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FML's Pets

The marvelous comedian Frankie Boyle reckons that "having a pet is basically just saying, 'I have tried to find love among my own species; I have f**king failed'". Some of us (well, most of us actually) here at FML have cats, so yes, we have failed then in that respect. Some more than others, but we won’t name any names. Pets can however be a source of comfort; they’ll chew on your broom to amuse you and take your mind off the fact that the weather is shitty. Pets can also be a source of stress, especially if you have a cat that manages to learn overnight how to open doors, and you have an oddball neighbor who has a copy of your keys in case of emergencies (note to self: change the locks again). Here’s a new video all about pets; not so much a case of “Pets do the craziest things”, more along the lines of “People let their pets turn them into total basket-cases because they are evil bundles of fur.” Have fun, and be excellent to your furry friends.

#1374 - Videos - On 04/29/2013 at 11:42am by The FML Team - 104 comments

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