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Naked FML

Some shocking news has been revealed this week. It broke my heart, and I must talk about it. You guys deserve to know: Robert Pattinson is no longer sporting a dead raccoon on his head. I know it hurts, but please don't cry. It's the end of an era, but a new... wait, what? Oh you're not crying! You're laughing because of his new look? I can't blame you for that, folks. Now, let's get to business; grab your chopsticks and bring a gas mask, because we're visiting the most polluted place in the world. No, we're not in the United States; we're talking about China, where today's artist Kristina Stipetic lives!


-So good morning/good evening/I don't know what time it is for you/ Kristina! How are you?
-It's evening here, about 5pm. I'm pretty good, just finished a day of work and going to make dinner soon.

-Where do you live?
-I live in the gorgeous garden city Suzhou, in China

-Your name doesn't sound that Chinese... where are you from?
-I'm from America, actually, but I've been living in China for over a year. I wanted to have some adventure and this seemed like a good way to find it.

-Wanted to know how to eat with chopstick?
-Haha, I've already been eating with chopsticks since I was little. Plus there's a lot of Chinese restaurants in America

-Oh, so you're just feeling at home. Did you want to go to China because of your work?
-No, just for adventure. My husband is a teacher, so he was able to find a job teaching English here. I can use the internet to find illustration work, so it doesn't really matter where in the world I am.



-How old are you?
-I'm 25. How old are you? Or should I refrain from asking the interviewer questions?

-Oh my lord, it's the first time someone being interviewed has asked me a question! I wonder if I should lie to the readers or not. Oh what the hell. I'm 126 years old. How's life in China?
-It's either up or down. I'm always either having a great adventure or having a nervous breakdown. Some days it's really hard to be away from all your friends and family and not be able to speak much of the native language. Other days, I'm overwhelmed with the beauty of the gardens in Suzhou, or enjoying the excitement of the open-air markets. One thing for sure is, I'm never bored.

-And how does it feel to live in the next first world-power?
-I get pretty jealous, actually. The transportation infrastructure in China is something I wish we had in America. You can get on a train from Shanghai in the morning and be in Beijing that night. Even small villages are connected by a network of cheap and easy buses. It's very easy to live without a car because everything is in walking distance. Although if I was Chinese, I wouldn't be able to publish the sort of comics I like to make. It doesn't look like China will have the sort of freedom of speech that the US has, not any time soon at least.



-What are your American-orientated  and open-minded projects?
-Currently I'm writing/drawing a webcomic called 14 Nights which is about two men in a relationship, one of whom is afraid of sex. It's got around 130 pages so far, and I think there will be maybe 300 pages total.

-Thanks to you, and Saeko Doyle, it's boys love on FML. Now last question Kristina! Why did you choose this story?
-I loved the detail about sending the naked photo to Pizza Hut. That really made the story come to life for me.

-And now I want to eat pizza. Thank you Kristina for your participation!
-Thanks for having me! Man, now I want pizza, too. And it's very expensive in China. Damn.






Kristina's website :


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