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The better stay at home FML

Supernatural lovers, you're welcome. Yes, today we're not talking about a pop-colorful-watercolor-fanatic artist, we're welcoming a young lady that makes you go wow, fills your brain with question marks, x-files and short stories. Plus, she's from England so she knows all about weirdness (just look at their princess). Let's start, companions. 


-Lucy Lyall, you're today's artist, hailing from the UK, but where do you live exactly?
-I'm living in Swindon at the moment - I moved here for work and I live with my husband.

-How old are you? (I'm so rude, asking for a lady's age, what have I become?)
-I'm 30. 

-What is your job?
-Well, I'm not working currently - but I was working as a mechanical engineer, in the waste-water industry. So, lots of walking around sewage works - very glam.

-Oh, it's very different from being an artist! So, is drawing a real dream or just a hobby?
-A bit of both really. I take it very seriously, but I know that engineering is probably going to earn me more money! Plus, I do enjoy science as well - it's something I've always had problems with, as it's pretty impossible to find a job were you can do engineering AND comics...

-You can create it. As Adam Lambert said : no boundaries. Tell us more about your "strange" webcomic.
-That's true. But on the other hand, I like doing two things that I so different - it means I don't get bored! I'm working on a couple of comics at the moment, but my newest one is called 'Spare Keys for Strange Doors'. I've been updating it for a few months now. It's about a couple who work solving supernatural problems in their city - so, people come to them with problems, or they work with the police. I wanted to create a set up where I could do a series of short stories.



-What's your biggest inspiration on making this webcomic?
-Oh god, now you're asking. I tend to read and watch anything that's got supernatural elements in an everyday setting - I love that kind of stuff. I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman's stuff - Sandman, Neverwhere, etc. I love Diana Wynne Jones as well. And I was brought up on stuff like Doctor Who, and Buffy. Clearly used the word 'stuff' too many times there.

-What about all those movies starring Steve Buscemi. Seriously have you seen his eyes? They're supernatural. Anyway, what's in the future for "Spare keys for strange doors"?
-Steve Buscemi is awesome. Yes, his eyes are freaky as hell, and that's one of the reasons he's great. But moving on ... I've got a load of scripts and ideas that I want to try out. The story I'm updating with at the moment is about something nasty at the bottom of a swimming pool (so I wasted a couple of hours today googling diving equipment ... got to love the internet). Hopefully, I'll soon be working on a story with my sister - she also writes, and we've been wanting to collaborate for ages. Then ... well ... one of the things I'm enjoying about this project is I can pick up whatever idea I happen to be interested in at the time, and make a story about it, so who knows?

-I now understand why you did that twist on the FML story. How did the idea come to you?
-Ha ha! Surely the obvious question is 'What was she wearing?'. And that was one of the outfits that popped into my head. I only thought of the last panel a bit later though - when I thought how useful it might be to have a chain-saw when you're getting bad service!

-Not only are you an engineer-artist, but you also give people advice on how save some time. You ma'am are awesome.







Strange but awesome Lucy's webcomic :


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