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The Historical FMLs

The Historical FMLs have appeared on FML, and our users have reacted in two distinct ways. You either love them, or really hate them. They're like Marmite. So, did we undersell them? Did we explain them badly? The idea behind the Historical FMLs is to use the classic FML format to write amusing stories, loosely based on well-known people from distant and not-so-distant history (and sometimes from fiction) who could've written an FML. We're not trying to teach people history lessons, or be completely realistic and/or accurate with the facts. It's just a bit of fun with the past, in the same way some have a bit of fun with the present.

The Historical FMLs are a test. Help us make it the greatest. To do so, we're appealing to your creativity and talent. It's your turn to suggest your own. 

I've got a good one. Where/how do I send it?

You can take part in the fun by creating  your own Historical FMLs, and the funniest will be published, and you will be acknowledged. To submit yours, just post them in the comments below. As some of you have pointed out, it's tough to come up with something side-splitting, but we're pretty sure that there are some comic geniuses amongst you. For now, we'll keep posting the little jokes we have, hoping that one day we'll stumble upon THE formula that everyone likes. 

So, post your Historical FMLs in the comments below, we're waiting for your best ones. The rest of us will vote on them and decide whether or not they are any good!

#1588 - About FMyLife - On 05/16/2016 at 10:04am by Alan - 77 comments

Top comments

  • That sounds like a great solution! I do like the idea of the historical FMLs but the ones posted so far haven't really reached the potential the concept has. The community here is witty and smart, I'm sure some great ones will come along!

    #3 - On 05/04/2016 at 5:57am by sturschaedel

    See in context

  • Today, FML admitted they make FMLs, FML.

    #6 - On 05/04/2016 at 9:39am by EliteMarksman9

    See in context



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