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What is this website?

The first website started out as, originally on an IRC channel which allowed a few friends in France to exchange FML stories with each other. The IRC channel then became a microblog in January 2008. As the general interest in the stories reached a wider audience, the website grew and developed to the point where an international English language version seemed necessary, and is now available. Well yeah, you're on it, so you already knew that.

This version has already been known under several working titles. Under the advice of numerous visitors, the name we've decided to keep is Fmylife (a great idea from Jessy Cyganczuk). The website works thanks to a few voluntary administrators: Frans the Scotsman, Alan the Bald, Pauline the Australian, Guillaume & Didi the Frenchies (who will probably be able to speak English correctly when pigs grow wings).

It was a pleasant surprise to see FML stories coming in not only from the UK and the US, but from all over the world. Therefore, we have already been able to scientifically prove that a new form of life has appeared on earth: an F my life!

We've now got a 'members only' area which allows you to have your own F***mylife account, with many extra advantages like your profile page, you can receive comment notifications on an FML you've commented on, get sent a newsletter... and many more to come. Sign up now!

All your advice, comments and ideas are welcome, so: spill the beans.

#5 - About FMyLife - On 01/13/2009 at 5:39pm by The FML Team - 90 comments

Top comments

  • Oh, I liked FAIL... but this one is good too ^^
    *goes to sign up*

    #18 - On 01/14/2009 at 6:57pm by Aquamarine

    See in context

  • I have a suggestion... I think an option in addition to 'your life is fucked' and 'you deserved that' should be 'that's not really THAT bad,' or something along those lines. It seems that many of these FMLs aren't *that* terrible, so an option like that would be nice :)

    Oh whoops that suggestion is right above me! Okay maybe that means you should add it ;)

    #65 - On 03/04/2009 at 8:39pm by lattee

    See in context



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