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FML gets its cut of the money

Money, money, money, so easy to conjugate with "want". I want money, you want money, he/she/it wants money, we want money, you want money, and they want money. Harder to conjugate with the "have" verb. They have money. It's funny to see how the others always seem to have money, while you're struggling with your bank account. "57" and it's not my WOW level. So, while we're waiting for a job which would require zero effort and lands us with millions of dollars, please welcome our artist of the day, Carolyn Gan, mostly known online as Wredwrat, or Wrat!


This 25 year old artist was born in Malaysia, lived half her life there, and then she moved to Perth, Western Australia for the other half. She is currently living in Sydney, Australia, "It is a beautiful city, the weather is great and the people are fantastic". Okay, now we want to come to Australia. Carolyn is a lucky self taught artist, and she moved to Sydney for work reasons because she was unable to find art related work back in Perth. As well as freelancing in art, in the past she has also worked as a pizza delivery driver, as an office drone, and as a laboratory assistant processing all kinds of human samples. Life back then was always an FML moment when the patients didn't put the lids on right. She is very happy to say that now she is finally doing something that she loves, fortunately. Carolyn is a concept artist for an animation studio, and mostly does background design and color work.


One thing Carolyn loves about her job is that she can draw on the computer all day! Like us! Like you! Except for you it’s not your job! Creating believable worlds for believable characters is what she enjoys doing best as a hobby, and she is glad she can do it for work as well. Working on her own personal stuff is fun, but sometimes she finds that she prefers the challenge of a work design brief. Finding solutions within a set bunch of rules and making designs that look nice is something she looks forward to each day.
In her own personal time she likes to draw a lot of video games/comics fan art, her latest craze being of the Professor Layton series. She is also creating a bunch of original characters for her own story, she hasn't planned out the details yet but there will be Centaur people involved. Most of this artwork can be found on her DeviantArt site, which she’s had for about 6 years now. She originally created it as a place for her to dump all her fan art onto and to look for other cool artists who share the same interests that she does in games, comics and anime.

It probably sounds like we're beating on about the same thing a lot, but her greatest passion is drawing. She is a huge art nerd, she collects a lot of art books and she likes surfing other artists blogs. This young Australian artist loves the local art gallery and tries to pay it a visit at least once every couple of months to study the paintings and sculptures. Her second biggest love is video games, she likes playing Japanese RPGs and she has got her fair share of gaming consoles. Carolyn has a thing for her pet rats, she hasn't got any now but the ones she had over the years have really made their mark on her, "They are like little people, heaps of personality but they all share one thing in common: they hate baths" said Carolyn.


"-Time to say goodbye! But before you go off throwing boomerangs again or something, tell us why did you choose this FML?
-When I had pet rats they used to love tearing up all the paper material in their cage. Cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, newspaper, any kind of paper, you name it they shred it. I am sure they would LOVE the opportunity to sink their teeth and claws into money if they are given it. It is for this reason that I found this FML so appropriate for the situation.
- Bastards. And why did you decided to send an illustration for FML?
-Alice (side note: the girl you need to get in touch with if you want to be the next published artist) suggested the idea to me and I thought it was too much fun to pass up!  I read FML rather regularly so this was a great opportunity for me to contribute too. "



We love it, thank you Carolyn for your great contribution!

Carolyn's DA account you do need to visit:

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