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Hey 2016, how you doin'? Welcome to FML!

At last, it's over. 2015, you were fun... No, strike that, it's crap. 2015, you were rubbish. Of course, there was the odd moment of brilliance, now and again, but on the whole, it was quite the shitfest. What should we remember above all from 2015? That we have to turn the heating down a further 1,5°C in our houses to save the planet, is that it? Let's concentrate on 2016, the year of the... sardine. Happy New Year.

We could make a list of all the wonderful and/or shocking things that happened in 2015, then make a beautiful, heartfelt speech about how and why life is so wonderful, and why we are so lucky to be alive in 2016, that life isn't always easy but despite it all, everything is fantastic. The problem is that someone deleted the Excel file containing the list. So instead, plan B: we're going to post photos of sardines. Because it rhymes with 2016.

 This is a sardine. Look how hot this guy is:

Here are several sardines, hanging out, chillaxing:

Here's a whole bunch of sardines on vacation. Look at them. LOOK:

Here at FML, we're going to spend 2016 bringing you even more fun stuff and surprises. But not right now. As of now, here today, the whole team needs two aspirin and some alka seltzer. We've just posted a bunch of photos of sardines to ring in the New Year, that's how bad off we are from last night's party. Let's get some hydration going and we'll talk about it in a few days time, when our brains have had time to reboot a few times. 

Lots of love and Happy New Year everyone!

#1566 - About FMyLife - On 12/31/2015 at 9:54am by Alan - 30 comments

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  • Happy New Years FML staff!

    #1 - On 01/01/2016 at 4:21am by SixthSinEnvy

    See in context

  • Man look at those super sexy sardines...;). Happy new year fml staff, and everyone here and joining fml! Hope most of you didn't get too drunk.

    #4 - On 01/01/2016 at 4:52am by Distinct_Drift

    See in context



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