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Let there be illustrations

Today, I spent the all day reading FML. FML

Sometimes your life just sucks. And sometimes it's not quite sucking enough, so you're checking fmylife, looking for fresh new stories about someone else's crappy moment.
And some other times, something is still missing. Maybe we've found it. Maybe, deep inside your heart, your head or your most used organ -whatever it may be- you were thinking about it too. Once in a while, words are not enough, that's what it's all about, so what are we missing?
Illustrations, drawings, comics, besides words, are some of the most amazing creations that humans have invented since sliced bread. And that's what we're going to give to you. Every Saturday, may there be rain, sunshine, snow or Paula Abdul, we'll provide a never seen before illustration of an FML that an artist will select themself. And that's democracy baby.

And that’s my job. I’m Alice and I’ll be the one in charge of the illustration section. You’re an artist? You got a website/blog ? You want to create and display your stuff on FML? Don't wait any longer and email me NOW : [email protected]


Thus, we present to you, our very first artist:

Laure Nitschelm, also known as Willow, a 19 year old girl living in France, near Paris. What's she up to? Well that's the funny part, despite her awesome talent, which is obvious from looking at her illustration, she's currently studying chemistry and she's leaving tomorrow for Toronto, where she's going to further her education.

"I love chemistry, trying all kind of reactions, making funny colors, ah ah!"

As you can see, she doesn't have some kind of machiavellic plan to conquer the world. Except maybe if she wants to conquer the world with colors. Like the Sony Bravia does.
Seriously though, this young lady is interested in helping people thanks to science. She can make you laugh and save your life at the same time. Despite her studies, Willow doesn't want to stop drawing, she still wants to be an illustrator and maybe, release a book in a few years time. That's why she's been running a blog for the past two years, which she created to improve her drawing, forcing herself to draw regularly. She never took any art classes but she's a hard working girl, willing to live on her two passions in life.

Speaking about passions, Willow has a life outside school and her blog. What is she doing when she's not drawing a square Pikachu? She's playing Pokemon of course! But be warned, Willow insists "I'm not a geek, I just really love video games" and we won't blame her. Also, this scientist-to-be is crazy about travelling, discovering new countries and meeting new people, that's why she jumped at the chance of being able to move to Toronto.

- How long is the flight to Toronto?
- 8h25
- Aren't you scared?
- Are you kidding I love flying! When I was young I wanted to have a pilot's license! My favorite part is when the plane takes off!
- You never watched Lost, have you?
- Nope, why?
- Never mind.

And here's the last question, before we let her go pack her suitcase: why did she choose this FML story?

" I chose this one because I wanted to illustrate a FML that was out of the ordinary. As an illustrator I wanted to make a comic-strip where I was able to bring something to the story. When I read this one, I immediately got the idea, without drawing what was written only. Anyway, I tried my best!"

And that's a great illustration, thank you, you did a great job girl !

Don't forget to check her deviant:
And her French-blog:

I would like to thank Alan who stopped moderating for 1 hour to help me write the article!

#16 - Illustrated FML - On 04/18/2009 at 2:17pm by FML team - 51 comments

Top comments

  • I thought the art was really good. It doesn't need to be a 100% literal representation of the FML.

    #17 - On 04/19/2009 at 3:10am by jthm_guitarist

    See in context

  • it's really good and i like it but i don't get how it's related to the storyyy?? what's the tree goop monster eating him!? and whose that know the dead looking one

    #2 - On 04/18/2009 at 3:16pm by sshnookum

    See in context



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