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Caption today's FML Photo

Hi gang! FML is giving you yet another opportunity to caption a picture. As last time, there's only one, so we can avoid messing around with several photos, several captions, several headaches.

How does this work?

We're putting up a picture, which is a stock photo found in a dumpster or something. Nothing containing celebrities or anything recognisable. Just a car with "stuff" on it. Just come up with a funny caption for the photo, using the "Today, FML" template that we all know and love. Then, according to your votes, and a totally arbitrary choice on our part, we'll post the FML Photo in the category and credit the author of the caption.

The FML Photos are a colourful addition to FML. You can make them legendary. To do so, we're once again appealing to your creativity and sense of humour. Show us what you've got. There's no reason why there shouldn't be any comedy geniuses amongst you.

Get on with it. Show us the photo already.

Here it is:

Feeling inspired?
If so, add your suggestions and captions in the comments below, in the best FML style you can think of. The funniest will be published in the FML Photos category, and the author will be showered in the glory of having their name mentioned alongside their creation. Ready? Go!

Subtle warning: Captions posted in response to top-voted captions, or IN RESPONSE TO the captions in the first few positions TO BE MORE VISIBLE, will be disqualified/deleted. Comment on the article, not the comments, so the votes actually count.

#1601 - About FMyLife - On 07/04/2016 at 10:25am by Alan - 91 comments

Top comments

  • Today, after months of convincing from my friends, I finally bought a car they claimed would be a chick magnet. Wrong kind of 'chick' mates. FML

    #12 - On 07/05/2016 at 12:45pm by Tripartita

    See in context

  • Today, I was happy that elephants don't fly. FML

    #3 - On 07/05/2016 at 12:19pm by benjamin03

    See in context



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