fascinating."

How pleasant to see a guy who loves what he's doing! You can recognize people who are happy doing what they do by the way they talk about their jobs and by the amount of projects they're invested in.  In Tom's case, Theater Hopper is not his only project, he’s also part of a radio show with two of his friends (Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex). The three of them met thanks to their web comics, and created this podcast to talk about what's new in theaters every Monday night at 9:00 PM CST. They've been producing the show for almost 2 and a half years.


- Thanks to this interview we practically know everything about you Tom, last question before we let you go, why did you choose this FML?
-Considering the nature of my comic, I wanted to pick an FML that played to my strengths and referenced movies in some way. This one about a guy being saddled with a Spock haircut was right up my alley!


Cut, that's a good one Tom, we love it!


Theater Hopper is this way:

The Triple Feature is this way:

The bonus is this way :


"Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her "Edward". I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her "Twilight" book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML"


Have you seen the next Twilight trailer? Great isn't it? Never mind, we were pretending to care, we got something else on our mind: we're still searching for artists for the traditional Saturday illustration. If you think you got the talent to be published, or if you're just a pretentious twit, you can send an email to [email protected] including name, age, and a link to your blog/website or some drawings you’ve made. And as Jack Bauer said: DO IT NOW!

#85 - Illustrated FML - On 06/05/2009 at 5:37pm by FML Team - 25 comments

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  • lmao i think the girl is a huge loser though cuz shes rather go out with a book than a real boyfrend. In my opinion bud you dodged a bullet cuz if she really likes twilight that much she'd probs be all like um can you just call me bella instead of {insert name here} WEIRDO!

    #14 - On 06/07/2009 at 2:23pm by CeeJay99

    See in context

  • Ahhh. I should've seen this FML becoming illustrated.

    #1 - On 06/06/2009 at 1:48pm by redbluegreen

    See in context



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