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Caturday at FML !

Pa-paws, tiny whiskers, cute little pink noses, the incessant purring, it's definitely a holy Caturday! Cats are just so freaking cute, we couldn't wait for an artist to illustrate an FML about a cat so we could talk about cats, look at pictures of cats, and search for cats on Google and YouTube. Oh, and kitties! How could we forget about those little angels? Have you ever slept with a cat on your stomach? Or have you ever taken a look at this lolcats website ? Have you ever wanted to be a cat? Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at! Ok, furry time is over. Let's welcome our very unique illustrator of the day, Shouri!

Shouri's full name is María Victoria Robado. Her mom's side of the family traditionally names its girls María + another name, so turning up to their home asking for 'María' is not going to get you anywhere. She started to use Shouri as her nickname when another Victoria joined her class in school. She was studying Japanese at the time, so people just started calling her that, and it stuck. Now everyone (from her friends, her boyfriend, to her uni professors and coworkers) calls her Shouri. Today, we will call her V.
V is 23 years old but looks 17, apparently. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's a really big city (~14M habitants, depending on which areas you include), usually nicknamed 'the Paris of Latin America', for its architecture and because they are all a bunch of European descendants. If you want to go somewhere to eat good food, this is the place to go. They speak a very particular dialect of Spanish that has many Italian undertones, so people usually compliment them for their accent.
V went to the same school all her life, and as soon as she graduated she signed up for uni/graphic design. She had always been torn between a career in art or astronomy, but she went for art because she didn't have a good maths/physics basis from school, even though she loved it. She didn't go for Fine Arts because she loved the technical side of Graphic Design, and was afraid she would end up as an art teacher, because of how things are in Argentina, and everywhere else. The fact that she lives in a not-first-world country has given her a sense of wanting to fight using who she is, and not take things for granted, so she's doing her best to overcome problems here and there to go for what she wants in life.


Now she is a freshly graduated Graphic Designer, wanna-be illustrator. She hasn't made up her mind on what area of GD she wants to work in, so right now she is a bit all over the place, mostly doing web design and helping with branding here and there. She is also a T.A. in her university in the computer department, teaching Graphic Design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, that kind of stuff). It's kind of different from the American idea of a T.A. though; she doesn't grade papers but she walks around the class helping the students and answering questions, occasionally giving a special class on specific subjects. But as she doesn't really want to be a professor all her life, she is looking for different, exciting jobs, all the while keeping her personal projects on track. At this exact moment, she is waiting for a reply on a job she has been offered, so keep your fingers crossed for her!
Aside from going to school in the States and working somewhere fun, V has a couple of personal projects going on. Right now the one that's online is Springiette a cute and silly webcomic about friendship that she updates weekly. It's a gag-a-week series of strips with subtle and silly humor, and cute characters. On the making are: What the Muffin : it started as an old dolling forum and now she is turning it into a cooking blog. And several comics that she has been writing (and rewriting a lot!) and she will start drawing as soon as she feels ready.

V main site has been around since 2003. It started off as a place to showcase her (beware it's going to be ridiculously cute) pixel dolls! She even used to draw pixel dolls almost every day. All that practice and fun in the dolling community made her realize she wanted to pursue a career in art. Later she decided to separate her dolling site from her main one, hoping to turn it into a serious online portfolio, so now it's a little portal for her different online endeavors. Other blogs/sections are her sketchblog and her DeviantArt.

V's dream would be to draw comics for a living, and carry on her projects professionally. She is doing her best to be able to go to the States to get a Masters in Illustration design. It would be an awesome experience, especially since it allows her to be closer to her boyfriend who lives there. V wants to have people fall in love with her work (we fell in love, dear) the same way she has fallen in love with so many other artists' works (Sailor Moon for example, how about that?). Our special guest loves creativity, and loves learning new tools to use for her ideas and get her projects going on. One of the coolest things about Graphic Design is that you need to learn stuff everyday in order to be able to convey an accurate message (for example, you can't design a good brand for medicine products before learning what those products do and who they are for). She's also a big nerd, who loves to learn new things, so it is all intertwined.


"- Ya casi es hora de despedirse V, why did you choose this FML?
-It was really hard, because I have so many favorite ones. When I read that one, I automatically imagined a cat talking and stealing the car himself. I love the fact that now the internet is filled with photos of lolcats and cute animals, so that's where my mind went the first time I read that particular FML.
- And why did you decided to send an illustration for FML?
-I've been following FML from the beginning, reading it every day and sharing my favorite stories with my friends. When I saw you had a section for illustrated FMLs I thought "I want to do it!" but I waited because I'm ridiculously shy and I wasn't sure if I would be able to. But now I'm all giddy that I did, thanks!"


Thanks to you Marie Victoria, Shouri, V, for offering us a Caturday illustration :3 !


Shouri's main website:

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to [email protected] including a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with our lovely Alice, who is in love with her chatoune, who will tell you what you have to do!

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