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Cheer up FML kid

Hello everybody! We hope the past six days were as good and as delicious as a chocolate ice-cream. Hey there... are those tears? Are you allergic to chocolate or something? What happened to your hair? It used to be long and blond, now it's short and black! And we can barely see your skin under all that make-up... Ok, we get it, you're welcoming today's artist, right? Nice! Ladies, gentleman, emos, without further ado here's Enzo Santos, author of the webcomic Cheer Up, Emo kid!



After living in the Philippines and Taipei, Taiwan, this 20 year old artist is now settled in Vancouver, Canada, where he's studying web & graphic design. His passion for webcomics started when he was 14, thanks to The Perry Bible Fellowship and Sinfest; since then, he has always wanted to start one of his own. During 2008, the subject of his webcomic came to him like a tear at the corner of and emo's eye. After a break-up, he started Cheer Up, Emo Kid as an outlet of sorts. You want to give life to an artist? Dump him. Little by little, people started to check his website, the reactions were pretty positive, some people even told him that one of the most endearing things about the strip is the fact that they're able to relate to it at a very personal level.


"I guess in a way, CUEK is my FML!" says Enzo.

As with FML, his webcomic got it's strength from reality, and never stops being brutally honest. Most of the dialogue has been pulled from real-life situations, some people may find it offensive, but Enzo doesn't like censoring. And we understand him. The more a drawing is close to real life, the more the public can relate to the story, and that's what the artist is searching for here. There's also something very important in Cheer Up, Emo Kid: the humor, how to find humor in what would have otherwise been a humorless situation, and despite this difficulty, this is the point of the entire project.


Webcomics and school, that's what Enzo spends all his time doing for now, but despite his lack of free time, he already has a new project for CUEK, such as evolving it into an animation, but it's still a secret, so keep your black smudged lips closed until the big day.

And our traditional last question before we let Enzo go back to drawing pregnant emo boys: why did he choose this FML?

"I was initially thinking of choosing an FML that had something to do with relationships. But if I had to choose between drawing a girl getting cheated on, and a girl getting puked on, I'd choose the latter. Drawing puke is always fun."





Thank you for your illustration Enzo, now we can't wait to take the bus again !

Enzo's website is here:

Hey! Why haven't we received many emails from hoping-to-be published artists? "Since the pig I was dating sneezed into my face, I feel kind of tired" is not an answer. You know the email: [email protected]. Stop dyeing your hair black and send an email now.


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