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FML tips the scale

Hello everybody! How is your waist measurement today? Belly full of turkey or most alike Nicole Richie? Drop your Reese's right now, we need your full attention for our brand new illustration, because it concerns you. Yes, you, sugar cane. From 7 to 777 lbs, you're all concerned by this all junk-food issue. It starts in the morning with those delicious Cheerios hanging out in your milk, and it lasts until you finished your tub of Chunky Monkey watching Carrie Bradshaw dumping Big again (or until you down a couple of beers watching the Houston Astros dumping victory and pride again). And we should be ashamed of eating this much. Really. It's time to take care about our body, our temple, so come on, everybody get on a diet, now. As we know, it's going to be tough, so we asked someone to help us, and she said yes, so please everybody, welcome Diana Kiester our today's artist, also known as Luna!


Luna is a quiet, young and promising young 19 year old college student, studying Business and Japanese in Oregon, planning to be a liaison for Japanese and American companies. She also works part-time at the same college, doing confidential application work (so, shhh!). Luna has two brothers with different forms of autism, one older and one younger. Both of her parents work full-time. Being the middle child, there's always quite a bit of pressure put on her to be responsible and take care of things. It's a little stressful, so art is her way of dealing with stress. Her Dad collects comic books, so she’s been reading those since she was 5, and trying to draw them as well! She has been drawing specifically in "anime" style since she was in Fourth Grade, when she picked up her first How-To-Draw book. For the past two years, she has been striving for improvement. It's hard to balance work, school, home-life, and art, but somehow she still manages to succeed. This past year was the most stressful to her, because she moved away from home to go to college. 


Luna has owned a DeviantArt account for two years now. She started it with a few goals in mind: she wanted to share her artwork with others (no matter the style or her expertise), she thought it would help her find ways to improve her art, and finally, she wanted to find other artists for inspiration! These three reasons ended up in a big project that has been on a long hiatus. When Luna finds some more time, and when she feels more comfortable with her style, she's going to start working on it again. Believe us, you'll be warned when her web comic will go online. Anyway, she easily confesses that she has too many ideas floating around for comics, animation, and artwork that she often loses track! But she made a resolution: next year, she will find some time to get at least 10% of them down on paper.

Now take your pen girl, and get ready for a pop quiz, what do you like about your life?
"I enjoy drawing (of course!), Reading books and comic books (I am an amazingly fast reader, or so I'm told. I finished the last Harry Potter book in less than 6 hours), hanging out with friends and family (my family is pretty cool), and cooking. I'm vegetarian and lactose intolerant, so it's an adventure figuring out different meals: I love italian, indian, german, and japanese food! And I love finding odd kitchen gadgets!"
And so do we. Are we the only ones that love the cheese graters?


"-Why did you choose this FML and why did you decided to send an illustration to FML?
-When I was reading FMLs a while ago, this one really caught my attention. I'm on a diet right now, so I can sympathize with the author. Plus, I love drawing awkward moments. Eh, I figured it would be fun to do !"

And it was fun to read, 100% win, thank you Luna for your great illustration!


Luna's deviantart account is this way:

We ate the Reese's. (And if you want to be our next published artist, or if you really love a web comic and you think it'll fit FML's humor, send an email to [email protected] including your name and the link of your website or the link of your favourite web comic. We'll check our emails after dinner.)


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