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The Skins European FMLs day

Today, it's European FMLs day. We will be publishing the best European FMLs, picked by the cast of Skins, which was originally a European TV show, to celebrate the fact that the US version of Skins is premiered tonight on MTV. We've also asked Danny Flaherty who plays Stanley, a lazy, smoking and party-obsessed 16 year old kid to answer some of our moronic questions.

The European version of Skins was a huge success, and we're all addicts here at FML. What did you think about it?
Danny Flaherty: I personally love UK Skins. It’s so real to teenage life. I was addicted to season one and two and watched every episode in about three days. My favorite part about Skins is that it relies on true-life stories from teenagers to make it come to life. They created an ingenious writing process that really makes Skins more original from any other teen drama I’ve ever seen before. It stays true to these real moments in teenage life. That’s why the teenagers, and anyone who has been a teenager, can relate so much to it.

Effy's hot, isn't she? Do you think you could get us her number? It's for one of the guys on the team!
In the US version, her name is Eura and I can’t give out her number, sorry. If you’re talking about Kaya Scodelario, we’re on the same boat. (: FML.

So you're playing the part of Stanley, who's in love with his best friend's girlfriend. Have you managed to get your own girlfriend without resorting to trying steal someone else's?
No, I'm single and I would never steal someone’s girlfriend.

Yeah, right... Can we have her number? It's for the same team member you couldn't give Effy's number to...
Sorry buddy. ):

The first episode airs tonight. Are you ready for fame and glory? I mean, tomorrow you'll have no problem getting a table at any restaurant you like. Then again, you'll have a hard time queuing quietly for a Big Mac...
I believe you can't be prepared for something that hasn't happened yet. I'm just relaxing and I’m going to see what happens and take the ride. I'm definitely very excited and can't wait to see what people think about the US version of Skins.

If we weren't already fans of everything Skins, what would you say to convince us to watch it tonight?
If you’re a teenager, or you have been a teenager at one point in your life, you should definitely watch this show. You'll thoroughly enjoy the authentic way Skins portrays the friendship, love and life of teenage youth.

Okay, but you say that in all the interviews. What about to US? 
A lot of people on this website seem like they are having really bad days. Watch Skins tonight. You can laugh at me trying to lose my virginity… it might cheer you up.

Will do! See you tonight in the show Danny.

#778 - Special guests - On 01/16/2011 at 1:51pm by The FML Team - 22 comments

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  • It looks like a lot of people are getting the concept of the Skins cast selecting the FMLs -_-

    #8 - On 01/17/2011 at 8:31am by Doortje

    See in context

  • Its a shame its airing on MTV, the show looks interesting, but not enough to make me watch MTV

    #10 - On 01/17/2011 at 1:01pm by mike3775

    See in context



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