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Ah, we already did an introduction about gender confusion, how are we going to rock this one? Guys put on some dresses, girls grow a moustache, and we'll all be ready to welcome today's artist, highly inspired by "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert" Carlos Lerma, mostly known as Lerms!

is 28 years old, he's moving in two days from Tijuana, México, to Cancún... Lucky him! His job basically consists of making stuff up and drawing it, and then, people pay him for it. It's also known as "illustrator / graphic designer". He's always liked drawing and writing stories. Even though he first wanted to work in something related to videogames, he sadly realized this wasn't an option when it came to his schooling opportunities, so he chose graphic design instead, and learned what an illustrator does and decided that was very fun so he went for that. Lerms started freelancing while in school and worked at various design agencies and studios.

What he enjoys most about what he does is that he would do it even if he wasn't getting paid for it. But it's lucky he does get paid because, as crazy as he is, he likes having a roof and food. Right now, Lerms is focused on moving and changing his life, plus he's joining the
design group Golpeavisa . Once he'll be settled in his new home, he's planning on being more active in the design education community and developing some stories of his own, which might then become comics.


As many artists, Lerms's "website/blog" is a DA account that he's been running since 2004 and which he frequently updates. You should take the time to check out his work, it's pretty varied and always well-groomed; he's an artist we'd like to see more often. His inspiration comes from all over the planet: you'll recognize some of Genndy Tartakovski (Dexter's Laboratory creator) in his cute little tiny evil character, some Japanese inspiration too, mostly epitomized by the amazing Yoshitaka Amano, Final Fantasy's designers, and also a big part of cubism mostly pioneered by Pablo Picasso. Russia, Japan and France finally meet in Mexico for our great pleasure.

"- The interview is almost over Lerms, but first, a traditional question: why did you choose this FML?
-Because I found it so funny and challenging... hehehe... Also I knew I would have lots of fun trying to draw a man-lady.
-And why did you decided to send an illustration for FML?
-Because I've been a fan of the site even since I first stumbled upon it. I love it! "

We love you too. Let's get married. You'll be the man or the woman, we don't care. Thanks Lerms for your illustration!


Don't forget to visit Carlo's DA account:

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