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Crazy FML

Hey there crazy person, do those bloody eyes dangling in your hands belong to you? Yeah, we didn't think so. See, we're used to crazy people. And we're sure you're used to them too. Sometimes it's the old lady with nothing but some fishnets covering what's left of her feminine body that you meet in the supermarket, sometimes it's your one-legged neighbor who is convinced that his microwave is haunted by aliens, and sometimes it's your most beloved-one. FYL. And to talk about this awkward phenomenon, today we're welcoming Justin White, also known as Jublin!

Justin is 24, lives in northern California and he's a freelance illustrator and designer. He also watches cartoons, eats food, hangs out and sleeps, but he doesn't get paid for doing those things. Jublin went to school at SDSU in San Diego and graduated in Multimedia. He's still not sure what that means, but he had fun. He has always been very much in love with drawing and art, but never considered actually making any money out of it until he stumbled upon the website Threadless back in 2005. That's when he started getting involved with freelance work.

Our awesome artist of the week loves to draw and be creative. So any time he's able to do so, he's happy. He'd love to one day get involved with television and animation. He'd also love to just wander around the world with a tiny little sketchbook. He could pay for everything by drawing dollar bills, Euros, and all sorts of exotic currencies and because the drawings would look so realistic everyone would be like, "Whoa you're a billionaire!" and He would hold his finger to his lips and whisper to them "Money isn't everything". Then he'd slip them a hand-drawn $20 and they would go buy a delicious Christmas goose for their family.

Maybe you know Jublin thanks to his very unique and cool pokemon portraits project. Remember Nurse Joy and his cute white and pink outfit, who used to take care of your pokemons when they were in a coma? Jublin created a new dimension where this pinky nurse doesn't exist, and where K.O'd pokemons seem more like scraggly animals. It's gory indeed, and it's funny. In other terms, we love it. Psyduck in straitjacket, Chansey with a broken egg, Drowzee filled with sleeping pills and so much more, all kind of dazzling interpretations that make us want to hit ourselves repeatedly over the head with the keyboard, as a kind of homage to his genius.

ANYWAY. This year, Jublin finally fixed up his website. He has always been pretty active on the internet and all the social networking sites. It's a great way to see what other people are working on and simultaneously be inspired and filled with jealousy.

"-Now, it's time for our traditional last question before we let you go, why did you choose this FML?
-I thought the idea of a guy latching on to his girlfriend's back and chomping at her hair was ridiculous. And I really wanted to draw a koala.
-Oooh Koala... and why did you decided to send an illustration for FML?
-It's a fun site!"

And it's a fun illustration. Thank you Jublin !

Jublin's website is here
His flickr account is


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with Alice, who has always been madly in love with Columbo, who will tell you what you have to do!

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