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It's World Procrastination Day on FML

March 25th is World Procrastination Day. For those of you reading this right now who are too lazy to Google the word procrastination, you are ironically the people concerned by this celebration, because it means putting off until tomorrow something that you could've done today. Being idle, basically. To show our support, and because we also like to do absolutely zilch and watch time go by, we've selected a few FMLs which show true laziness, dealing mainly in the art of skiving and putting things off until another day. 

Today, my husband was so intent on avoiding doing the washing up that he made himself some hot chocolate in a vase. FML

Today, I asked my five year-old son if he would like to come play with me, instead of sitting around doing nothing. "No thanks, I prefer watching the clock." FML

Today, I realized just how lazy I was when, to avoid having to move all the way to the dustbin, I ate an apple entirely, even the core and the stalk. FML 

Today, I downloaded a movie that I already own on DVD, because I was too lazy to go and fetch the DVD in question in the next room. I think I've reached a new low. FML

Today, I wrapped my boyfriend's Christmas presents for him, because he was too lazy to do it himself. This included my own present. FML

When we are feeling lazy, it's a pleasant sensation. Other people's laziness is a curse and must be eradicated.

Today, I discovered my 18 year-old son has been peeing on the carpet when he is too lazy to get out of bed in the morning and blaming it on the cat. FML

Today, my daughter is so lazy that to avoid emptying our dishwasher, she puts it back on wash. She's done it twice this morning. FML

Today, my five year-old son asked me, "Mom, are you a lazybones?" I said that I wasn't. He then replied, "So go get me a fork if you're not a lazybones." FML

Today, my employer is such an idle so and so that he seriously asked me to fill out my own job termination papers. FML 

Today, my laziness hit a new low when I tried closing my bedroom door using my mind. FML

We're allowing you, as this practically hallowed day decrees, to put off until tomorrow the boring stuff and just put on your slippers and chill. Sleep, hang out, and make the most of that idleness that has remained dormant within you! Enjoy yourselves and take care. 

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