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FML loves his Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

There is something we do every morning. Of course there are a lot of things to do but this is a particular one. First, we turn on our computers and go directly to the FMyLife administration system to check your latest FML stories. But before we turn off our computers to be human beings again, there's the traditional "Internet-tour" that everybody does once a day. You know, first you search for "recipes" on Google and end up three hours later reading Jerry Seinfeld’s biography. Here, we have our special tour, called "the artist tour". Cyanide and Happiness, Theater Hopper… all great web comics we can't wait to check out each time we wake up. Those daily masterpieces are a part of our lives and we were deeply proud to have them on FML. Today is no exception, we're happy and proud to present to you one of one of our favorite web comic artists: Zach Weiner!


In 2003, Zach graduated from Pitzer College, Claremont California, with a degree in Literature. He then moved to Los Angeles to work in entertainment, where he had about almost every job you can imagine in the film industry. There, he met his manager Mark Saffian from Content House. Despite the great city that LA is, and despite the fact that The Price is Right is recorded over there, Zach, who is now 27, decided to leave the City of Angels to work in peace and quiet somewhere else with his fiancee Kelly. He's still learning physics and mathematics, but now his only job is drawing comics. And guess what? He loves it.


And you know what? We love it too. Thanks to Zach, the web comic universe moved from "aimless private jokes approximately drawn by approximate teenage-artists" to "powerful jokes covered with acerbic humor served by delicious illustrations" when he created Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal in 2002, the online version of a comic he started in the late 90s. This strange title originated from James Ashby (one of his closest friends, who now works with him on Snowflakes), when they were in an art class in high school. James wanted to make his paintings black and white, but the teacher insisted that he used some colors. Tension mounted over time, finally culminating with James coming in one morning, spray painting an orange-Pegasus on the canvas, naming it "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" and pronouncing it finished. The incident was funny enough to borrow his title for a comic.


So the online version of SMBC was born to please us all. Updated daily, SMBC became for a lot of people a reflex like eating, breathing and drinking beer. Seriously, how can you not be a fan of Zach's web comic? Simple drawings but deep meanings, and we insist on the plural here. As you will see in the illustration that Zach created for FML, this young artist quickly understood that humor isn't as flat as a floor, it's a waterfall which bounces again and again. It bounces so powerfully for Zach that it ended in another website, Captain Excelsior, a web comic about a super-hero and his family. There’s his son Kid Liberty, his ex-wife Mrs. Mind and Tesla Curl, his hot daughter who thinks it's hot to kill people. Oh right, we forgot about Ron, Captain Excelsior and Mrs. Mind's middle child, but he has no superpowers. So nobody cares about him.

Hang on, that’s not all, here it bounces again! Zach and his friend James created a brand new web comic called Snowflakes. It's more kid-friendly than Captain Excelsior, but we know you'll enjoy the humor. And good news is that it's updated three times a week! Here's the plot: "On a mountain top somewhere in the Andes mountains, a small group of very, very, very old nuns maintain a cozy orphanage. The kids have lost their families, and it may never stop snowing, but there's always a fire in the fireplace and a never-ending supply of snowballs just outside the front door." Sounds a little bit like The Little Match Girl doesn't it? Actually it's a lot funnier than Andersen's story. "But that's okay, just because you don't have a family, it doesn't mean you can't have a plan", and it doesn't mean you can't make snowmen. 


It's almost time to say goodbye, but before we do so, here's our last question: why did Zach choose this FML?

"I like jokes in which the punchline is a worse version of the setup. Also, I'm a cruel heartless jerk."

click on this preview !

We agree. About the punch line at least. Thank you Zach for your great illustration!


The authentic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is this way:
The mythical Captain Excelsior is this way:
The cute Snowflakes is this way:

Kelly's blog is this way:


You are the proud owner of a web comic, or just a budding artist on the net, who wants to see his comic published on FML AND an article about you, written by the delicious hands of the FML crew? Don't hesitate any further and send us an email including: name, age, location, address of your website/blog and a picture of your favourite food, to [email protected] ! And do it before we melt from the summer heat.

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  • lol

    #9 - On 07/06/2009 at 2:46am by xxrockisalivexx

    See in context

  • I LOVE Zach Weiner, and was very pleased to see that he illustrated an FML, and did it well. Props go to him, and anyone who doesn't read Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, shame on you!

    #2 - On 07/04/2009 at 2:25pm by kirbyviper93

    See in context



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