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FML's Question Time #3 : Sports scandals and FIFAllibality

Let's do this again, it was fun last time. Here's another attempt at giving everyone a chance to give their opinion on a popular but controversial subject. It's not a really controversial subject like post-natal abortions or why there are still TV shows with laughter tracks on them, but still, we want to hear what you have to say about this month's topic, since it's something that a lot of us have an opinion about.

To sum up the idea behind this column:  we'll be asking you a question every month or so, and all you'll have to do is give your opinion, back it up with facts, stories or something you overheard while shopping in a mini mall. What we are looking for are debates, exchanges and comments. There are no limits, feel free to express yourselves. 

This month's QOTM: 

Is the recent FIFA money scandal a shock? 
What's your relationship with sports in general?

To get the ball rolling, we've asked a few people to speak their brains.

"I was shit at football at school, I hated it. I always got put in goal and I got scared every time the ball came near. HATED IT." - Darth Vador

"Sports on TV and most professional sports are just mind-numbing the bleating masses so that they have something to talk and think about other than the bleakness of their lives, and to avoid realising how the government is fucking them over. This is why there's so much money involved, to keep the people asleep. Have you got any hummus?" - my neighbour, the sociology student 

"Soccer is a British word. Stop calling football 'hand egg'. Rugby is a town, and I am Kanye." - Kanye West

You get the general idea. Tell us your worst sports-related stories. What's it like being a fan or a practitioner of your favourite sport/team. You've been to school, maybe you were shit at sports there and grew up to hate it. Or, conversely, you were a jock and were very popular thanks to sports. Give us your views, your stories, get a debate going. There's no limits on comments, so let loose. The best story will be voted by the amount of thumbs up it gets. It won't win anything. Or will it? Anyway, tell us everything, we want to hear about your life. This is FML after all.

Come on, procrastinate. It's Friday, work can wait.

#1522 - Ramblings - On 06/05/2015 at 8:33am by Alan - 74 comments

Top comments

  • I don't have much love for sports. Once I broke my wrist playing soccer. Well actually, I was standing on the sidelines eating Maltezers. But the ball touched me so it still counts.

    #4 - On 06/05/2015 at 11:01am by Baustigt

    See in context

  • Are Netflix marathons considered a sport? 'Cause I'd win every time.

    I've attended various sporting events, and I'm not a rabid fan for any team or sport. There's nothing more awkward than happily clapping for both teams and getting death glares from the home team fans when the opposers score.

    #3 - On 06/05/2015 at 10:48am by Welshite

    See in context



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