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FML all over your face

It's here, it's big, it's red, it's frankly ugly, and tonight you have a party. Welcome to Pimple Island; population: the rest of what used to be your face. What are you going to do? Cover it with some make-up? Are your friends going to see it? Will their eyes be riveted on the F(orbidden)-Spot? That's what we'll find out thanks to a pimple-monster specialist: Shane Hillman !

Today's artist is a fresh 25 year old guy from Seabrook, Texas, USA. He was born in Canada where he lived for the first 10 years of his childhood. During this time, 80s films and cartoons had a huge impact on his aspirations for drawing and creating little creatures that existed only in his mind. When his family moved to Houston, Texas, Shane found some other friends who also drew and slowly developed his skills. Throughout the years, he started posting on art forums and finding plenty of competition and inspiration. At first, he basically traced and ripped off other artists. Shane is not ashamed to admit this as it really helped him learn the fundamentals of illustrating and story-telling. At 17, he dropped out of College and put a primary focus on his art career. His daily routine would be to sit in front of his desk and draw for 10 hours a day. After a few months, a style started to emerge, which helped him grow as a person and define who he is. Shane started to get gigs around 19-20 and everything else is history. Slowly, this style kept growing into its own entity, something that was completely unique. He is not however where he wants to be at this point in his life. Our young artist always wants to push further and remain uncomfortable but he is very proud of how his style has been slowly developing over the years and eventually into the future.


Now, Shane does many different types of freelance work. He has spent time working on children's books/novels, working on gig posters and on plenty of comic book projects. He always loves to try new things, like screen printing and sculpting, and would love to eventually get into vinyl figures and animation. His favorite thing to do is illustrate monsters in his moleskin sketchbook, which are truly convincing. He has a steady collection of 50 or so and now and it is constantly growing. Doing this always keeps him fresh minded and inspired.
Honestly? Shane is doing exactly what he loves. This was his dream job when he was a child and now he draws all day! He first got his break around 19 and he has been heading upwards ever since. Going to ComiCon and other small press conventions allowed him to meet plenty of people with the same mindset as him. Now, some of his best friends are illustrators as well. They always help keep him motivated and inspired to try new things and push himself as hard as he can. From a career stand point, he never thought he would get gigs drawing monsters or crazy gig posters for Grammy winning bands. Drawing anything from a mini comic, to a fully illustrated children's novel or to a gig poster for a local Houston band always keeps things fresh and different. Honestly, the variety of things you can do in the illustration field is almost endless. There is always something new to try or observe. As for what he would like to do in the future, he would like to try to get into animation. In his eyes, animation is the king of all kings when it comes to illustration. This will definitely show up somewhere in his future. He will make that happen, no matter what.


Shane is currently working on a few short comics for an art group called Satellite Soda. HHe is also working with Paul Feig on his Ignatius MacFarland book series, which has been an insane pleasure. Another project that has been in the works over the past 3 years is Bruce Hale's Underwhere series. The first three books are out now (Prince of Underwhere, Pirates of Underwhere and Flyboy of Underwhere) and there are three more that are currently on hiatus due to the economy. He really hopes these get picked up again since they were so much fun to work on. Shane confesses he cannot say enough about how much of a pleasure it is to work with Bruce and Paul. There is also a local paper that he does spot illustrations and posters for called Free Press Houston. He recently has been put in charge as the art lead for Free Press Summerfest, a Houston music festival featuring national bands like The Flaming Lips and Girl Talk. He also has many other personal side projects down the line. He has a daily monster sketchbook he is planning on putting out this summer. It will consist of his monsters from his blog plus some bonus monsters and behind the scenes features. He is also planning a mini comic collaboration with Derek Hunter.
His website has been around since 2004 and it was mainly created as a portfolio site. He self taught himself html and web design for the most part. Most of the contracts have been through viewing an illustration on his site, so it has paid off. He doesn't update it as much as he would like to but he tries to update it at least once a quarter. He also has a blog consisting of the daily monsters that he draws as well.


"-Almost time to release you Shane. But first, we would like to know what do you like in your life?
-Drawing is my life, first and foremost. If I couldn't draw or illustrate, I would honestly loose part of my soul. It has been such a key element in self therapy and ambition, that it is vital in my survival. Other than illustrating, I enjoy horror/sci-fi films (primarily from the 80's). I enjoy studying and analyzing other people's art work and figuring how to apply their techniques to my own works. I enjoy serigraphy, whenever I get a chance to print, which is not often enough. Video games are a huge vice of mine and have played a key role for inspiration and admiration. Unfortunately, I probably play far too many games than I should. Music is another big part of my inspiration and it ranges from all different genres (except country! Bleh!). As for food, I pretty much like everything but I have a huge preference towards Asian cuisine. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, who has become the biggest inspiration to me in the past years. She changed my life.
- And why did you choose this FML?
-It was gross. Absolutely gross. And I love gross! Out of most FML entries, the gross ones always make me laugh or cringe. I had to do it.
-Ok! We swear that's the last question: why did you decide to send an illustration to FML?
-I frequent FML quite often for the quick laugh and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be part of it. At old day jobs, we would always pick out daily FMLs to help get through long work hours. How could I not pass it up?"


And you did not pass it up, we're proud of you; thank you for your participation Shane (it's tentacles tiiiiiime)!

Shane's monstrous website is here:


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to [email protected] including a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with our lovely Alice, who will tell you what you have to do!

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