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FML in the box

You’re out of breath, you can't move your hands anymore. It seems like you wanted it SO hard that ended up hurting yourself. Next time, maybe you won’t do it on your own, and you’ll ask one of your friends to help out. Hey, what’s that smile on your face? We’re talking about moving house, what was on YOUR mind? Never mind, we don’t want to know the dirty details. Today, FML is surrounded by boxes, so we called one of our friends to give us a hand, someone who does know how to move their wrist, and that's why she's the star of this article. Please welcome today's artist Ainsley Yeager!

Ainsley, who comes from Bellingham, Washington, has been 21 for a few weeks now, which means she's now able to be drunk as much as she wants, and legally now too. Unfortunately, she’s a very unemployed person, and is desperately seeking a job. But our artist is still in college, so that’s kind of okay for now. No surprises here, Ainsley is studying design production (also known as printing), which is what she loves, learning how to turn his ideas into tangible, beautiful things.

Drawing is her real passion. You need to ask her something at 3 in the morning? Just call her, she can stay up all night long, creating an illustration for her design assignments when her professors just expect her to rip off some photograph or other. After graduating, Ainsley would love to work for a comic publisher, and to get to take part in making a lot of people's dreams come true by helping to get their work published. That reminds us a lot of a certain tradition that runs every Saturday on a specific website… Anyway, who knows, maybe this young artist will not only be working in some print plant, but maybe she will be published as well!

For now, Ainsley is already published on the internet, and nowadays the  internet is the truly the first step in gaining a reputation in the illustration/comics world. That's why she created her first web comic called "Devil Bids Us Skoal". After being around on the blogosphere for five years, she finally decided to create her own blog "Please Insert Coins". But that's a joke, of course you don't have to insert coins to visit her website. We already saw some of the tightfisted people among you running away. As well as some weirdoes inserting coins into their... ouch.


Last question! It's starting to feel weird around here and we don't want Ainsley to feel awkward, especially as she came to give us a hand. And no naughty thoughts here, thanks.

"-Ainsley, why did you choose this FML story ?
-I was in the process of moving to a temporary location when I drew this comic. Knowing how absurd some of the fees are when it comes to moving, I immediately related to this FML and had to draw it."

Thank you so much for your illustration Ainsley, and good luck unpacking in your new home!


Here's the way to Devil Bids Us Skoal:
Here's the way to Please Insert Coins:


So, as no one helped us with all these boxes, we guess you were so busy by writing us an email to be the next published artist! You know how to do it, right? You draft us an email to [email protected] including your name, age, a link to your blog/website and a joke. It as simple as ABC!


#126 - Illustrated FML - On 06/19/2009 at 2:29pm by FML Team - 9 comments

Top comments

  • Wait, so is the artist a guy or a girl?

    #1 - On 06/20/2009 at 10:35am by losergirl

    See in context

  • The website says they're a she.

    Bellingham, Washington?
    That's now two artists from Washington! We have some talented people. :D

    #2 - On 06/20/2009 at 10:47am by redbluegreen

    See in context



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