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FML's bringing cuties back

Hey there kitty kitty kitty, how’s our favorite little pets doing today? We hope your master took you out for a walk earlier in the morning, because now it's time to rest your little paws, so you can fully enjoy today's illustration. A lot of our little friends are here to commemorate this weekly celebration. Hello Kitty is right behind us, finishing her milk, and sending her 1'000'000th customized pencil, Beethoven and Lassie are on tenterhooks, waiting for us to present today's artist (and also expecting an addition to their family very soon, so congratulations to them about that) and Eddie McDowd is still searching for 24 good deeds to do before the wizard will let him go flirt with teenage girls again. And you are here, that's the most important thing. Ladies, gentleman, puppies, please welcome our artist of the day:  Becky Dreistadt !

Becky was born 23 years ago in Williamsburg, Virginia. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design's Sequential Art (Comics) department in 2008. She was kind of lost on what she could do with all of her free time. But then, she met Frank, and something amazing happened, not only did she fall in love but she also made a big decision and so she finally majored in comics rather than animation. When she graduated, she moved down to Auckland, New Zealand to work on comics with Frank, but the idea of moving back to Los Angeles in a few years time could be on the cards.

Our comic artist and illustrator’s main project is Tiny Kitten Teeth, a 3 to 5 times a weekly updated web comic, created in early 2009 after brainstorming with her partner Frank. They did a gag comic together, they liked it, but it didn't really give either of them a chance to be as creative as they wanted to be. Willing to give the best of themselves, they had another brainstorming session, and their new web comic was born within the hour. It's even more impressive that TKT is entirely painted in gouache. Making a made-of-gouache webcomic does not only take time and hard to put together, it's also pretty expensive, that's why here at FML, we are pretty impressed (and proud!) to welcome Becky.

Guess what, Becky loves animals! All the kinds of pets that you can imagine: rabbits, cats, dogs, birds and specially chickens. She like them both alive and cooked as teriyaki, or scrambled eggs. "I feel hypocritical!" she confesses. Besides the usual pleasures like live music and having great and weird adventures, Becky can't stop herself from liking more and more animals, that's why going to the zoo is one of her biggest hobbies.

"-Time to say goodbye Becky, but before we let you go to your enchanting little word full of little animals that we would love to live in, we would like to know why you chose to participate in the FML illustrations and why did you choose this particular story?
-FML is a really fun blog, I can relate quite a lot to the sentiment behind it. Also the freedom of being able to twist and change someone's story was really fun."


Your illustration is funny indeed AND it's cute, thank you Becky! Ooooooow kitties...


"Tiny kitten teeth" is this way:
Becky's DA is here:


And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings.

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